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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Squirty Squirt

Every time I sit down to write a post lately, one of three things happens: either Squirt completely melts down because The Evil Laptop sucks me into its vortex; or the phone rings, most probably with some medical professional on the other end, or someone from the Tongginator's school, or my momma; or I actually DO find the time to write, but the absolute sappiness that is now me overtakes the typical snarkiness that y'all love to hate hate to love about me.

I figure that sappiness is better than nothing.

And for some reason, I can't seem to manage snarky.

(Bear with me.)

We are all absolutely in love with Squirt.  She's fourteen months of cuteness all rolled into one squishy little package.  She morphed from Mei Mei into Squirt this summer because... well... because of a lot of things.  First off, and most importantly, whenever I hear the nickname Squirt, I imagine a much smaller child tagging along, racing to keep up with The Big Kids.  And y'all, that is definitely Squirt.  She doesn't allow anything to stop her - not developmental delays nor child locks nor fatigue nor hurricanes nor earthquakes nor... well, y'all get the picture.

Squirt is like the energizer bunny, only she's not furry.

And I don't allow her to play with cymbals.

Because oh! my! lands! think of the headaches that would create.

There's also the added bonus that Squirt is teething a ton this summer.  She's only cut three teeth, but they're taking forever to break through.  (The pediatrician told me that's common with children who experience malnourishment.)  Which means she drools a lot.  And by a lot I mean that the husband is thinking of inventing some type of portable sink that fits under her jaw to catch said drool.  But only if it doesn't negatively effect her speech and such.

He's still in the design phase.

I'll let you know if anything comes of it.

But there's also the squirty reason that Squirt is now known as Squirt.  And that's The Pee.  I believe I've mentioned it before.  It's gotten worse, y'all.  She's now wearing overnight diapers 24/7, with diaper doublers inside for the times that she's sleeping.  And yes, I'm still getting up one to two times a night to change her overnight-diaper-with-a-diaper-doubler-inside-of-it because oh! my! lands!, y'all, this child pees A LOT.

(Hence the nickname Squirt.)

And yes, we are aware of the medical implications of this.  Believe me, we are SO aware.  We don't know exactly what is going on, but we know something is.  It's probably not serious.  She's gaining weight appropriately.  She continues to catch up developmentally.  They've tested her for diabetes several times.  She's free of infection (now anyways, though that's a story for another day). But she pees like she's competing with Niagara Falls.

She's had a few tests already, with one more scheduled this week.  (It's scheduled for early Wednesday morning. We could use some prayers.) If they don't find anything wrong with this next test (a VCUG), our pediatrician is going to refer us to a pediatric urologist.  Because yes, y'all, it really is that much pee.  I do not exaggerate.

I'll try to post more regularly now that the Tongginator is back in school.  It's challenging, of course, because my snarkiness disappeared.  And because Squirt hates it when I'm not completely Adoring Her Adorableness.  And because the phone continues to ring off the hook.

Oh, and then there's the pee.  I'm being overtaken by it.  But at least it's Squirt pee.  Which makes it adorable.

And I dare you to say differently.


Stefanie said...

Love to hear how much you are lovin' your girl :)
Enjoy!!! We'll take you any way we can get you, TM... snarky or sappy ;)

Sharie said...

It sounds like you're head over heals with Squirt; which is as it should be. How is Miss T taking it all?

I remember the drool from teething - Amelia's came in fast and furious but the drool - there was A LOT of it:)

Dawn said...

So glad to hear how well everything is going for y'all... despite the squirting from both ends! And, I'll take sappy or snarky - whichever you've got.

Hope Miss T is settling into a new school year and big sisterhood.


the meaklims said...

So happy to hear things are going well and I'll keep squirt in my prayers, because as you said, "that is a lot of (adorable) pee"!

We miss you, come back!

Chelsea Gour said...

Sounds like the bonding is going great! Glad to hear that she is so healthy and hope you get to the "bottom" of that issue! Do you have flood insurance? HA! Praying for that VCUG. With spina bifida, we have one every year so it's not a big deal.....but that first one was a doozy. It's hard when they are so small and you can't explain to them and they don't understand that you are not trying to hurt them. I hope you have doctor or assistant that can get the catheter in quickly and easily. And, yes. I am absolutely sure that Squirt is adorable! Feel better?

K and/or K said...

So great to see a post pop up from you! I miss your regular blogging, sappy or snarky. It is wonderful to hear Squirt is doing so well, aside from the pee issue. I am so happy for you!

Wanda said...

Sap away, my dear. Love all the lovin in your tone. Hope all turns out well his week with the pee thing.

Squirt sounds totally delightful.

Kayce said...

Wonderful to see you come across my reader! Little Squirt is in my prayers! I'm glad they tested for Diabetes...that was my first thought!

Myrnie said...

Child rearing is all about body fluids, isn't it? Too much, too little, wrong color, no color... The person who writes The definitive method of decoding children's outputs would make a mint!! Sounds wonderful :)

Briana's Mom said...

She certainly sounds like a gusher. ;)

I am so glad that you are so in love with her.

I'm sure things will turn out swimmingly. (Snort)

Sorry about all the liquid references. Thinking of you!

Amy said...

I believe you managed to work a tiny bit of snark in there! So glad to hear how things are going and that Squirt is adorable beyond words!

Kim K. said...

Nice to read updates. I'll take them when I can get them. My Josie started kindergarten today (smile).

Cedar said...

So glad it is going well! Sounds like Squirt will keep up with T just fine! I'll be praying for the tests and the doctors to figure out what needs to be done--sounds like a lot of pee!

Sappy is just fine!

learningtogether said...

Sap, pee or what have you, it's great to hear from you! Such a wonderful update on your lil' Squirt. Prayers for answers.


Aus said...

I dunno - I kinda hear the snark...just a little...almost like it's under water trying to bubble to the top or something...kinda coming thru as an occasional 'glub glub'....humm....I'm wondering what might be causing that...but I bet it's adorable! ;)

hugs - great joy - and love you guys -

aus and co.

autumnesf said...

Why is it when we adopt our lives become so much about bodily fluids and solids???? Always a dream of mine! LOL!

Hoping they figure it out quick!

jasnjoj said...

I hope the VCUG went fine, Iknow how much fun they are (my Daniel had one)...please keep us updated!

3 Peanuts said...

Squirt sounds absolutely precious!!!! i am kinda dying to know what she looks like. I keep picturing this squirt....


I hope you get the answers to the "pee" situation all figured out. I know it can be so frustrating waiting on medical answers. One of my peanuts was recently diagnosed with a very serious disease and it absorbed most of our Spring and Summer (at least emotionally for me).

I have a lot of catching up to do over here. I am ashamed to say that I have not been here since you came home with Squirt and I apologize. Congratulations and I will try to be better about keeping up. I think you were traveling right around the time I was falling apart due to said situation.