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Monday, April 16, 2012

Because We Don't Have Enough Food Drama Around Here...

On Saturday night, as the Husband and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off, getting ready for three families to arrive en mass for a cookout, the Tongginator decided to add a little more drama to the evening.  As she acted as the Husband's sous chef, slicing grape tomatoes in half for a pasta salad, she decided those cherry tomatoes weren't quite red enough.

Yep, y'all, she sliced her finger tip.

I have to be honest, y'all... it looked pretty bad.  And yes, I know by blogging about this I'm risking all manner of judgment from the Internet Parenting Police.  You know, because we allowed the Tongginator to cut with a knife.  Yes, it's a kids knife, but it's still a knife.  And all I can say to that is, "you try telling an eight-year-old whose been a Food Network addict for over two years that she can't help in the kitchen."  I've given up.

Besides, she helps all the time.

And it usually doesn't end in a blood bath.

After about ten to fifteen minutes, the Husband and I realized the bleeding wasn't gonna stop on its own.  So the Tongginator and I headed to an emergency outpatient clinic while the Husband and Squirt waited for our twelve guests to arrive in zero point five minutes.

My poor Tongginator was a total trooper, providing her own direct pressure to the wound while I drove like a crazed person through the streets of Maryland.  When we arrived at the clinic, the medical receptionist asked the Tongginator to remove the towel so that she could see the wound.  The blood shot up and out like a fountain even 30 minutes later.

I guess she's a gusher, just like her momma.

The medical receptionist immediately directed us to the trauma room, and a nurse came over to check out the wound and plop the Tongginator's hand in ice water with a bit of soap or medication or something in it.  After all of that, Miss Cool, Calm and Collected Tongginator completely freaked out when she saw a tiny stream of blood flow out in the water.

(She told me it reminded her of the movie Soul Surfer.)

(I told her it wasn't anything like Soul Surfer.)

I calmed her down, even making her laugh.  And then we waited.  And we waited.  And we waited.  The doctor, when she finally made it to our little trauma room, was awesome as all get out.  And the Tongginator's wound?  Actually wasn't that bad at all.  A little Dermabond and a band-aid took care of everything.  An *condescending sniff* Elmo band-aid, the Tongginator asked me to point out.

After all of that, as we walked into the house to greet our 12 guests almost two hours late, the Tongginator said to me under her breath, "I don't even like grape tomatoes."


Aus said...

I LOVE that kid - and glad she has her mom's sense of humor!!

And a big THANK YOU for not keeping her in bubble wrap! 'nuff said and meh on the 'bloggy parent police'!!

Glad it's nothing more serious - and hope y'all had a good time at the party!

hugs - aus and co.

LucisMomma said...

Oh, that last comment made me laugh! Miss T, glad you are ok. Mama T, don't you fret over her helping in the kitchen.

Casa Bicicleta said...

Ohhhhhh the humanity! An Elmo band aid! How is a fashion forward second grader like the Togginator supposed to out up with THAT? Geeze Louise! I don't blame her one little bit. Poor thing.

Debby said...

Gosh, didn't they have angry bird bandaides.
Love her last comment. So funny in a not so funny situation.
Once when my adopted son was little......I sent him to the kitchen to bring me something. He got sidetracked and decided to cut an orange.....all in about a 2 minute ordeal......and he cut his finger. Off to ER for us.......bus since he had just had his tonsils out they wouldn't stitch for fear her would cray and hurt his throat. Always something, isn't there.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my heavens, the madness never ends, does it? So glad that she did not need stitches..... and most of all, that y'all continue to find the humor in these little situations:)

Reading this brought back memories of the incident with Reagan's eye. There is so much blood for those little cuts..... it's surreal!

Hope her finger is feeling better!!!



Laura Lee said...

I usually just lurk here but I HAD to say that I am 28 and I cut my finger BADLY a few weeks ago slicing chicken.... ew. Good for you for letting her try things.

Accidents happen at every age.
so there to all the haters.

Janet said...

I let my kids cut with a knife all the time. Danger is everywhere. How on earth are they supposed to learn anything if they're not allowed to LIVE? Yes, having a bad cut is not nice, but you can't keep them in a bubble. Just my two cents. :-)

Foxxy One said...

Wait, we aren't supposed to let our kids use knives? Seriously? I'm in big trouble since my 6.5 year old uses a regular knife.

Hope her finger is feeling better!

Sharie said...

Soul surfer:) Cracks me up! Amelia loved that movie and is now fascinated by everyone with a missing limb; she assumes they are all shark attacks.
So glad her finger was a little less traumatic and I will keep the ice water in mind for the future when I'm sure this will happen. Amelia is really into cooking now, but wants to put things in and take them out of the oven - that is VERY tricky - even when she's helping.

Semi-feral Mama said...

Little Dude cut the tops off of strawberries last week while I prepared for his THIRD birthday party. No, I didn't tell him he could. The knife he chose will never be confused with a child's knife. But he did it. I didn't freak out, and we moved on. As I pluck him off of the top of the refrigerator multiple times a day I remind myself if he was back in Ethiopia he would probably be getting his own herd of sheep or cattle to tend very soon.
Your daughter is old enough to help in the kitchen. Cutting herself with a knife is not proof that she shouldn't... after all Top Chef contestants do it every season.

Annika said...

If she doesn't help in the kitchen now she'd turn into one of those 15 year olds who don't know how to boil water or make a salad. Learning is messy. Hopefully not usually a bloody mess, but still. And the parenting police-- those are people with one kid, a cleaning service and so little to worry about that they have to go looking for problems to solve? Yeah, not gonna lose sleep over them.

Anonymous said...

I totally believe she is old enough to help. If it's any consolation, 2 weeks ago I got a call to pick up my almost 8 year old from school. She had cut through her paper into her finger. No one could believe that kids scissors could do so much damage, but the teacher saw it happen. Thank God for human glue. It came back open that same afternoon and we had to take her BACK in to have it done again. Oh my gosh. I don't do well with blood at all. So glad he's ok!!

Catherine said...

Way to go Tongu Mamma for letting your kiddos help out! My 3yo loves to help me in the kitchen and even though it takes much longer with many messes to clean up, it's great to let them help and explore.

Heh...love the Soul Surfer comment.

Glad to hear all was well in the end and the party continued...with Elmo in attendance to boot! :o)

autumnesf said...

In our girl scout troop of over 30 girls we start training them to use knives when they have kp while camping....at age 6. I think we tend to under estimate our children in this day and age. Glad all is well.

Beyond Normal Mom said...

She makes me giggle :)