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Monday, May 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt List

I'm creating a scavenger hunt list for the Tongginator while we are traveling in China. I have a few items listed already, and am looking for many, many more, preferably inexpensive or (even better) free ones. I need help, y'all. What would you add?

plastic pilot wings from the airline
a napkin from the White Swan hotel
ticket stub from any form of transportation within China
a Chinese coin
souvenir from one of the peddlers on the Great Wall of China
a Chinese brand tea bag
a photograph of the Tongginator on the Great Wall
count and note the number of steps climbed on the Great Wall
a photograph of the Tongginator at the Forbidden City
paper menus from two different restaurants
a business card from the adoption medical clinic
a photograph of the Tongginator posing with one of the Shamian Island statues
a note and autograph from a Chinese person
something that displays the Chinese flag


Carla said...

i lost a LONG comment with tons of suggestions...sigh

Carla said...

I think it may have been too long....

church bulletin from the International church in Beijing or the church on Shamian Island.

name in Chinese from Jordan's

ticket stub from Chinese acrobat show or Kung Fu show in Beijing

photos of every kind of transportation she sees

Carla said...

the "tackiest" panda souvenir she finds. The best panda souvenir she finds.

photo of the strangest thing she sees from street vendors, photo of the most normal thing she sees.

Photo of the doorway going into the Civil Affairs office

Photo of her foot next to MeiMei's foot

Newspaper from the day you get MeiMei

receipt from Starbucks/McDonalds/Pizza Hut/KFC/Haagan Daz

Carla said...

Photos, or wrappers, or items that she recognizes due to branding - oreos, chips ahoy, pringles, mentos, M&Ms, Dove chocolates, Nestle Pure Life water, Coke, etc. LOL

Then, the most "unusual" variation of the brands she recognizes...like green tea icecream flavored oreos (disgusting by the way...we thought they were mint oreos). Pringles has some "interesting" flavors.

Photo from inside Wal-Mart. Photo from inside department store.

Photo of the "meat" dept in the grocery store.

Carla said...

rock from Shamian Island.

Something with Mao on it.

Piece of artwork produced in the most unusual way that she finds - painting inside the glass bottles, using fingers to create beautiful ink art, etc. If she can, signature of the artist who created it.

Photo of the gates of all airport terminals that you leave from showing the flight information?

Collection of photos of the different kinds of footwear she sees. ;) i remember some rather interesting ones, and might keep her occupied while out shopping.

Flat "somebody" project?

Carla said...

Photo with the Jade ship in the lobby...photo with something else jade, photo of something made of ivory.

if you want to spend a little more, a Jade cross pendant.

I know you can find Chinese/English Bibles on Shamian Island.

Photo with the Birds Nest and the Water cube buildings? Photo with the Beijing Olympic signs?

Count how many Lions/Lionesses she sees? How many dragons?

Photo of the Dragon rain spouts (Forbidden City).

Photo of the "fire putting out system" in the Forbidden City (big huge pots).

What is the significance of the number of zodiac animals on the roof corners of buildings?

Photo of the prettiest building artwork she sees.

Photo of a temple (or EVERY temple she sees)

Carla said...

Video of her talking to a school child?

Video of someone playing an instrument in the park?

Video of exercises in the park?

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

Photograph of a little white fluffy dog (or any little pet dog).
List of all the supermarket's or takeaway places (ie the names if written in English).
Photograph of a person in traditional outfit.
Photograph of a grandma/grandpa.
Photograph of a cherry tree.
Photograph of people doing tai chi in a park.
Complimentary soap from each hotel stayed at.
Empty packet of something (perhaps the Chinese version of Coke??).
A small wind chime.

Buckeroomama said...

What a fun idea!! Here are some ideas:

Photo of schoolchildren or photo of her with a school-age child

Photo of someone doing tai chi or wu shu (or of herself doing tai chi!)

