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Monday, May 2, 2011

Visiting the Fish Bowl

As our next adoption trip approaches, the Husband and I keep flashing back to our trip in 2005, when we first met the Tongginator. I remember so many special moments from that trip, most especially those priceless days in Nanchang, getting to know our daughter as she came to know us. I also remember sitting in the Detroit airport, ready to head to Beijing, telling the Husband, "I want to be friends with them" as I secretly pointed to the Fish family. Because oh, my lands, y'all, were they ever cool.

We instantly clicked, chatting it up on the plane to Tokyo, then Beijing. (Okay... well... Tonggu Daddy slept the ENTIRE plane ride, but *I* chatted with them.) We kicked around Beijing as a foursome for a few days before heading off to Nanchang to meet our daughters.

And then we discovered a VERY special connection.

Not only were our daughters from the same orphanage, the Tongginator and RedFish were found on the exact same day, just blocks from one another. They met as newborns (born about two days apart) and were already close friends.

This clinched our lifelong friendship. We see them around four to six times a year, making the three hour trek to just north of Philly as often as we can to see the Tongginator's "China Cousin." Since we'll be a tad busy in the coming months, and purposely keeping our world quite small while Mei Mei adjusts to life with our family, we decided to head to the Fish Bowl this past weekend.

Oh, what fun we had.

Hence the lack of Sunday Linkage.

Although, to be honest, that may be a new norm for awhile.

(And yes, the Fish Parentals love sharing their daughters' beautiful faces with y'all, unlike me and the Husband, who are mean, Mean, MEAN. Although I don't have any close-ups of their oldest daughter TwoFish since she and a friend were attached at the hip all weekend. And I don't know that friend's momma.)

BlueFish, the Tongginator, TwoFish, a
friend and RedFish sneaking a peek

the Tongginator, RedFish and her younger sister BlueFish

the Tongginator, BlueFish and RedFish getting a
horsey ride from an exhausted Tonggu Daddy

And... since I failed to capture a single photo of OneFish and Mrs. Fish TOGETHER...

This is no way reflects the state of their
marriage, y'all. Just so you know.

The Husband and I are so excited we'll be traveling with another family from our first adoption trip. We adore them just as much as the Fish family, only we don't talk about them nearly as much, since they live in The Middle Of Nowhere Minnesota. Their daughter - just two weeks older than the Tongginator and adopted on the same day, in the same room - will also be heading to China to adopt her little sister, who is from the same orphanage as mei mei. I know we'll reconnect with them in a Huge Way, for obvious reasons, but I pray we make a few more life-long connections with others in our travel group.


Kim K. said...

How nice that you have such an amazing connection from your trip to Nanchang. When we traveled to Nanchang in 2008, we were alone. No one else from our agency traveled at that time. No travel group to connect with. Just our own little family trying to navigate all of Josie's attachment/medical issues by ourselves. Best wishes as the countdown ticks away.

Aus said...

Yeah - we are lifetime friends with some adoptive families we met on our travels too! In fact - thinking about a visit to one of them this summer - if I ever quit slacking and get to work on that!

hugs - aus and co

The Byrd's Nest said...

Well how fun is that? Little T looks so happy with her friends...I love it!

Mama.The.Dragon said...

How fun!!!! That's amazing that you will be traveling together with a family that you traveled with in 2005!!! And that each pair of the girls are from the same orphanage!!! Amazing!!!

sara said...

What an amazing connection. And how lucky to find people to share the trip and all the fun that came after.

sara said...

What an amazing connection. And how lucky to find people to share the trip and all the fun that came after.

Cavatica said...

So cool!!!

LucisMomma said...

Just amazing, all the links between your family and the "Fish"es, and the Middle of nowhere MN family. Just amazing!

So excited for you. Have you gotten travel dates yet?

Sharie said...

Minnesota is not the middle of no where:) Although I suppose there are places in Minnesota that are the middle of no where;)

So glad you had one more visit with the Fish family before you travel - I'm sure they were able to build your confidence about growing your family.

Patty O. said...

This is great! What special connections. Good luck!

Suzy said...

Holy moly! Is Mrs. Fish a model? I would LOVE it if I could travel to China with someone from our travel group - you are blessed.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Hmmmmm, just north of Philly, huh? Darn. I was home all weekend. What's up with that? :)

I wish our travel mates lived nearby - they are in northern Maine and it's a hard, hard thing to connect that far away. I'm already praying about travel mates for our next trip :)

Mahmee said...

Wonderful, just wonderful. We too forged a great friendship with our daughter's cribmate and family who live in our town. So nice to have those connections.

jennifer said...

The connections made on this adoption journey are such an amazing blessing!! How awesome that you are going back with another family!! Very exciting!!

The Straight's said...

Amazing!! Have a fabulous trip :)

Laura L. said...

So your friends live in the Middle Of Nowhere Minnesota? Hahaha! It only feels like the middle of nowhere when it's the deepest, coldest, part of winter. :)
Oh how truly blessed you are to be traveling again with them to China. That is SO COOL! What are the chances? Have an awesome trip, it'll be here before you know it.

Shonda said...

Aren't adoption friends the best! That is one major blessing I didn't expect. I have made the coolest friends through adoption, and so have my children; amazingly diverse friends we probably never would have made had it not been for adoption