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Friday, September 16, 2011

Confessions of a New Mom

I still haven't...

completely unpacked from our China trip.  We got back on June 23rd.

I've cooked healthy meals for the Tongginator and Squirt all week, despite the Husband working late four out of five nights.  I, however, have failed to eat said healthy meals.  Instead I've existed on a diet of raisins and spice oatmeal, with a side of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  And yes, y'all, I'm eating after I put the children to bed.  Because otherwise what an example that would be.

Last Saturday a child dove out of my arms and I failed to catch her.  She smacked her head on a cold, HARD floor.  What's worse is that it wasn't even one of my children.

I lied to Squirt's physical therapist on Wednesday.  I told her we've been doing the exercises that she prescribed almost every day.  The truth is I've done them a couple of times a week with Squirt, but she cries.  And she looks so pitiful when she cries.  Hence my new-found descent into the depths of liarhood.

I forgot to pick up the Tongginator's final report card from last year.  You know, because we were a tad busy this summer.  Which means that just minutes after the Tongginator announced to her new second-grade teacher that she found school "boring and lame," that same second-grade teacher handed me the Tongginator's report card, dated two months prior. What a great first impression.  Not.  (I totally wanted to shout, "we really do value education at Tonggu House," but I controlled myself.)

I'm so over the whining, no matter how much I adore Little Miss Squirt. Unfortunately for me, Squirt did not seem to inherit the Sign Language Gene.  Because no matter how much we try, it's just not clicking for her.  At least, not yet, anyways, despite copious attempts and hours of Signing Time.

My reading material of late includes Stinky Stern Forever and Ellen Tebbits.  Woo-hoo.

The Tongginator tries to mimic adults when she talks to her baby sister.  You know, by talking in the infamous Baby Voice. Unfortunately, the Tongginator's version of a Baby Voice sounds like a shrill Kathy Griffin.  Wait, y'all already thought Kathy Griffin's voice was shrill? Believe me when I say it can get even shriller than that.  Wanna come over and listen?

I want to commit homicide when telemarketers call during nap time.  Or when my husband calls to announce his late arrival - and chat about his day - during the bathtime/ bedtime rush.

What are all y'alls confessions?


Vicky said...

My grandson that lives with me is in second grade, between his attitude and the homework, I feel like I'm trapped in a living h*ll during this time!

Then I worry, I'm adding a non english 10 year old to the mix. Now two people to do homework with, how will I survive?

God must have a sense of humor, I should be having lunch dates and taking trips at my age, not doing homework with a child that would rather play X-box.

And that's his dad's doing not mine. Oh, that's another story.

Oops, sorry didn't mean to write a book!

Kim K. said...

I can't help my 8th grader with her math homework. I didn't inherit the math gene and my husband has been gone most of this week chaperoning 5th graders on overnight camping trips at his elementary schools. Let's just say it hasn't been pretty at our house. I wasn't cut out to be a single parent...especially when there are math tests involved. Thank goodness for friends who can help be study buddies.

Sherri said...

Everyone lies about Physical Therapy. It's sort of expected. Don't lose sleep over that!

It'll be okay, TM. I have 6 kids. Adjusting to the second one was the most difficult adjustment. Not even kidding. Adding #3-6 was a breeze. You are doing a great job.

Jen & Bill said...

Our speech therapist thinks I'm wonder mom (work full time, plus able to handle speech therapy twice a week). Ricky is doing so well in speech because we practice his letters all the time.


I don't correct her by telling her we are lucky to practice once a week.

I let her believe I'm wonder mom.

Is that lying????

Going from 1 to 2 is very hard.

LucisMomma said...

Wanna trade for a hormonal 15 yo boy and a velcro dd, 6 yo, who *still* can't sleep by herself?? (and don't forget the 19 yo who thinks he knows everything)

Didn't think so. :)

Time will pass, TM, and it gets better.

Briana's Mom said...

LOL! You certainly have your hands full, you poor thing!

I confess that I get quite annoyed with B when she manages to do everything in life at 100 miles an hour - except getting ready for school. It is like she flips a slow switch or something.

A shriller Kathy Griffin? I seriously can't even go there.

Jboo said...

My girl wrote down "fruit snacks" for fruit last year during the healthy eating and nutrition part of 3rd grade! WHAT? Fruit snacks do not count as fruit!?!

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

I will confess that I think Kathy Griffin is hysterical. As long as the Tongginnator just sounds like her but isn't actually using her vocabulary you are still doing great.

Kris said...

