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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Night in the Hospital

Here are parts ONE, TWO and THREE. Oh, and just so y'all know - so you don't grow concerned - Squirt has been home since last Thursday, and has been seizure-free so far. We saw a pediatric neurologist on Monday morning, and I'll write about that visit tomorrow.

I know many of y'all have spent dozens of nights in various hospitals and Ronald McDonald houses. Me? Not so much. There were those several nights back in November of 2006 when the husband became a Rock Star in Cardio. And... well... that's about it.

Adding one night to a count of three doesn't seem like such big of a deal.

Except it was.

Because any night in the hospital is a big deal, a Huge Deal. And it's even more so if it came about because of an unexpected ictus. (I learned last week that "ictus" is fancy doctor-speak for "an event." Just so you know. And yes, I do love forcing my word nerdiness on y'all. Thank you for asking. It brings me Great Joy.)

So the Husband stayed with us in our room until just after 10:00, and came back before 6 AM.  Which seems so simple when you type it out, but oh, my lands, y'all, were those eight hours difficult.  (I wanted one of us to be at least somewhat rested, so that the next day wouldn't feel so hard.) Squirt fell asleep in the hospital bed, and that state of sleep felt precarious at best, so we did not transition her to a crib.  Since they didn't actually have a crib on the floor, it was probably a good thing anyways.  We simply padded the sides of said bed with pillows and I slept next to her. It also felt difficult because the hospital had two fire alarms go off during the night.  I tell y'all, if I heard another whoot! whoot! "Code Red" shout from the intercoms, I might very well have required one of the hospital staff to seek medical attention.

Thankfully it didn't come to that.

The truly difficult part of the night came at just after midnight.  The night shift nurse needed to make her rounds, which meant Squirt needed another glucose test, a diaper change and all manner of poking and prodding.  Which of course meant that she woke up.  She stayed awake for just under three hours, existing in a state of postictal and post-Ativan drunkenness.  And she wasn't in a crib.  And I felt absolutely exhausted.

Thank goodness I didn't drop her on her head in the middle of the night.

Because then we'd have to order another CAT scan.

During that drunk-fest, we sang dozens of renditions of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.  Oh, and Squirt experienced another blow-out.  And by blow-out I mean I needed help from the nurses because it got all over the bed.  The bed in which she and I happened to be lying.  Say it with me y'all: eeewwwwww.  I cleaned and changed Squirt from the skin out while the nurse changed the bedding.  And then she graciously watched Squirt while I took a quick rinse off shower and changed my clothes.  There actually wasn't anything on me or my clothes, but somehow I could still feel it, y'all.

Even though it wasn't there.

The sunrise brought cheerful news.  Squirt's EEG came back, showing normal results.  That doesn't mean that it will always show normal results, but it was enough to make us and the doctors happy.  They decided to watch Squirt for a little bit longer, especially to keep an eye on her glucose and electrolytes levels.  But they told us that, if all continued as expected, we'd be able to go home in the afternoon.

Squirt was ready to play, so we headed for the toy room.

After a couple of hours waiting, the doctors came by to give us the all-clear, with the understanding that we would see a pediatric neurologist sometime next week.  About an hour or two later, the doctors discharged us.  I froze for a second when the doctor corrected a comment I made, saying, "not if she will seize again, but when."  I asked him, "but what do I do if she has another seizure?  I mean, do I call 9-1-1 again?"

And that's when he explained.

You don't call 9-1-1 for a seizure unless it's the first one, or it lasts over five minutes, or the skin turns colors during or after said seizure, or more than three seizures occur in one day.  You just keep them safe during the seizure and then go about your day.  Umm... okay?  Good to know.  Or not.

And so began the waiting game until our Monday morning appointment.  Waiting to talk with the doctor.  Waiting to hear back from the hospital about the results of her latest medical tests.

Waiting for Squirt to seize again.

to be continued...


Aus said...

Morning TM - I 'get' what you are saying - waiting for that shoe to drop - but...

We have this concept of 'normal' - but we don't define 'normal' in relative terms.

I'm dyslexic - I'm also about half deaf. My 'normal' is to see things backwards from they way you do and to say "what?" a lot...

But who's to say that my vision or hearing aren't what should be 'normal' and y'all just
have 'overly acute' senses? In fact - given the kind of things that seem to go on in the world around us - maybe I'm not a tad 'better off' than you other 'so called' normals?

I'm.just.sayin'...normal is relative. It maybe Squirt's 'normal' to have seizures sometimes...many people do.

And I'm sure that the medical types will come up with a satisfactory explanation given enough time - I think I'm already seeing one - but at the end of the day it just doesn't matter if the figure it out or not...She will always be unique and perfect just as she is!

hugs - prayers will continue - rest when you can (which means whenever she is!) - and TD, thanks for caring that much!!

aus and co.

Sharie said...

There is no sleep in a hospital...there is only eyes shut between pokes. I'm so glad it was only 1 night and I hope you both have had a chance to catch up on sleep.

I'm certain you're terrified about what will happen if Squirt has another seizure, but you are TM and you will help her just as you did during the first one...hugs and prayers.

lmgnyc said...

One of the scariest moments is leaving the hospital. I hope, hope, hope they find an answer, a real concrete answer for why this happened and that it has a solution that she will outgrow. That is my hope for you.

hugs TM

Catherine said...

((hugs)) TM. Continuing to pray for your adorable little Squirt!!

Cedar said...

Looking forward to your next post...

She is way too cute!

Queen B said...

Can't wait for your next post... Pins & needles.
I pray y'all are resting and well!!

Suzy said...

Praying for a very happy ending to this story!

Kelley said...

I'm with Suzy...need a happy ending. What's going on to cause Squirt to seize? Love her precious picture, btw.