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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Sound of Nouns... LIVE

I'll be back on Thursday, unless, of course, the sixty-six acts of the Tongginator's elementary school talent show bring my all-too-precious life to a quick end. That's right, y'all, I said SIXTY-SIX ACTS. Last year, I thought 47 acts was bad.

Oh, how wrong was I.

This will be my seventh session of torture opportunity to view this spring's two hour production. Because this year the school will be oh-so-blessed to enjoy the musical stylings of one future big sister. And, being only seven-years-old and a tad nervous about her performance debut, the Tongginator needed me to attend every! single! rehearsal! plus! both! performances! today!

Thankfully, the talent show truly IS only two hours. Because H2O (they would be the teacher and administrator who coordinate the event every year) have this thing down to an Absolute Science. They allow only 2 minutes and 30 seconds per performance. The Tongginator is one of their new best friends because her performance lasts just under a minute-thirty. AND because she chose a wholesome song with an even more wholesome costume. (Seriously, y'all, who allows their fourth-grader to dance to the song If You Wanna Be My Lover? Ah, the joys of public school.)

She's singing about the nouns, y'all.

Okay, not technically about the nouns. She's singing My Favorite Things.

And she looks oh-so-cute doing it.


Cedar said...

I always thought the nouns were boring, too.

Have fun!

Tonggu Grammy said...

Of course she looks cute!

LucisMomma said...

Very, Very Cute! I know she's going to do great!

Mom, hang in there!

Holly said...

Did you make that dress TM?!!? Very adorable. Very wholesome and seriously? If You Wanna Be My Lover? Please tell me you are joking.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh she looks precious!!!!!!!!!! I love her little dress. I wish I could her her sweet voice.

Jessica said...

In my elementary days, one of the 4th graders had choreographed a dance to a song (I think it was a Bell Biv Devoe song) that had cussing in it.

The principle told her absolutely not.

The wealthy father called the school board president and complained that the song was already choreographed and it would be a shame if his daughter were so distraught he couldn't make a nice fat donation to the district.

The principle was told she had to allow the performance.

The day of the performance she decided that, while she had been told she had to allow it, she had not been told what audio settings to use. She boosted the bass and lowered the treble so it was impossible to tell what was actually being said.

I'm still not sure what the school board president was thinking. Sure, the dangled carrot of money can be enticing; however, the looming stick of 500 parents angry that their little kids just learned to cuss from an elementary school performance seems like it should have been a bit more impressive.

prechrswife said...

Love it!

heather said...

she is adorable!!!!!!!!!

and you are mom of the year for watching a talent show multiple times! :-)

Jennifer said...

She looks so cute! And so grown up! I recently saw a very good friend play Maria in the local theater production of Sound of Music and then came home to introduce the movie to my 3 1/2 year old. She really liked the Favorite Things song and, oddly enough, the 16 Going On 17 song... singing that wherever we went!

Sarah said...

I love her!
(Are you tired of having me say that yet?)

School shows are always bad. I had to sit though a band performance once that was almost identical to one I did in school. I turned to my mom and asked her how she could stand to listen to it all. "It's not that bad." Talk about parental bias (even when it's not your kids). Only thing worse high school musicals (not the movie)

Myrnie said...

Good luck!

OziMum said...


"My favourite things" is my favourite thing!! ;)

Sharie said...

Could she be any cuter? I love her choice of song.

Tori said...

Don't know how I have missed your blog before, but now I have discovered it and am not sure this is good as I will be spending far too much time looking over ALL the posts. Great stuff and wow, Congrats on your growing family!

Aus said...

She is just extremely cool - and this is one that just might be worth sitting through - but still - Blessings on you for doing it!! ;)

hugs - keep your sanity -

aus and co.

Mahmee said...

OK, on the cuteness scale...this is going to be a tough one to top. Unless of course there were a video of said performance (hint-hint).

LaLa said...

She is so adorable!!! We were watching the movie "Chicken Little" the other day...totally cute then I heard that song in it...and no, the words weren't changed... what???

Goosegirl said...

She looks darling and I know she did a great job! Ahnalin's talent show was last Friday and she sang "Castle On A Cloud". I posted the vids on my blog. She was the only child at her talent show to sing live, instead of singing along to a Justin Bieber or Avril Lavigne song. 4 girls sang Avril's "Boyfriend" and the director had no clue there were bad words in the song until after the girls sang them. REALLY!
Yeah, let's keep it wholesome. I am proud of our girlies.