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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Dreaded VCUG

On Wednesday Tonggu House woke up at oh-dark-thirty because Momma and Squirt needed to get out the door early for Squirt's VCUG test.  For those of y'all who don't know, I'll save you the google... a VCUG test is an exam of the bladder and lower urinary tract using contrasting materials and x-rays.  Which is a really vague way of saying that the doctors catheterize the patient, then inject some type of contrasting material (like iodine or x-ray dye) into the bladder before taking x-rays of said bladder, kidneys, urethra, etc.

It sounds worse than it is.

Unless it isn't.

Little RedFish underwent this test several years ago as a preschooler and - to this day - Mrs. Fish says it was absolutely The Worst Day Of Her Entire Life. Which is saying a lot, considering Mrs. Fish also survived her eldest daughter's almost flesh-eating bacteria. (Blech.)  And I totally believed Mrs. Fish because my only experiences with catheters involved four absolutely! horrific! episodes in less than two months when the Tongginator was three-years-old.  And one additional horrific catheter a couple of weeks ago in the emergency room when an inexperienced nurse needed five attempts to cath Squirt.

But most people say that the test isn't too terrible on the children - primarily just uncomfortable because of their full bladders.  Oh, and because of their desire to be, well, toddlers.  They want to move and people are holding them down.

The! Nerve!

Thankfully, unlike RedFish (who morphed into Hysterical Girl, so much so that the tech and nurse still remember her four years later), our Squirt did quite well with the testing. Which made me realize the "no big deal camp" was quite probably right.  There was also the unexpected, added benefit of Squirt winning over a few hearts. I didn't realize the extreme popularity of our Squirt until the doctor walked in, looked around at the four nurses and one tech standing in the room, and said, "we must have a cute one here today!"  (They all have very good taste.  Just so you know.)

Squirt stayed calm for the most part as long as I sang songs to her in Mandarin.  Which is kinda funny, since she heard Cantonese her first year of life, but whatever works.  I think I may have possibly felt more upset than Squirt, but I put my game face on.  You know, because I had to, y'all.  And because so many of y'all have experienced much worse in this area - what's one measly little VCUG test compared with so many other things?  And let's just ignore the Extreme Embarrassment I felt while singing my MandyRin songs completely off-key in a room full of six strangers.

(MandyRin = excessively poor Mandarin spoken with a southern accent)

We're meeting with the pediatrician on the 19th, so there's more to come, but basically we learned that Squirt does suffer from an extremely mild case of reflux.  Which basically means that small amounts of her urine sometimes travel back up to her kidneys.  Reflux can be very serious if it's, well, serious, but it can also be not serious at all.  In extreme cases, doctors will perform a minor surgery.  Other, more moderate cases require the patient to ingest a low dose antibiotic once a day for months, if not years, to prevent urinary tract infections, since reflux can turn a UTI into a much more serious kidney infection.

And then there's Squirt's situation, which probably isn't serious at all.  We'll need to keep a close eye on her for infections.  We may at some point need to move to daily antibiotics, but that's doubtful. Still, better to be safe than sorry, so for now it's a careful game of wait and see.  Or smell, as the case may be.  (And if y'all don't understand that reference, you've never changed the diaper of a child with a UTI. Because oh! my! lands! y'all does it ever reek.)

Unfortunately, the reflux doesn't explain the Niagara Falls of Pee.

But that's a problem for another day, most probably the 19th.

Right now I'm just gonna sip a latte and count my blessings.  Because I so don't deserve to parent this amazing kiddo who giggles less than 10 minutes after a VCUG and perseveres in the face of almost-hip-displasia.  Although the Tongginator does deserve to be her big sister.  Which is maybe possibly why God gifted us with the privilege of raising our amazing Squirt.

Who squirts.

Without end, it seems.

And sometimes upwards, too.

But whatever.


Aus said...

You make me laugh! I wish you had all the answers - but they'll come in God's good time. In the meantime - enjoy the rewards of parenting....in between the pee....

hugs - thanks for bringing me a little joy -

aus and co.

Reena said...

Happy to hear that all is well.

Best wishes!

Sharie said...

Glad it went well; and you've eliminated one more potential issue.
Your post brought back memories of taking Amelia to immediate care only to be sent to the ER because of shallow breathing...mysterious fever. They had to cocoon her in a sheet and it took 3 tech and me to get liquid tylenol in her; however the kid sat perfectly still and giggled 10 minutes later when they put the catheter in...

autumnesf said...

What a trooper! Hugs to all of you!

happygeek said...

Sooooo glad it went well.
Oh, and I have solved your pee AND drool problem.
No liquids. At all.
Nothing in, nothing out. :)
Beyond that, I have no ideas, I just hope the meeting on the 19th help!
So glad to see you blogging again!

prechrswife said...

Glad everything went as smoothly as it did. Hope you get answers to the other issue soon. :-)

Kayce said...

Oh goodness I am so glad you can go into this with a smile on your face! Little Squirt continues to be in my prayers. I hope answers come soon and are ones that are good! Enjoy your latte!

Cedar said...

I am glad to hear how it went! I wish I could meet your little squirt and T and...I pray the 19th provides more answers.

Debby said...

Glad that she endured the test. She must be a sweetie. Ihope they can figure things out soon and that it isn't too serious.
YOu should come over to Cozy Blanket and see my last post. I am now babysitiing a little China doll. She is such a sweetie. She had a cleft palatte that was fixed in China before she came to
America. They did an amazing job.

Suzy said...

I'm praying that the mystery cause mysteriously disappears and never returns. Bless your sweet heart, Squirt!

Mahmee said...

There's a game face for that experience? Wow. Nice job.
I hope the answers to the mysteries are discovered at the next appt. And that you retain your never-ending sense of humor. Good luck!