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Thursday, February 2, 2012

To Go or Not to Go

Oh, how I love y'all!  I barely blog now; I rarely return emails; and I don't even pop onto Facebook more than once a week.  Yet still y'all come out of the woodwork to commiserate with me about high school reunions and all that is zitty.  (Yes, I just invented a new word.  Thank you very much for noticing.  Zitty, pertaining to all things teen angst.  Rhymes with... well, y'all know what it rhymes with.)  I'm not sure what I've decided about my 20th high school reunion, but regardless, y'all helped me unload the self-reproach, so whatever decision I make will be guilt-free.  And yes, I'll share once I decide one way or the other.

On to other news...

Squirt has given up her naps.  At 19 months of age.  She no longer closes her eyes in the middle of the day.  At 19 months of age!  She plays quietly in her crib for about an hour each day around noon, but she refuses to fall asleep while the sun is up.  AT 19 MONTHS OF AGE!!!  I'd like a moment of silence, please.

(I hope you are being silent right now.)

(Unless, of course, you are sobbing on my behalf.)

At least this explains why I rarely blog or return emails anymore.  Squirt barely napped for me our first six months home, but I didn't realize she was gonna completely give them up before her second birthday.  Two weeks ago a momma on Rumor Queen asked for advice about her newly-turned-four-year-old, who recently began resisting naps.  I'm sure I'd love this momma in real life, and that we'd be the best of friends if we ever met, but can I just tell y'all how much I wanted to dive through the computer screen and do a little strangling when I read that message?

But I'm not bitter.

Okay, maybe just a tad.

The Tongginator napped for me every! single! day! until I forced her to give them up a few months before kindergarten started.  I secretly rolled my eyes when others complained about their children not napping.  Or staying up until after nine at night.  Sitting on my high horse, with an air of smugness floating around me, I thought, "Consistency, y'all.  Sleep begets sleep."  Oh, how the mighty (or once thought she was mighty) has fallen.  Children are different.  Some children won't sleep no matter what you do.  Some children just want to go, Go, GO!

Like Squirt, for instance.

Which reminds me...

Guess where we went yesterday?

The shoe store!  To buy Squirt's first REAL pair of shoes!
(And yes, she is carrying a TV remote in her hand.)  
(Thank you very much for noticing.)

Because Squirt is just go, Go, GO all the time now.
And not sleeping.

Excuse me while I spend the next ten days finding every parent I ever secretly labeled as too lenient, so that I can prostrate myself before them, begging their forgiveness for my judgmental thoughts and pleading with them to share their wisdom on all things No Nap related.


Anonymous said...

Yay for walking! Sigh for not sleeping.

Do you think her added mobility might be so stimulating that she's not sleeping? Or has she never slept for you?

Even if she doesn't sleep, if it was me, I would keep a "quiet crib time" in the routine. Mamas need that downtime to stay sane (and shower!). And most kids benefit from some alone time (subject to attachment).

During the school holidays, all my kids have about and hour of "quiet alone time" in their rooms, to give me a break, and them some opportunity to create fun on their own, even though they are LONG past their sleeping days. Good luck!

Sharie said...

I'm the parent of a child that needed little sleep. Until Kindergarten. Yep, those long days finally wore her out! I feel for you!!

Sherry said...

You mentioned that she won't sleep while the sun's up. Have you tried room darkening shades already?

Worth a shot.

Patricia/NYC said...

Sigh...oh I feel ya, TM!! Miss K ditched her naps at 18 months of age...ugh...just meant a whole LOT more coffee for me!! lol!!

Squirt sure is a cutie pie!! Love that last photo of her!

Hang in there...MORE COFFEE!!!!

Cedar said...

That is exactly like my Sunflower. Go, go, go and no naps...unless we went somewhere in the car around 4. Then she would sleep for 15 minutes and not sleep at night. Playbreaks are good, but they just aren't quite the same as naps. Especially since mine could crawl out her crib so we had to give up the crib, too. And her favorite thing to do was/is to change clothes (she's now 3 1/2) so it is keep her with me or refold all her clothes every day.

So I'm too happy at my life to actually sob right now, but inside I weep for you, really I do. (Plus I had a similar smug attitude with my oldest and his 3 hour naps. Now if I notice smugness I try to stomp it out immediately because I don't want to have the problem that person is having :))

Briana's Mom said...

