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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MIA Anniversary

The husband traveled out of town for work over the weekend.  He was supposed to arrive home last night, just in time to celebrate our thirteenth wedding anniversary.  Instead, he arrived during the wee hours this morning because he missed his connecting flight in Dallas.  In fact, everyone on his plane missed their connecting flights in Dallas because the flight out of Oklahoma departed two hours late.

And not! one! single! person! complained.

Instead they quietly made other arrangements, trying to grab any of the final flights of the day or make last minute hotel reservations.  The husband felt fortunate to have grabbed the last flight into Reagan, even though he flew out of BWI.  Which meant he had to grab a cab to take him about an hour away to the short-term parking lot at BWI before driving home early this morning.

And still we didn't complain.

Because the reason his flight from Oklahoma to Dallas took off late?  More than half of the individuals disembarking the plane in Tulsa required assistance leaving said plane.  They needed walkers.  And wheelchairs.  And escorts.

They were all wounded American military personnel, returning from the wars.

They deserved no complaints.


Aus said...

Thanks for "getting it"!

hugs - drying my eyes - aus and co.

Debby said...

SOmetimes I think people forget that we have wounded soldiers. There are so many. God Bless them.

Johnny said...


lmgnyc said...

Oh my gosh. That made me tear up.

Catherine said...

WOW!!! This gave me goosebumps! What an honor for your husband to share a plane with such giving, caring people!

When we flew out of Buffalo last time it was the same morning that there was a flight to Washington leaving with WW vets. Each time one wheeled into the airport a huge cheer of appreciation went up for these men and women of honor! It was a gift to be in their presence!

Mrs. L said...

Thanks for the post. I even read it aloud to my hubby. I never do that!

LBC said...

Happy anniversary to you and welcome home to our military!

Cedar said...

Happy Anniversary!


Joan said...

God Bless

LucisMomma said...

Love this one!

~wife of one soldier who had 4 tours and was fortunate enough to come home whole.

Carla said...


Sharie said...

Tears from one with a niece and her husband both overseas right now. Prayers to all those disembarking the plane last night and their families.

Mrs. L said...

I loved it so much I had to link to it here...