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Monday, April 18, 2011

Over-Caffeinated Ramblings

I should probably warn y'all that I consumed A TON of caffeine this weekend, and it's made me feel VERY! ENTERTAINED! about all manner of uninteresting and inconsequential things, up to and including the fact that the husband and I just love it when the Washington Capitals play the New York Rangers. (Hockey. That's hockey, y'all.) And no, it's not because we actually CARE about hockey. Because... shh... we don't. It's because my cousin D and our friend L are both avid fans. D is an unashamed Rangers fan (although how that's possible, I don't rightly know) whereas L quite stupidly optimistically loves the Caps.

D and L don't know one another. But their Facebook posts during yesterday's game - identically timed, but with opposing messages - made our afternoon yesterday. The Husband and I couldn't quit cracking up. Which is probably quite boring for y'all to hear about, but under the influence of caffeine - oh, the caffeine! - the husband and I wandered into an intense atmosphere of Facebook hilarity. D would post a "WHOOT!" and then the husband and I would count "three, two, one" before L's post magically appeared stating something along the lines of "come ON ref!" Although maybe possibly some cussing was involved. But not by me.

(I was too busy laughing.)

And then, of course, there was the oh! so! fascinating! ninety minutes our family spent watching this little guy:

And this slightly larger guy, too:

Because we seem to have nothing better to do. I mean, if you subtract the need to finish all home organization, child-proofing and improvement projects in preparation for mei mei's arrival. And if you subtract the need to reread several adoption attachment books, plus the book from home to HOMELAND to help the Tongginator prepare for our return trip to China. Oh, and if you subtract the need to cook some meals to freeze for our first few weeks home. AND... I think perhaps I might possibly be feeling a bit overwhelmed, y'all.

Which is why I have nothing better to do than to laugh about hockey-related Facebook posts and to watch the two Rockies in my backyard.

Oh, and to drink caffeine, of course.


Tonggu Grammy said...

Keep an eye out for that raccoon. He shouldn't have been out searching for food in the daylight. If you see him again, call animal control. This is your mother speaking!

Andrea said...

So excited for you all!!

LucisMomma said...

Never would have thought a raccoon in daylight is a problem--TG has a good point.

So glad you have some fun distractions.

I'm going to look up the book you mentioned, from home to HOMELAND. :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

90 minutes watching those critters!? Lol! I think i spent about 12 hours this past week watching Cake Boss when my list of things to do has reamained long :). It's spring! Cleaning! Time, right!? Heh.

Glad you had an enjoyable, caffeine-filled weekend!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, and I agree with your mom about the racoon! Weird!

Dawn said...

Ditto on the coon.

And the denial (about all that needs to be done)? Sounds like it's workin' for ya! LOL

And, it sounds like your family had a nice time together. Nothing wrong with that!

Be blessed!

Aus said...

And the problem with all of that is? Sometimes we just need to do that ya know? ;)

hugs - aus and co.

anymommy said...

Drinking caffeine is vitally important. A day's accomplishment in and of itself in my opinion.

Cedar said...

Laughter is a good, good thing (with a little caffeine thrown in). Thanks for sharing it with us.

Mahmee said...

Ah yes, I recall this time. It's the 'I can't believe I'm finally going to China!' hysterical craziness. Nice.

Sharie said...

Good call by your Momma. Raccoon is probably rabid.

You sound like me, the more you have to do, the longer you procrastinate:)

Suzy said...

I WISH I needed to do those things on your list, that's when I start doing some major project like cleaning house at a molecular level. It never failed that I'd need to write a paper or study for a cumulative final or midterm & inexplicably have an irresistible NEED to organize the linen closet, alphabetize my pantry, search for missing socks, etc. Is that avoidance or just procrastination? Good luck with YOUR to do list! We are selling our house, and I suddenly feel like I should plan a Disney vacation.

La-La-Liene said...

Join the club! Granted I'm not in the exact same boat as you, but gearing up for a move and trying to close on a house is just as stressful, especially when it all happens about the same time the school year ends! Oh, and I forgot to mention the DH's retirement from the military too. Way overwhelming and stressful. What am I doing to cope? Glasses of wine at the end of the day.

Again, I am so thrilled you finally got your referral and the Tongginator is getting a sister. I'm sure it's going to be an adjustment for her.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Soooo, what'd you do about the racoon? I totally cracked up at this post. But your mom's warning really got me. Must have been my Saturday afternoon caffeine withdrawal :) It makes me loopy to go too long in my slippers without the coffee ;)

Anne said...

WHAT?! *splutter, stammer* The Caps WON their first series of the playoffs, I'll have you know! Caps fans are WISE and PRESCIENT and ... and... well... backing a winning team! WOOO CAPS!


er... sorry. What was that about adoption?