Hee hee! Funny! But you are doing great! I lie to my daughter's speech therapist about practicing; we are lucky to get in 2 or 3 sessions a week. I have 4 kids, including 2 middle school boys who most of the time I just want out of the house. They think everything "sucks" and they are rude. So now my 1st grade daughter and 2nd grade son think "That sucks!" is an appropriate way to express yourself. At least she is practicing saying her S's.

Brandi said...

What is it about husbands who call right at bathtime/bedtime? Mine does it all the time...and it drives me crazy! I mean,seriously...bed/bathtime is the same time every night...DON'T CALL! Gotta love 'em :)

Kerrie said...

ARE there people who do the PT/OT/anyT exercises? I haven't actually lied, but I perfected a good guilty look.

Catherine said...

You've had so much on your plate! Your diet (of yumminess!), lack of picking up report card and frustration with calls during naps are all totally understandable! You rock!!!

Have you tried Baby Signing Time? My DD didn't have the time of day for the older Signing Times videos but loved the baby ones that I borrowed from our local library. Just a thought.

Oh yes, and whining will send me spinny in a fraction of a second! Whining back helps but can also drive yourself batty. ;o)

Carla said...

Do Not Disturb block on the phone...investigate, do it...life will be ever so much better. Trust me, my friend who had twin 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a newborn swears by it. Plus she's been known to forget it was on...you know accidentally on purpose.

Suzy said...

I AM a PT, and I can't say that I'd be faithful about doing the home exercise program if I had a child with SN, either. I KNOW! It's quite shocking. My husband would nag me about it, too.

Feel better now?

Janet said...

I confess that I am exhausted beyond belief. That I feel like my world is spinning around too fast and I just can't keep up. I confess that I often bite off more than I can chew and that I wish I could be more realistic about my expectations. (Of myself, and others.)

Aunt LoLo said...

My confessions? Really? You asked for it.

(Ok, I just wrote a long and rambling confession..but I decided that I'm just too grumpy to do that to you. ;-) Let's just say Dad's out of town, SJ was NUTS/BONKERS/OUT OF HIS EVER-LOVIN' MIND today, and I spent the last few hours of the day alternately hiding and screaming. And I might have thrown a shoe. Or two.)

Man, I'm a bad Mom. *sigh*

Cristina said...

Ooh, confession time!! Here goes - I could strangle my 12 year old son right about now as he seems to have his annoying button stuck on full. And as for the youngest who has developed a penchant for spitting on people whenever she gets angry - sheesh. Oh, and then there's the teen who couldn't speak nicely to her two younger siblings if she was PAID to (and trust me, I have tried bribery). Yikes, being a mum is HARD sometimes. Hang in there TM - this too shall pass xxxx

Amy said...

Well, I haven't completely unpacked from our China trip either... from this past May. My 5-yr-old dd also has that horrific shrill, baby voice. We were somewhat used to it, as she used it with her baby dolls prior to our son coming home. It's somehow worse now, though because she uses that "nails-on-a-chalkboard" voice just milimeters from ds's face. At which point he hits her (I would too) & she screams & whines. And it becomes a vicious cycle. And I yell. A lot. At both of them. And then I feel guilty for yelling at my dd who is just trying to show love, and for yelling at my ds who doesn't know what's going on. Oh... and I have totally dropped the ball on ds's speech therapy. Bad Mommy.


Cedar said...

My son forged our signatures on his AWANA pages because we kept forgetting to sign them--his teacher did notice. He also wrote this is boring and too easy on half of his math homeworks last year--1st grade. I never eat lunch with my children around because I don't want to share my food with them--even if that means I skip lunch that day. I could go on, but I choose not to.

Wendy said...

I let my youngest daughter eat croutons for breakfast once.

Once, when she was one year old and blew her nose in one of those big, giant echoy, indoor playspaces, I yelled out, "What a good blow job!!!" Everyone stopped and stared at me.

I've gone entire weeks were I've fed my entire family nothing but take out (2 jobs, 2 kids, 3 dogs; I'm tired).

My oldest kid is 19. I have about 20,000 more Mommy Fails I could share. But I'll spare you.

Aus said...

Now now TM - I'll give you a couple confessions -

I don't eat breakfast or lunch - but coffee (about 2 pots) is a food group right?

I don't, however, lie to the PT folks - we don't do the excercises and I tell them so - what are they going to do - fail me?

And we didn't pick up the report card this spring either - in fact - we managed to forget to do the school registration paperwork until the day before school started too....beh...

