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Friday, January 13, 2012

Jimmy Choo Who

With everything else going on around here (you know, my zombie-like state due to baby-refuses-to-sleep exhaustion), I might possibly have forgotten to mention the Tongginator's Big News.

She got glasses, y'all.

She's been wishing for glasses since the start of school this year, but all of the conversations centered around fashion.  You know, "so-and-so got glasses over the summer and they look super cute.  I think I need to wear glasses, too."  With comments like that, I didn't take the whole glasses thing too seriously.  Because the teachers at school don't call the Tongginator "the jewelry hound" for nothing.  I thought the Tongginator simply sought another accessory option.

Turns out I was wrong.

I took her to the eye doctor on New Year's Eve eve.  And I found out my little jewelry hound didn't simply want glasses, she actually needs them.  The optometrist diagnosed her with a level two prescription, which means she's been running around looking at this for the past few months:

a level 2 prescription ranges
from 20/80 to 20/200

(No wonder she's hated math class for a year now.  She couldn't see the stinking equations.)

I started to really hate myself during the eye exam two weeks ago.  Because I pride myself on listening to my little Tongginator, to really absorbing what she thinks and feels.  Except this time I brushed her comments aside as if an annoying gnat buzzed in my ear.  But then... as she and the certified eye technician carefully selected her frames from the final two options... this conversation occurred:

TECHNICIAN: I think I like these frames best.  They suit your face.

TONGGINATOR: I like them, too.  I want to get these.

TECHNICIAN: Okay, I'll write you down for the Jimmy Choos.  Are you sure this is the pair you want?

TONGGINATOR: (completely overwhelmed with excitement) These are Jimmy Choos?!?!!!


TONGGINATOR: Wow.  Jimmy Choos... I'm gonna have Jimmy Choo glasses.

TONGGU MOMMA: Jimmy who?

TONGGINATOR: Jimmy Choo, Mom.  Jimmy! Choo!  He's a famous designer.  *sigh*

TECHNICIAN: Uh... wow.  (looking at me)  She knows who Jimmy Choo is?

TONGGU MOMMA: (shrugging my shoulders)  I guess so.

The technician looked at me in stunned bewilderment.

TONGGU MOMMA: I know, I know.  It's pretty obvious she didn't get it from me.

The child loves her new Jimmy Choo glasses.  Because they are Jimmy Choo.  Oh, and maybe possibly because now she can actually SEE, but I think that's secondary in her mind.

Suddenly I don't feel so guilty anymore.


Vicky said...

I am going to have to google Jimmy Choo, I assume he's a current day singer?

Vicky said...

Oh....a designer!

Molly said...

Your kiddo is stylin! I love her for knowing who Jimmy Choo is!

Reena said...

She's got the high fashion taste.

Are you in trouble!

Keep her away from the Jimmy Choo shoes!

Too cute!

Aus said...

I'm with you TM - Jimmy who? I know who Dr. Who is - but Jimmy who? ;)

But really - to be fair - you should let us see what she really looks like in her glasses! ;) (Actually - that pic is really well done showing both the glasses and absolutly no ability to see her face!!)

hugs - you made me laugh - not bad for someone who needs sleep!!

aus and co.

Rhonda said...

Your kid cracks me up!

Briana's Mom said...

I am actually getting Bri's eyes checked on Tuesday. I have a feeling she will need glasses. Maybe I can get B some Jimmy Choo's too! Very fancy indeed. She is going to be a Fashion Designer Musketeer you know.

I'm very glad T has her sight restored!

lmgnyc said...

O.M.G. Wait till I tell my DD that the Togginator got Jimmy Choos! She will be soooooooo jealous. Until she finds out they aren't shoes. haha.

My girl lives and dies for shoes only.

Love the glasses. Love. Love. Love them.

LucisMomma said...

Goodness! I bet they weren't on the cheap rack. Maybe that designer label will keep them close to her heart and never, ever get lost?

I know she is so cute in them, Mom.

Don't beat yourself up about not listening to her need for glasses...hard to know if she was pining after style or not, knowing your Miss T.

Joan said...

We went to the eye doctor last week too. My older daughter had been saying her eyes hurt. And since I had not ever taken the 6 year old... figured it was time. When it turned out she was the one that needed glasses, I felt bad. But, she picked her glasses all by herself... don't know if they are Jimmy Choo but they are pink and purple and have hearts. We pick them up next week.

heather said...

That is pretty awesome that she knows who Jimmy Choo is! And I hope they didn't cost as much as his other designs. :-)

Love her glasses...they look blue? So cute!

Sharie said...

Too cuten. I doubt Amelia knows who Jimmy Choo is, but it isn't for lack of influence from a spcecial aunt in Manhattan. Amelia just likes what she likes.

Shae picked out her own glasses this year too...and they are blue.
I hope the Tongginator is rocking her blue Jimmy Choo frames and loving being able to see. Amelia even sleeps in her glasses, can't see without them, but dont feel bad about missing it. I would have too if not for her eyes crossing and it running in our family.

Patty O. said...

T is fantastic! I love this post!

Suzy said...

My younger sister got glasses, and of COURSE I was curious to try them on & see what the world looked like through glasses. Hmmmm. It was strangely MORE in focus than without. I told my dad I thought I needed glasses, too, and he really thought it was a case of Katy has some, so Suzy has to have what Katy has. As it turned out, my vision was worse than Katy's. I couldn't have cared less what they looked like, but OH!HOW!WONDERFUL!!! the world was once it was in focus. Don't beat yourself up. When our vision is that bad, it has usually occurred gradually & we develop fantastic coping skills where it's difficult for others to tell that we can't see. You're still a pretty spectacular mom.

Alyson and Ford said...

And imagine, AA's first glasses were Sketchers, just like her shoes. I am going to have to look up JC as AA is ready for new prescription sunglasses (yes, that is why she wears glasses ALL the time).
Glad wearing glasses was an easy transition! (how about a picture of just the glasses?)

Alyzabeth's Mommy

The Byrd's Nest said...

Hmmm...I must be old...I don't know who that is either?

So happy she loves her new glasses:)

Alyson and Ford said...

New glasses for AA arrived yesterday and the brand is Lilly Pulitzer (Darcia) - I am SO glad AA has not clue about the different brand names! Pictures will be up on our blog next week! Glad everyone can see now!

Alyzabeth's Mommy