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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All About The Pee

My life is once again all about The Pee.  Several years ago, I wrote a post entitled "The Ebb and Flow of Pee."  It was absolutely hysterical, but don't bother looking for it in the archives.  I never published it because The Husband wouldn't let me.  He said the Tongginator would HATE me for it when she's older.  And that it was tacky.  *sniff, sniff*

(She probably would have hated me for it.)

(And it WAS kinda tacky.)

This one won't be tacky even though my life is - yet again - All About The Pee.  It won't be funny either.  (I'm too tired for funny.)  You see, Mei Mei pees a lot.  And by a lot, I mean a lot a lot.  She absolutely soaks through any and all brands of overnight diapers, no matter the size, whether it be twos, threes or fours.  We've tried Pampers Extra Protection Overnights.  Fired after just three days.  Huggies Overnights.  Fired in less than two weeks.  We're currently working on the Luvs Overnight Leakguards, thanks to the suggestions of several of my Facebook friends.  The Luvs seem to work best, but it's still not enough protection, and that's with me going into Mei Mei's room at around 11 PM each night and changing her into a second overnight diaper.  We've had three wet mornings in less than a week.  So now we're putting Mei Mei in a Luvs overnight, with a diaper booster inside.  The Husband calls them diaper maxi pads.  And yes, I still have to change her at 11 o'clock.

(Like I said, she pees a lot.)

Before her blood test results came back, Tonggu Grammy and I even worried a bit about her glucose levels.  (They are fine.)  We thought perhaps she's drinking way too much, or too much at night.  (She's not.)  We thought a lot of things, but mostly we thought, "what is with this pee?!?!!"

I think we've figured it out.  Mei Mei pretty consistently goes at just before 11 PM, sometime between two and three AM and occasionally at around 5 AM.  And when she goes, I mean she gushes.  Which means I think Mei Mei's orphanage used potty chairs.  Unfortunately for us, the time change puts Mei Mei's clock exactly 12 hours behind her former schedule.

Hence the flow of pee in the middle of the night.

Our pediatrician told me on Thursday that it will take time before her body's anti-diuretic hormone, or ADH, realizes that her clock has changed so drastically.  Which means my life - once again - becomes All About The Pee.  How can I stop the flow from leaking onto her sheets?  When will the nighttime flow ebb?  Is there a better method to my Stop The Pee Madness?

Like I said, y'all, I am All About The Pee.

I am obsessing.

(I can't believe I have a college degree.)

(Because all I seem to talk about now is The Pee.)


Cedar said...

Oh :( No advice but lots of sympathy. Hope the leak guards and Luvs do the trick.

Alyson and Ford said...

Oh my! Hope she adjusts her inner potty time clock to your time soon! It isn't funny thinking of all the routine and habits our daughters were subjected too; all will smooth out soon! Each child is different, but we really didn't feel like our AA was really adjusted for 16 months after being with us; hoping your transition time is shorter!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Aus said...

We so feel your pain!! We used two overnights - one on top of the other - and then added plastic pants - the kind with the heavy cotton liners that can double as training paints - and that handled the overnight problem...which was epic...because we ended up co-sleeping with them...a lot...and sometimes still have too!

Oh the joys of adoptive parenting!

hugs - aus and co.

Leah said...

When I brought my son home from Ethiopia, we had the same issue. We tried every diaper imaginable and even would put two diapers on him everynight. To this day, I still don't know what caused it, but it did go away after a while all on it's own, and now he only pees the normal amount during the night. So there is hope. :)

Jamey... said...

I would try some cloth diapering inserts that are microfiber/hemp inside the diaper and then use a fleece diaper cover on her too.

Shannon @ Some Fine Taters said...

I wonder if giving her the opportunity to potty on the potty chair at least before bed and first thing in the morning might help her system adapt.

Kristi said...

When we were in China, my dd peed through her diap several times a day....normally while sitting on my lap...at a restaurant...sigh. By the time we got home (we were in China 17 days) she was down to maybe 1-2 "soak throughs" a day. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Our son does the same thing in the middle of the night. Have you tried putting a night time pullup over her night time diaper? That helped with Kaden's wet bed. :) Good luck!

Momma C said...

K was like that for several months after coming home from Ethiopia- diapers ready to explode in the morning- but little during the day. Good luck as time is really the only fix

Linda said...

I loved your pee post. Our daughter is also a heavy night time pee gal. She's 4 1/2 and is just starting to stay dry at night. We get her up at 11 and she's still asleep. I make a shshshshshshs sound and she goes. Do you know if they made a sound in the orphanage? One gal in our group responded to whistling.

LBC said...

"I can't believe I have a college degree."

Anti-diuretic hormone and applying the scientific method to the pee. That's a college degree put to work right there. Just not where expected. :)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ha, I was going to suggest the same idea everyone else had, of layering 2 diapers on her, the outside one in a larger size. I live with pee too, only it's all day. I also rig the kids beds with layers of "waterproof" sheets and towels so whenever there is seepage I just whip off the layers until I get to something clean. They are tucked into the sides only so I don't have to remake the entire bed.
Blegh. Pee.

Rachel said...

Cloth, my friend. Use a bamboo diaper, two hemp inserts and a cover. You might still need to change her at 11, but she won't leak. I can recommend from experience the flip covers, hemp baby inserts and bamboozle bamboo diapers.