Wrapper of a White Rabbit candy

Wrapper from one of those rolls of haw flakes

A recording of a Chinese children's song or a folk song

Photo of someone wearing a qi pao

Photo of a character from a Chinese opera

Attempt at doing Chinese calligraphy

A souvenir pin from one of the places you'll visit

A postcard from the hotel or one of the places that you'll visit

Jessica said...

An I climbed the Great Wall of China Certificate

Tongginator Chinese name chop

A photograph of the Olympic Stadium

Love the idea of collecting things/photographs of Chinese versions of things she knows in the US i.e. McDonald's,Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, foods,etc.

Aus said...

Wow - you got me on this one - and me at a loss for words....

A pebble from every major site?

How about a $50.00 digital camera an a pic of her mei mei all over the place?

tough one for me...but then again - I'm the practical one!

hugs - aus and co.

Mom2Four said...

Picture of the 5 Star Toilet at the Forbidden City
Picture of any sign that has a funny English translation
Picture of someone flying a kite
Picture of a police car or police man
Picture of Tongginator in front of the Marilyn Monroe poster at Lucy's

Reagan said...

A picture in front of one of the uniquely worded signs. One of my favorites was at the Bird's Nest in Beijing "The grass is smiling at you"

sunny808 said...

Puke bag from each plane you ride.
Rip off the cover from the in-flight magazines.
Take a little notebook and have her do "rubbings" with a crayon of various patterns around her. Just put the object under the page and rub with the crayon on top of the page. The pattern will show through. My kid did this with leaves and rocks during a nature hike. She can do one page for each location with various rubbings on each page. An adult can help her with the words to label the rubbings so that she can remember later on what the rubbings were.

the meaklims said...

Great idea TM!

:Free wooden chopsticks from one of the restaurants.
:Something with Hello Kitty on it!

Oh and I want you to post your extra long list! :)

Sherri said...

I hope you can find your treasured Christmas ornament that was broken. and if you do find it, buy A DOZEN!!!!

heather said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! What a great way to build memories, treasures (and to fill a little time too)!

Suzy said...

A wet napkin (in the package) from each flight. Toothbrush from hotel room. A plastic comb from either the hotel or airline. A flower to press between wax paper. That funky cat who waves at you- either a picture or a small one (I think it's supposed to be for good luck), one item with the Chinese zodiac animal for each person in the family or on the trip (can be postcard, sticker, or something 3D). What a fantastic idea!

Barbara said...

Pictures of her favorite food from the breakfast buffets.

Pictures of the best tasting food on the trip

Pictures of the oddest item on the buffets

Picture of Disneyland road sign while on the way to Hong Kong

Have fun!

Serving the King said...

Ok you are a rockstar. When we brought our other four with us I think I said, here's a rock. Entertain yourself. Ok just kidding, but seriously? A Scavenger hunt?!!! What a GREAT idea!! In other news, I just read your previous post about the baby making and I would comment on that but I have to stop belly laughing first. Ha!

bugs parents said...

If she's taking her own camera, she can do a hunt to find a sign that starts with each letter of the alphabet and take a picture of it. She'd have to have a notebook to keep track of the letters she's already found but it should keep her busy for a while.

Semi-feral Mama said...

Photo of moon (because it is the same here and there). My ignorance is going to show here, but If you will be near either girls' birthplaces, I might do a little bottle of earth and I would do rock/pebble ( but I have a bad rock habit).
Photo of flags (small souvenir flags).
I might also do something like menus/photos of items that show the world is a small place - so not just American superchains but things like Italian restaurant menu (if you guesses that I am sitting at a bagel store you would be right.)

Kathryn said...

Can she send a letter to her class from China? It would have postmarks on it, as well as being from her.

How about a daily listing of the weather while she's in China? High and low, plus whether it rained or not.

Sarah said...

Meet the pilot and ask them if the plane can talk.
I have no idea if you can still do that but I was able to years ago and it was really cool. Actually the pilot asked if we wanted to hear the plane talk, but it was still cool.

Chasing Starshine said...

An empty snack bag or clothing label, etc. with Chinglish on it. One of my personal favorites is "Odd Flavor" beef jerky.