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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Because I Am Known For Geniusy-Ness

A couple of years ago I created an anonymous Facebook account in order to keep up with all y'all Facebook addicts.  Only I'm Not Too Bright, so I named my account "Tonggu Momma TMblogs."

(Excuse me while I sink through the floor now.)

(I mean, even "Tonggu Momma Blogs" would have been better than that.)

Anyways, the brilliant minds at Facebook finally caught up with me.  Because users aren't supposed to use pseudonyms on personal pages, but they are allowed to do so on website pages.  Hence the big change.  If y'all were friends with "Tonggu Momma TMblogs," feel free to switch over to my new Tonggu Momma page since the previous account will soon disappear.  And consider this a huge thank you for subjecting yourself to ridicule these past few weeks? months? years? as others looked at your friends page and thought, "what the heck kind of name is Tonggu Momma TMblogs? who is my friend friends with???"

Evidently you are friends with an idiot.


But at least your other Facebook friends won't know once the switch is complete.


Aus said...

Hey TM - well - I've got a FB page - but never use it much...in fact it's kind of a shame that we've lost some of our 'good bloggers' to FB....and just how long did it take the folks at FB to catch up to you anyway? ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Jaggerfan1 said...

Well, even though I have a facebook account, I still do blogs, actually I check my blogs and other blogs more than my own Facebook account. So you still got a loyal follower, me.

lmgnyc said...

You have TIME to facebook? I am stunned. You apparently are an amazing time manager. I bow to your superior organizing skillz. ;-)

Cedar said...

I do use facebook...more than I used to...so I think I liked you but I can't tell. Ummm, I KNOW I like you, but...

the meaklims said...

I'm so glad to see you back, more frequently! I haven't been commenting much, but I have been reading and I want yo to know I've been praying for little squirt.

Thank you for inviting us to 'like' you. I feel honoured! :)