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Monday, December 19, 2011

Grump... Grump... Grump

I really hate giving Squirt the glucose test every morning.  There is just something so wrong with purposefully making your child bleed, even if it's only a tiny drop of blood.

What do y'all hate having to do?


Aus said...

Don't get me started...but one thing I DON'T hate having to do is stop by for a visit with the T family!

hugs - aus and co.

lmgnyc said...

We had a year of blood test after blood test when we were investigating DD for a mysterious ailment (don't know if you remember) culminating in DNA tests because we had no known medical history for her. The testing and endless DR visits were pretty tedious. DD handled it like a champ so I guess I really have nothing to complain about and p.s. it's over now and she didn't have the nasty mystery disease so I REALLY have nothing to complain about.

So I guess I'll just shut up and say I am not going to complain about a thing and just send you all my support. I hope this works out soon. hugs TM.

Journeywoman said...

My husband is an insulin dependent diabetic, he has been since he was very young.

His mom used to have to give him several glucose tests a day, along with insulin shots. At the beginning she would have a big toy truck on top of the cabinet an told him if he took his medicine without complaining he'd get the truck at the end of the week. This worked for quite a while and it is why he loves toy trucks even as an adult.

Good luck.

Cedar said...

Aw, that does sound hard :( Poor baby and mama!

I am trying to be a more cheerful, less complainy person...but since you are asking...I really, really don't like making lunch or breakfast...or dinner for my kids BUT I don't have to do it very often because my husband is so very sweet.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely not as bad, but I hate doing laundry!

The Drinkwaters said...

We are past this now, but after our daughter's third cleft lip surgery (the first two surgeries failed and her lip reopened a few days after each surgery due to infections) I really hated having to clean her stitches with a hydrogen peroxide mixture. As everything fizzled and bubbled away I was so worried what I would find as I gently wiped the bubbles off.

Hoping your week is much more relaxed and calm!

The Source said...

Explaining to a teenager why he there really ARE some things that just aren't a good idea for him to do. We have never told him that he CAN'T do anything, but in reality, carrying his beloved baby cousin around puts that little one in great danger. Ditto driving. That license he wants so badly may not be the best idea for him...or anyone else on the road...because he cannot control the reflex that cause him to tighten up and fall face-first in the floor when startled. What would happen if a squirrel ran in front of his vehicle? He will have to be evaluated carefully through a rehab facility to see if driving is going to be possible. I don't like to shatter dreams.

Sharie said...

I hate having to get up and out the door for work - wish I were independently wealthy;)

Mahmee said...

I hate having to give my dog insulin shots twice a day, where he yelps and tries to bite me. Can you blame him, really? But, I love him so there you go.
I've had pretty severe hypoglycemia my entire life. If you have any questions about that, let me know.
Have a very Merry Christmas.
Hugs from OR.

Holly said...

I hate having to give E dilations after her surgery and she often screams and breaks blood vessels in her face. We have tried EVERYTHING to make them better, and some days are okay and some days are HELL. It feels abusive but we HAVE to do them and sometimes we have to hold her down and just get it over with. I HATE IT!!!!!! only 8 more MONTHS to go.