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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Which I Sound Like a Complete Idiot

So how has my life changed since talking with Georgia Peach three weeks ago?  (Georgia Peach, by the way, has a family member diagnosed with Celiac.)  Well, I'm trekking much further to the grocery store now. Because, even though I have food allergies, I can typically find most of what I need at local grocery stores, with an occasional trip to a local organic market.

Not so with Squirt.

Our local grocery stores are GREAT when it comes to organic produce and slow food options, but not so much in the gluten-free crunchy department.  And I need crunch because of her occupational therapy.  Mashed potatoes and rice just aren't cutting it; and raw fruits and veggies are still too difficult for little miss Squirt.  Or so says our Awesome OT.  Which means I lug Squirt and myself to a well-known natural/ organic market several times a month.  Most people call the store Whole Foods, but after hearing a friend make a too-true quip, Tonggu House has now dubbed the place Whole Paycheck.

It's been an interesting learning curve.

Take my first trip to Whole Paycheck.  I mean, just as an example, y'all.

TONGGU MOMMA: Hey there.  Do you know where I can find the quinn-oh-ah?

WHOLE PAYCHECK EMPLOYEE: The quinn-oh-ah?  Uh... I'm not familiar with that.  Let me ask, and I'll get back to you.

*minutes pass as I wait*

*standing stupidly in the pasta aisle*

A DIFFERENT WHOLE PAYCHECK EMPLOYEE: Ma'am? (just as an aside, when exactly did I become a ma'am, y'all?) Are you the lady looking for gluten-free pasta options?


DIFFERENT WHOLE PAYCHECK EMPLOYEE: I think you might be looking for keen-wa.  It's in the gluten-free grain aisle... aisle 13.  I'll show you.

And that's when I had to walk past five! whole! aisles! with this person who quite probably thought I was a Complete Idiot.  But whatever.

You say Keen-wa.  I say Quinn-oh-ah.

Let's call the whole thing off.


Sharie said...

Hey at least you tried! And obviously you weren't too far off in your pronunciation or the Wholr Paycheck person wouldn't have a clue what you needed;)

Diane said...

Too funny! I called it quin-oh-a for a log time too. You're not alone.
And I love the quip about, "Whole Paycheck!" So true!

Reena said...

That is what we call it in my neck of the woods as well. We have one nearby, but I've only gone once. We don't have food allergy concerns though. I offfer that you stock up on those items that you can only get there and do the rest of your shopping somewhere cheaper. I'll end with-- DH sometimes refers to me as Captain Obvious.


Rachel said...

"Whole Paycheck!". Ha ha ha ha ha! For me, it's also "whole tank of gas to get there and back." there isn't one on my side of town :)

I am so happy to hear you are getting answers and able to do something to help. With my Little Man's sleep issues, finally having an answer and a plan of action have totally changed my outlook!!

And I make mac&cheese with quinoa shells. Yummy!

Jennifer said...

Is Squirt quiet in the car? When my girls decide to be quiet, or nap, in the car, I often make the car trip last longer than necessary because it is usually the only chance I get at quiet peace on any given day.

I'm hoping that your drive is at least a pleasant one!

Debby said...

Oh I know about the whole paycheck thing. I stopped and got a regular loaf of bread and my GF free bread. The tiny loaf was over $5 the other loaf $1.....not fair. Once I had a loaf of Udi (my favorite) and it had a bubble in each piece. It was mostly just crust. I should have taken it back. You can deduct the GF on your taxes. We haven't yet but I would look into it.

autumnesf said...

Do not overlook ethnic markets!!! You can get many non traditional flours and pastas from them at a much lesser price. Explore your area - indian, mideastern, asian -- they are a goldmine for people with gluten issues.

Dana@AdoptionJourney said...

Quin-oh-a: Exactly how I would've said it. You just saved me some future embarrassment!

Beach Mama said...

You are not alone in pronouncing Keen-wa incorrectly. I pronounced it exactly like you for a long time! If you are looking to make some GF crunchy goodness for Squirt, try these recipes:
Gf Goldfish Crackers
Vanilla Animal Crackers:http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/animal-crackers/

There is also a great cookbook called "Eat Like a Dinosaur" for GF kids.

I'm GF, so I look for all of these things to slip to my kids:)

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader, though I never comment. I love your writing.

