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Monday, March 19, 2012

Locked Out

When did I get to be such a bad blogger, y'all?  Who knew parenting two children would absolutely slay me?  I don't know how mommas of large families succeed at time management.  I'd love some advice, for sure.  Between the Tongginator, the Husband and Squirt, I can't seem to keep my head on straight.  In the past few weeks, I've lost more than just my mind.

Case in point...

You know those magnetic child locks that adoptive parents with nice, but slightly anal social workers Smart Parents Everywhere place on their most dangerous cabinets?  Yeah, we have them.  We don't use them everywhere, just on the cabinets containing dangerous chemicals with not-so-dangerous sounding names like Cascade, and also on any drawers containing sharp items such as knives and veggie peelers.  This not only keeps out Squirt, but also reminds her oh-so-clumsy momma to Be Careful.

They work great.

(I mean, in case you've never used them.)

At least, they work great until you lose the magnet that opens the locks.  We went for over a week unable to access our two knife drawers, our cabinet containing Tupperware and all manner of small appliances, and the cabinet under the sink with the dish washing detergents.  Oh my lands, y'all, it made for some creative cooking techniques and Much Angst as I searched high and low for the magnet.  I even tried to open the cabinets and drawers using Baby Geomags.


It didn't work, y'all.

And Squirt didn't understand why Momma kept stealing her toys.

I traveled to Target, K-Mart and even Bed, Bath and Beyond to find a replacement magnet.  No can do.  Absolutely no one sold them.  What was up with that?!!  Bed, Bath and Beyond should sell things that are... well... BEYOND.  I finally traveled over 30 minutes to Babies R Us to purchase the darn thing (plus a spare so this never happens again).  It took me a week to get to the store because - between doctors appointments, the bus schedule, therapy, and Squirt's daily nap - I really don't have much "free time" to trek to stores.

So now y'all know why I don't blog too much anymore.  I'm searching for various items that are small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, but have a Major Impact on my life.  Oh, and all three of us girls were on antibiotics again while the Husband traveled to his mom's wedding.  More on that another day.

And for those wondering about Squirt, hop on over to No Hands But Ours today or tomorrow.  I've written a small update on the youngest member of Tonggu House for the China-adoption special needs site.


x said...

Perhaps you needed to buy another magnet to try and attract the original magnet lol.

MEBSwick said...

my s-i-l has those - they keep them on the top corner of the refrigerator - so the magnet on... and if you don't put them back when you visit --- you get the look of death... but i understand (i mean - if i ever dared to do that)

Aus said...

Baby geomags - heh - you make me laugh!! (and you know I couldn't resist - but that we love y'all!!)

(Have you ever watched Achmed the Dead Terrorist? If not - google it - crude language - but funny. If you have - in my best Achmed voice - "I told a joke!!")

Still - glad to hear that magnets notwithstanding - life is good!!

hugs - aus and co.

Casa Bicicleta said...

You should have e-mailed me. There is no "child proof" anything my DD couldn't get past. I swear. Literally. I swear.


Good to see you again.

Cedar said...

That is a lot going on! Glad you were able to find a replacement! I was wondering how you all were doing, so I'm glad you posted.

Waiting on TA...

Kimberly said...

Oh, how I can relate... to the part about how raising two kids (and, going form one to two) is totally kicking your butt. My girls are my joy, but between work, husband, them, the house, church... that's it. There are still only 24 hours in a day but I am always rushing to get things done. And, I am constantly losing things and forgetting things, despite my awesome planner and being an inveterate list-maker. The days fly by! My girls keep me hopping!

But you know, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know you wouldn't either!!

It's great to hear from you again. I have basically quit blogging (little time, less energy, etc.) but still love stalking my online friends' blogs!!

Anonymous said...

Being that we live in California, our social worker told us to baby-proof AND earthquake proof. So we have those wonderful magnetic locks on EVERY CABINET in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry area! I do mean EVERY CABINET. So we have the magnets at various places in the kitchen, laundry area and bathroom. Then we have an extra in our bedroom, just in case. I am famous for opening the pantry to put away the groceries and leaving the lock IN the cabinet with the groceries I just put away. The one time we lost one we searched high and low for a day or so. Then hubby went to take out the trash in the trash compactor and magnet was stuck to the inside of the compactor :)

If you figure out the time management, please do share!! Being a mother of two year old twins, I really understand the lack of time!!

Mother of twins from Jiangxi, China

Myrnie said...

Oh no!!! Glad you were able to get back to your knives- I'd be sad, trying to cook without them :)

Asianmommy said...

Oh no! The same thing happened to the lady we sold our house to. She lost the magnet and she called me, so I had to drive to her house to open the cabinet that we had put the safety lock on. Good thing we still had it!

Logical Libby said...

I always wondered why they wanted locks on things immediately during home visits. As if a baby was going to come in just looking for cleanser and sharp stuff....

LucisMomma said...

Our oldest got into everything that we locked up. Our youngest (the one from China) gets into everything that's not locked up--and makes a grand mess, still, at 7 years old!

Find a good place to keep that magnet, TM!

Kelley said...

Bwah ha ha ha! I have those silly/stupid locks on almost everything, and I have FOUR...count them FOUR magnets to open them with. At any given time, I can only locate maybe 1 or 2 of them. And I am an organized person...or used to be. I hear you when you say parenting 2 kids is slaying you. I'm right there with ya. Don't know how folks with 3+ kids manage. I truly don't know. :) Hang in there...I'm just happy to hear from you once in a while. Not checking blogs often anymore anyway. ;)

shannon said...

I might need to get some of those locks - and my children are 7 and 4! Two is definitely enough for me.

Janet said...

I know the feeling....I have a hard time blogging lately, too. I find putting a few sentences on FB all I can handle. :-)