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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fourth Annual Vocabulary Parade

It's time for Our Little Tongginator's annual Vocabulary Parade post, y'all!  Every year I feel completely amazed by the creativity of the parents children who attend the Tongginator's school. And I can't help but think that the submissions each year seem to directly reflect the personality of the parents children.

For example...

We have the shopaholics.

In case y'all can't tell what this is - due to my tremendous 
photography skills - let me explain that this young lady sewed 
a cat, a letter A and several Lincoln Logs to her shirt.  You
know, to make the word CATALOG.  And no, it wasn't a real
cat.  I mean, just in case that wasn't clear.

COMPENDIUM: a list or collection of various items

We have the caffeine-addicted bubbly personalities.

FROTH: a mass of bubbles in or on a liquid; foam

 EFFERVESCENT: to emit small bubbles of gas, 
as a carbonated or fermented liquid

We have the scientific types.

 HELIUM: a gaseous element found in floating balloons

 FROST: a deposit of minute ice crystals formed when 
water vapor condenses at a temperature below freezing

ORBIT: the path of a celestial body or an artificial 
satellite as it revolves around another body

 ION: an atom or a group of atoms that has acquired a net 
electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons

 And then we have the... other... group.  
You know, the ones who go their own way.

HEADSTRONG: self-willed; obstinate

PILLORY: a wooden framework on a post, with holes for 
the head and hands, in which offenders were formerly locked 
to be exposed to public scorn as punishment

CANDIDATE: a person who seeks or is nominated for an 
office, prize, or honor.  And... in case y'all didn't catch the bottom 
portion of the poster... it reads "Tongginator for President."  

Yes, y'all, the Tongginator still believes she can change the rules.  Because she goes her own way.  Oh, how I love that about her.


Shari said...

I love this parade! I also love the Tongginator's passion for changing the rules.
What is so funny is that Amelia JUST asked me last Thursday if I thought they would change the rules so that SHE could be president one day:) Perhaps they'll run against each other one day;) I'd say with one another, but I think we both know neither of them would settle for being Vice President;)

Aus said...

Just another example of why I love you guys!! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Casa Bicicleta said...

Too cute.
Love the Togginator's entry. Outfit and all. ;-)

autumnesf said...

According to some people the current prez already changed that rule!! So it could happen! Yes it could!

Mahmee said...

She's got my vote! What a great parade.

openid said...

you came to mind, so even though it's been a-g-e-s, i decided to pop on over and say hi. LOVE this parade -- and i can't get over how big the tongginator is getting! holy crow!

i hope you are well, old friend. love to you.

alece said...

oh blast. my comment posted without my name! this is alece, by the way! ;)

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Love this parade!!!!