Just wanted to point out that Costco sells Quinoa - in 4 lb bags, and is way cheaper than Whole Paycheck (and yes, that's what the store is referred to here in TX as well!).

BTW, re: the gluten-free foods thing: I am Indian, and have recently been reading up on food issues thanks to middle-age, a sedentary lifestyle and the attendant ills :) The standard Asian diet, heavy on rice, is almost fully gluten-free. So that may be an option to try?

Good luck!


Renee said...

Check out the Blue Diamond Almond and Rice cracker varieties if you're looking for some serious "crunch" to add to Squirt's diet. They are GF and Blue Diamond is a big supporter of the Celiac Foundation. I substitute these when I'm craving potato chips. Chex cereal is also GF.
And while Whole Paycheck is great, don't forget Trader Joe's! They have just as much GF (it's all marked on the price bubble), and it's much more affordable.

Linette said...

Wow, I hope you've really got your diagnosis! My husband is gluten-free and dairy-free most of the time (thankfully it's just an intolerance, not celiac, so he can get away with breaking his diet at conferences or when traveling). It's not too bad to cook for once you get your feet under you. We do a LOT of ethnic cooking (Indian, Thai, legume-y stews). The hardest part is eating away from home, and the fact that a lot of quick meals (like sandwiches for a road trip) are off the menu. (Now when we have picnics we eat egg salad scooped up with tortilla chips or fritos.) Some of my favorite resources are an international cookbook called Extending the Table (put out by the Mennonite Central Committee) and websites like gluten-free goddess and gluten-free girl (we found a great recipe for gluten-free pizza!). Good luck!

The Websters said...

Haha! I've been reading your blog for awhile as we're thinking of adopting eventually...anyway, hi!

Also, my husband works at WF and this is VERY NORMAL don't feel embarassed.

You can save money by shopping out of the bulk bins and make sure to look for their coupons (pick up a flyer in one of the bins) and pay attention to their sales.

I think all of the individual stores have facebook pages where they post their one day sales and deals and we save a lot on those things.

Anyway, there's a little insider tip.


Desiree' said...

Just an FYI, but you can have it delivered to you and for much cheaper by using amazon.com

Because I know I HATE going to so many different grocery stores to find silly GF items.

Also if you want to bake I think the best GF flour out there that tastes very similar to regular is


and if you "like" her on FB you get coupons. :)

Myrnie said...

Yummm! We get it at Costco, and cook it in the rice cooker with chicken stock. Good luck!!! I've never shopped there.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I have a friend who is on a gluten free diet and her children also. They order directly from Amazon and most everything has free shipping. Free shipping!!! No driving!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Catherine said...

My youngest brother was hospitalized for a number of weeks when he was a baby as they could not diagnose what was wrong with him. A new doc walked in, took one look at him and diagnosed Celiac and that's exactly what it was!

I was only 8 at the time but I distinctly remember his tiny little arms and legs and yet distended, bloated belly. Once he was diagnosed and they changed up his food the changes were amazing!

Ah yes, Whole Paycheck! That one is oh so true!!

So happy you have a lead on Squirt's challenges.

Great searching Mom MD!

Carrie said...

I'm not gluten intolerant, but know people who are. Have you tried this site? http://www.augasonfarms.com/

Maybe they have something near you. Or you can try having it shipped. Don't know if it will be cheaper, but at least you have varieties and different options.

Good luck!

Beyond Normal Mom said...

Junior LOVES quinoa. I hope Squirt does too. We tried a quinoa & cheese and a quinoa primavera we found on pinterest. We've also had quinoa salad with squash and kale.

prechrswife said...

I pronounced quinoa the same way until I heard someone on Food Network pronounce it correctly. :-)

Mahmee said...

Boy do I feel your pain. I just went through this myself over the past year. Oddly enough, I just posted about all of the gluten-free products I found and liked. www.mahmeechron.blogspot.com
Maybe you'll find something that you can use in the list.
Good luck.

M3 said...

You mean it's not pronounced quinn-oh-ah?!!! Seriously? I am just sitting here shaking my head and contemplating how many times I've said what I thought was that word in front of others. Gah.

Anonymous said...

Tnkyada is awesome, they habe sirals, elbows and you can get subscribe and save on amazon!
Meredith L

Kohana said...

You should go watch this video. I think it is hysterically funny, it's hard to tell whether or not you would but...