Wow - I thought Bri giving them up at 3 was brutal. My condolences...

At least you don't have to schedule things around her nap time anymore. (I am desperately trying to find a silver lining for you.) :D

Casa Bicicleta said...

There, there TM. You can just lay your humble head on my shoulder. I adore these stories. A-DOR-E them.

Almost as much as the pics.

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Funny how some kids just need less sleep. My almost 9 year old gave them up at 20 months and never looked back. We thought it might be short lived, but no- kid just hardly sleeps. Even now she reads in her bed for at least 1.5- 2 hours a night since I still insist on a reasonable 'bedtime.' She just can't fall asleep and needs the quiet time reading to wind down- and it's at least 10:30, no matter when I send her to bed. When she was 2-3 I thought no nap would equate to an earlier bedtime, but no- not that lucky. Hope squirt at least goes down early for the night. Did make for easier days out running errands and having coffee with friends since there was no nap to have to rush home to!

Amy said...

Though I can't quite commiserate with you... I'm really so sorry! I know sleep is precious to a mama's sanity! Our bio 5-year-old could nap every single day, but I would have to make her. But once I get her all cuddled up & tucked in, she's off to dream-world for at least 2 hours (God love her!). Our 2-year-old son however... (home from China almost 9 mths) well, we're incredibly lucky if we get 45 minutes out of him. Even today, being sick (doesn't sickness cause you to want more rest???), he refused a nap longer than 30 minutes. Which of course adds to his crankiness... and mine. Good luck to you!!

LucisMomma said...

She is adorable.

I hope that TV remote made the trip back home!

Love that Squirt is walking--such fun to watch, I know.

One of ours gave up naps very early on, too. I needed him to sleep, because he exhausted me with his shenanigans all day long. I finally resorted to laying on the couch while he jumped on me and watched Barney (I hated that show, but because he was relatively still for those 25 minutes, Barney holds a place in my heart).

Tam-A-Roo said...

My sympathies! Our little one has been going through a phase where he's only sleeping for about an hour a day and this Mama is not liking it one bit! I don't know what I'll do when he decides he's not napping anymore!

Anonymous said...

She is so amazingly adorable! Go Squirt Go! I don't have to deal with sleep deprivation so I can just enjoy the pics :)

Reena said...

All kids are different. I know plenty of kids who gave up their nap by age two. My two at the ages of 4 and 5 still take a one hour nap most days. I won't let them sleep longer than that because then they want to stay up later.

If we are busy at an event of some sort, they can usually push through it without turning into Medusa.

It is nice having the hour.

Aus said...

Morning TM - great about the walking - and hey - you know how I am about sleep - 5 or 6 hours a day is a bunch!! As for not napping - and walking - one word....Roller Skates. Well - OK - that's 2 - but it's one thing... ;)

Somehow I think y'all will be just fine! Has something to do with the quality of the mom and dad involved...

hugs - aus and co.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Our son (now 28) never took naps after 14 months of age:( I too grieved. Then came Elisabeth who took TWO 2 hour naps a day and slept 11 hours a night. She is 24, married and still requires this much sleep...lol Lottie and Emma...no naps either:( Hey...one out of four ain't bad!!!

Oh I could just scoop up that Squirt and smother her in kisses...she is just tooooo precious for words:) Maybe you could introduce her to Elmo or Barney just a little early? lol

3cmum said...

Mine came home at 11 months and never napped unless it was in a car and very warm and late in the afternoon.

She never went to sleep either..often up until way after her sister (who is 5 1/2 years older).

I tried everything including her walking dog with me, gymnastics, ballet, swimming - nothing tired her out. UNTIL this year in PRE-K when she is doing a full day. Yes that plus Ballet, TAp and Swimming usually tuckers her out. Since XMAS she has actually announced she is tired.

Just to depress you....I did resort to TV some afternoons where I snoozed and she watched as I couldn't keep going...

Good luck!

Mahmee said...

The only things I ever found that worked without fail each and every time were swimming and 2+ hours in the bouncy house (big inflatable things). Other than that...well, I'll just sit here in the corner and quietly sob in commiseration.

Aunt LoLo said...

On the plus side, just think of how free your schedule is now! (That was the only thing I could tell myself when SJ gave up naps...I wasn't stuck in the house after lunch, trying to keep his sister quiet so he could sleep.)