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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Thoughts From an Empty Head

Because we all know I am rather empty-headed.  And random.

One should really bring a large tub of popcorn to a County Council budget meeting when there is a shortfall.  Because y'all?  Things get interesting - to say the least - when there's a lot of need and not a lot of moolah to go around.  And, call me crazy, but elementary school children crammed 30 to room in a 40-year-old moldy school with serious air quality issues seems a touch more important than a high school with a sports stadium issue, valid though said issue may be.  (I'm just saying.)

Squirt has had three! days! of normal poop.  Way too much information, I know, but there it is.  And I am excited about it, more than any sane person should be.  So cheer with me, y'all.  If we reach seven days in a row, I just may have to invent a Normal Poop Dance to celebrate.  And no, I do not yet know what said Normal Poop Dance should look like.  I am taking suggestions.

There is something inherently wrong with my little blog popping up as the number one link when someone googles the phrase "famous AAPIs."  Thankfully this is not the case when one types in the non-abbreviated phrase "Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders."  But still... my little blog should not be anywhere near the top of this list.  And it surely says a lot about our national education system's near failure to educate our youngest citizens about the historical and present-day contributions of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders.

When one gets pinned on Pinterest, great people stop by, but The Spammers also come out to play.  Who knew?!?!!  I think I've hit 40 emails in the past three days, all sharing with me the joys of Cialis and hair extensions.

Speaking of Pinterest... it really stinks to see all of these cool recipes that I will never be able to try.  Not that I would have tried them anyway, if I'm honest, because - let's face it - I'm lazy and I hate to cook. But it would have been nice to pretend that I might possibly one day make at least a few of these.  Maybe I should just pin them anyway.  Because isn't that what Pinterest is all about anyway?  Pinning stuff that you can't afford, or are too lazy or busy to do, or that you can't because of special needs that you wish you didn't have, just because you want to pretend that maybe... possibly... someday?

 I was feeling rather sorry for myself tonight as I drove home from the County Council budget meeting because... well... because it was BORING, y'all.  But when I got home, I saw that the husband was watching a movie about vampires and werewolves: Underworld: Awakening.  Umm... yeah... suddenly that budget meeting didn't seem all that boring anymore.

What about y'all?  How did you spend last night?


Aus said...

Well let's see - poop dance - maybe something like a "Snoopy dance" with boots on? Meh...maybe not....

Budget meetings - yeah - nuff said!

And last night - dinner (including how to cool lessons - we're sending home our exchange student with a new skill set), homework, trip to the drug store, baths, stories, oh - our credit card number was stolen somewhere so I talked with the company for a long while sorting out charges - ya know - the usual! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Shari said...

I had a dream that I didn't have any clean pants in my closet...I was going to grab them out of my laundry room on the way out the door...you guessed it I forgot and went to work without my pants on. Perhaps my subconscious is telling me to do my laundry:)

Robin said...

I spent last night at Bunco with 11 great girlfriends. It was so much fun and sad at the same time because it was my last one. We're moving to Virginia in 6 weeks!

Jamey... said...

We spent the evening laying floor in our front room. :/

Tricia said...

Last night I spent most of the evening hanging out with my Angelica in the hospital room. Then I rushed home to shower and gather a few supplies. When I got there I was greeted with a smell that reminded me the trash needs to go out. While I was gathering things I decided to run the garbage disposal and it threw up all over the kitchen so I cleaned that up before heading back to the hospital to tuck my princess in for the night.

Casa Bicicleta said...

I'm with you on the class size VS. stadium issue. 100%.

I have no interest in pinterest. It is one more place to clutter up.

Yay on the poop. When you hit seven days you seriously have to do the NORMAL POOP DANCE. I bet you can find ideas for how to do it on the internet. Google it, go ahead, I dare you. ;-)

The Gang's Momma! said...

I spent last night at Chick-Fil-A with hundreds of my closest friends at a fundraiser for my son's upcoming missions trip with our church. Watching my older daughter be watched by a group of prowlers. I mean teen boys. And suspecting my other son of sneaking off around the mall with his new girlfriend. A suspicion which TOTALLY proved to be true. Ugh.

I should have asked for a shot of something to be added to that danged Diet Dr. Pepper. Which I drank all of, AFTER I realized how late it really was.

So then I had lots and lots of hours to think about the ways in which I wanted to hurt the prowler boys. And hide my lovesick son away.


Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

I have a friend whose daughter has FPIES, and is allergic to almost everything. She talks about poop regularly (no pun intended) as well. Here's her blog, if you're interested. She's had an amazing trial and error learning experience. http://blog.elliebellyupdates.com/