I still have a couple bags from China unpacked - and we've been home since February.....of 2010....

Seriously - on the phone thing - get a pay as you go phone for about $20, and the only person that get's the # is hubby - then just take the dang house thing off the hook!

And this last one must be a guy thing - who is Kathy Griffin? ;)

you'll hit your new normal soon enough

hugs - aus and co.

Mahmee said...

Well shucks. I hope things will even out here soon. Your post brought back so many memories from R's first few months. I remember going through similar times.
I confess that I actually disconnected the doorbell when she was little. And, I put a sign on the door for delivery personnel that basically said..if you knock on the door, I will effing kill you. I don't like to mince words. Ha ha.
I confess that I attempted to silence my daughter in the middle of a tantrum yesterday by using a command I use on the dog when she's barking. One of my finer moments, yes.
I confess that I ate 6 Hershey bars (yes 6!) over the Labor Day weekend. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

nicole said...

my confession? home 9 months and still not unpacked. when hubby nagged me at 2 months home about the last bag (full of crap he bought and now i had to find a home for), i put it all in a black garbage bag and stuffed it in the back of a closet. it is still there today and no we are not missing or looking for a thing.

i also fake sleeping multiple times a day/week when needed. i fake for my kids, husband, the phone or my mom (who is living with us right now).

everyone is right, adding 2 is the hardest. we are up to 5 and cookin up #6 paper trail. the jump from one to two is killer and the rest are just noise and laundry and another body to luv on :-)

thegypsymama said...

Oh that made me laugh so hard - and I confess it's comforting to know that even the most organized of moms can lose it when you add more kids to the equation.

Good luck with the juggling - some days it gets easier, some days you really do forget where you left your brain :)


GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...


My name is Jaclyn and I am just in the beginning stages of our adoption journey. I am trying to make connections with other parents who have gone through this amazing process. Please feel free to join me in my journey.


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Confessions: I switched jobs, and still don't have time to read my favorite blog... : /. Between football, dance, parent/teacher conferences, etc., I'm running around like a crazy lady...and my son's teacher thinks he needs mess for his ADHD...: /. And now, we're going to finally get that homestudy done...I'm so terrified and excited and overwhelmed and satisfied at this journey. Are we nuts? I hope not, but i think God has been working on this for awhile...Anyway, I'm an slp and I know things come up. Don't sweat the exercises, but be honest. I always appreciate it.

Veronica Mitchell said...

This morning, lying in bed, I thought, "It's only 6:49 and I already feel like a failure."

Grace, grace, grace. Why is it so hard to accept?

Patty O. said...

I can't even bring myself to make any confessions because mine feel so bad. Let's just say, it's been a hard month--especially with my two year old, who has taken to screaming about everything. My ears are ringing.

Our Journey to China said...

Hello, sweet, fellow Tonggu momma. :) A mutual friend told me you talked about me recently. :0) (We need to talk.)
My confessions...too great to put here for the moment. I second the comment prior, it has been a very hard month. Praying you are having a blessed week and that you go easy on yourself. You are an awesome momma. :0)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'd rather go to work where people are nice to me than spend my time getting yelled at by a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old :(

Catherine said...

miss you Tongu Mamma. Hope all is good with you and your family and that you're just having too much fun with them to post.

Rebekah said...

Just wanted to let you know that I miss reading your posts. They always made me smile. :-)
I hope everything is well with your family.

Dita said...

OH do I ever love coming over here to laugh my head off....sorry for laughing at your misery, TM...but you win the award for bestever, most humorous, incredible writer who keeps my own funny bone from calcifying!


(oh, there are so many of them......)

Hugs, Dita

Tee said...

Oh my gosh - You mean I'm not the only one?

The Byrd's Nest said...

(sigh) Miss you :)

Cedar said...

Oh...my blog list said there was a new post...but it is gone. I pray for you often and hope everything is going well for you all...that you are just busy. Missing your posts and thought provoking ideas, but hopefully getting closer to not having time for them myself soon...well, 6 months or so, but that is soon compared to the last 6 years.

Take care.

CC said...

Ds always says school is soooo boring. But I really think that it's all talk and that what he doesn't like is the work. He loves the social aspects of school!

And dd did not get the ASL gene either. In spite of putting her in an ALL ASL classroom for a year!!! Geesh! What kind of SLP mommy am I?? :)

I miss you! But the only reason I'm able to visit your blog today is b/c I stayed home sick. Things at work have been SOOOOOO hard!