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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Signing Time

We've been signing with Squirt since we met her in China.  At first I signed quite a bit, but The Blank Stare convinced me to back off and focus on just a few words until those caught on, then introduce more.  So far she's mastered all done, milk, more and book.

At least, I thought she had mastered them.

I mean, I knew she was doing things her own way, but that's Squirt for you.  When she signs more, she actually grabs both of her wrists at the same time.  All done, Squirt-style, involves waving both of her hands up in the air as if she's sign clapping.  Book is mostly correct, but it sort of looks like she's praying.  Still, the signs look the same every time, so I felt pretty darn happy with them.

At least, I did until Mrs. Fish saw her sign milk this past weekend.  Because Mrs. Fish is nearly fluent in ASL.  And she told me a little something about Squirt's sign for milk.  After she stopped cracking up, that is.  Because Squirt's sign for milk?  Actually means margarita.

I promise I'm not turning her into an alcoholic.



Aus said...

Meh - what's a little cactus juice between friends - right? ;)

You've got to love the 'slang' they develop - and you've got to love a language builder that would make the signs for 'milk' and 'margarita' that similar...

hugs - aus and co.

prechrswife said...

That is hilarious! :-)

Cedar said...

So cute! Margarita in a bottle...now THAT I would judge over.

Beach Mama said...

Maybe...but it could aslso be milk in Cantonese sign language:)

lmgnyc said...

That's my kind of gal. ;-)

Chris said...

well, who wouldn't prefer a margarita over milk??? ;)

Sharie said...

Oh so many memories:) I signed with Amelia when she was little. More Milk was her FAVORITE:) Well more of everything really - except sleep, but that's a memory I'd rather forget.

Sarah said...

LOVE THIS!!!! Laughing so hard... I might wake the kid up!

heather said...

Love your little girl...she's a smart one! :-)

Patty O. said...

Oh, I needed this laugh. So, so funny!

mrkmommy said...

LOL! I used to love my younger daughter's slang sign language. I can only imagine what someone who was fluent would have thought.