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Monday, May 14, 2012

How can such an Innocent-Looking Bear be so Evil?

Last Thursday morning I attended Bible Study as I always do, and Squirt headed to the children's program.  It's the one time a week I let her out of my sight, since I can't exactly trust the rotating door of church nursery volunteers on Sunday mornings.  The ladies who watch our most precious little ones are the same faces every week, and they know our children very well.

Unfortunately, they don't know all that much about Celiac and/or gluten intolerance.

When I came to pick up Squirt after the Mercy Triumphs video ended, she was wailing up a storm.  The ladies told me that Squirt's upset began about three minutes before I arrived, so they didn't come get me because they knew I'd be there any second anyway.  Makes sense.  They didn't know why she started crying, so I started asking questions as I cuddled her close and tried to calm her down.

When I got to the "did she eat anything?" question, they responded that she only snacked on her food (I keep a container of GF snacks in the diaper bag).  I nodded, and then the home-schooled teen helper mentioned - as an afterthought - "well, except for the Teddy Graham we fished out of her mouth.  Squirt stole it from L."  I said okay, and explained that might be why she was crying.  The ladies looked at me like I was crazy.  I thought maybe I was crazy, too.  After all, it was only one Teddy Graham, and they managed to fish it out of her mouth before she swallowed it.


We don't know if she managed to sneak a few before they caught her.  And sometimes, with some people, all it takes is one miniscule crumb.  I tried to be extremely gracious and understanding.  I hope I managed it.  I'm sure y'all have realized by now that sensitivity and gentleness are not my forte.  But I want these ladies to be on my side.  And I want to be as Christ-like as I can be while still being a Momma Bear for my girl.  This side of things - the social side - is gonna be much harder than cooking gluten-free bread from scratch.  And that's saying something.

Because my gal cried most of the afternoon... couldn't nap... and had two bouts of diarrhea.  Felled by a Teddy Graham.  How did I ever think those little wheat bears were cute?


Sherri said...

I have a friend who makes gf fish crackers. I can just see you hand shaping little gf teddy bears!

LucisMomma said...

I'm so sorry it was a hard day. We still have not challenged my son's celiac; I'm kind of afraid to. He is, too (he's 15).

Aus said...

Awww TM - I was hoping that Squirt wouldn't be "that" sensitive - one of our girls is that was with lactose - that sugar they seem to put in everything - including a lot of medications to bind the tablets together! And it's not nearly as bad as C's - ugh....

hugs and prayers - aus and co.

Kat said...

I read of someone who could not get her celiac under control for years and her doctors were stimied. Finally one of them sat her down and began questioning her. Turns out she was a nun who took communion every day and it was the little wafer that was the problem. So it doesn't take much for some folks. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

my husband's ex had had CD and was ultra sensitive. if you don't already know, the glue on stickers from fruit have gluten. she couldn't eat that part of the fruit that had the sticker, even REALLY well washed.
good luck!!!

Casa Bicicleta said...

Holy cow. If you did KNOW she had Celiac's before you sure do now. That is amazing. Poor little squirt.