Also, and I'm sure you already know this, but layer her crib: waterproof pad, sheet, pad, sheet, pad, sheet, etc. This makes those midnight changes easy - you just strip off the top layer.

Patricia/NYC said...

We had the very.same.issue. when we brought Kiara home...I couldn't BELIEVE how much "p" there was!!! lol!! So glad you figured it out...that's a great start! :)

Hang in there, my friend!!
Oh & don't feel bad...I have a Masters Degree & there was a time when all I talked about was the "p" ;)

hj said...

Well, you could always go the "crazy" route and look into elimination communication (aka infant potty training). If she was already using a potty chair, go with it! Every time you change her diaper, just offer her the potty, even at night. Every little bit that ends up in the potty means less to leak out of the diaper at night. If that's too wild & crazy for you, I second Rachel's advice of cloth + waterproof bed pads layered on the mattress.

Mamatini said...

Ah, I'm finally finding some time to catch up. So glad to hear everyone is adjusting well!

As I read this, my first reaction was that perhaps Mei Mei had been put on the potty (as opposed to left on the potty). It would explain the "gushing" since she is probably holding a lot until she just can't hold it anymore. It would also explain the pretty regular schedule her body is on for going. I would think a child *left* on the potty would go much like a child in a diaper - whenever she wants to.

Ina was 'potty trained' when we adopted her. I kept at it with #2 (hurray for never changing another poopy diaper!) but as a new mother of two and big sister still only just 3, it was too much for me to manage the more frequent #1s.

In China, I did it the way the foster mom likely did it: with her back against my front, and my hands holding her legs like a chair, I would hold her over the toilet and say "sssshhhhhhh" for #1 and a grunting "eh eh eh" for #2. Worked like a charm!

When we got back to the U.S., I would hold her on one of those potty chairs you put on the grown-up toilet and did the same thing. Worked just as well.

It is worth a shot!

Patty O. said...

wow! They would put children that small on the potty?

Good luck! I wish I had advice, but alas, I have none.

Catherine said...

I've had to go up 2 sizes in overnight diapers compared to my DD's daytime diapers and then line them with something like this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Babykicks-Baby-Doubler-Liner-Pack-of-3/14207115

Hope you're able to find a solution. Wet beds are no fun for mommy and soaking jammies must be awful for baby!

Dawn said...

We found the adult Depends pads (not the underwear style ones) inside the diaper worked better than the overflow pads meant for babies. The Depends pads are about the same size but will hold so much more. We had to use them because our daughter was in a full body cast (hip dysplasia!) when she was an infant and it was imperative that we keep her from soaking her cast. This worked great for us. Hope it helps with The Pee situation in your household!

lmgnyc said...

We had the same issue. After raising two boys I thought I had seen it all but not until my DD arrived home from China had I seen so much pee. Holy smokes. I was sure there was something wrong with her. It seemed to have no correlation to the amount of liquid that went into her--the amount of pee that came out was without end. And sorry to tell you, it took forever to get her out of overnights. She was daytime potty trained very early, but she just didn't have the overnight bladder control. It was TOO. MUCH. PEE. And like a couple of other commenters, I figured out pretty quickly that she peed on command to a shhhhh sound. Still does as a matter of fact.

Wow, your post really took me back.

Sharon said...

Wow, very interesting...that ADH stuff. I wouldn't have thought of that. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

My DD is still soaking a pull up most nights at age 5. Bless her soul she just makes TOO. MUCH. PEE. Oh and she "ssssssshhhhhhh" thing for the potty totally worked for us. Didn't know about the sound for #2. : O

Cindi Campbell said...

I'm wondering if maybe she is so tiny down there that she is leaking out of the elastics? That is what our tiny-hiny little girl was doing in China and we had to switch to #2 sizes to eliminate the pee run off . She is also a huge night time wetter at 7 and still no sign of being trained at night. I guess we are waiting on that hormone to kick in too!

Cavatica said...

I'm wondering about infant potty training too. Try the "shhhhh" sound and see if she responds to it. She may have good control (operantly conditioned), but good. If she does, why go back to diapers? You'll figure it out, you and her, diapers, potty, whatever.

BTW, I don't think there's anything that proves one is more a mom than some good pee or poop talk. That and one of your commenters comment about the treat on the butt. I went to work once with a Cheerio on mine. Happily another new, sympathetic mom spotted it before everyone else did!

I love her little hands in the last post.

The Gang's Momma! said...

I'm so intrigued by the infant potty training techniques.... Totally filing this away for number 6. I've not heard of any of those methods before and it's good stuff to think through as we prepare. Especially since we are thinking of "upping" our age bracket this time around. We ain't gettin' any younger, so the idea of a baby-baby is less appealing. I'd like for Li'l E and Mei-Mei to be close in age if we can manage it.

I love how much I learn here :)

And I love a good pee story. Especially when I am sitting here in a funky stupor because Li'l E woke me at the crack of dawn to pee and cuz she was ready to get up. I swear, once that girl's eyes open, they ain't closing again any time soon. THAT alone is enough reason to keep her napping beyond four.

kitchu said...

Well, this is our life for different reasons, so I feel your frustration though I fight to get to that place where I ever feel frustrated. Now, on top of that, we have PUPPY PEE. Sweet (you name your diety), what were we thinking adding a real live PUPPY to the family?? I forgot about THE PUPPY PEE!!

Hope it's already much better by now with Mei Mei, seeing as I'm like a month late to this post.