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Monday, March 7, 2011

Not My Cup of Tea

Despite my intense anxiety, we survived the Tongginator's Birthday Tea Party with little to no drama. All of the girls acted like the Proper Young Ladies they impersonated for the day. And most of them, being just as obsessed as the Tongginator with the American Girl movie Felicity, loved using proper tea terms.

And yes, we heard the phrase "thank you, but I shall take no tea" a couple of times that day.

Several of the girls did surprise, as they tasted all three teas, although they did not care for any of them. I felt proud of their maturity in trying something new, especially again and again after disappointments. Only the Tongginator and her buddy Nemo actually drank all of their tea. We served English Breakfast tea with cream and sugar, Chinese Oolong tea and Lady Grey tea with sugar and lemon.

It was all Very Proper. Or so I was told.

And yes, I had to make a last minute run to the grocery store for sugar. Not because we didn't have sugar, but because we didn't have sugar CUBES. And the Tongginator? Really, REALLY wanted me to ask "one lump or two?"

My friend Canuck K helped me plan the two-hour party since I went into a Complete Panic when the Tongginator told everyone to wear fancy dresses AND the forecast called for rain. I mean, what am I supposed to do with 10 first graders all dolled up in lace and taffeta, on a rainy and cold March afternoon? And with TEA involved.

I needed a cup of coffee just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, all we had was tea.

Still, the afternoon ended up being completely charming. As were all of the girls. First we played Pin the Spout on the Teapot, a lesser-known version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. (And yes, I expect accolades for my Very Impressive Teapot that I created in a mad scramble just before midnight the day before the party. At least it didn't require the use of a glue gun. Because that would have been horrific.) The girls colored their spouts as they arrived and then went to town. Actually, they went to the sliding glass door, but whatever.

and no, "Rachel" is not the Tongginator's name

I was informed over the weekend that this darling young
lady and the Tongginator are now
BFFs ... and no, I do not
have a nickname selected yet (I am taking suggestions)

Then we strung "pearl" necklaces and played Tea Party Bingo before tasting teas, chocolate eclairs, chocolate ganache, fruit and lemon tarts. The girls felt oh-so-grown-up.

Cinnamon, with the Tongginator in the background

We experienced a few mishaps, all Tonggu Momma related. I mean, y'all didn't expect ME to get through the day pouring tea without any mishaps, did you? I spilled. On more than one occasion. But oh, well, that's life with Tonggu Momma as a hostess. And one of the pearl necklaces needed to be restrung due to a poorly tied knot. Also Tonggu Momma related. (Really, did you expect anything less?)

But the Tongginator felt so very happy. And her friends all had an excellent time.

So it was worth it.

Happy Birthday - again - Tongginator. You are a most sensational seven-year-old.


Kim K. said...

What a special birthday party. I love all your party festivities. Very clever pin the spout game!! Emma had a fancy tea party when she turned 7. Your post brought back wonderful memories. Some how, I don't picture my batgirl Josie having a tea party in her future...hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lovely, special party, for a lovely, special girl. My three-year-old already asks for tea every time she sees me fixing myself one, so I would not be surprised to find myself hosting a birthday tea party one of these years.

(Oh, and English Breakfast is my very favorite black tea of all!)

Aus said...

Nice work TM - but no coffee? Come on now - there has to be coffee! ;)

Seriously - great job all the way around - including all the ladies present!

hugs - aus and co.

Dawn said...

Sounds like an awesome party. Kat had a tea party for her 6th birthday. The highlight? Her 8 year old brother helped serve. Kat told me later that it was almost like Cinderella - except her brother was the one who had to serve her! Ha!

lmgnyc said...

Kudos. Cyber high five for hosting. Way out of my league.

sara said...

What a great party idea. How perfect for that age!

Heather said...

Very nice! And can I just tell you? Big girls like tea parties too! Our school asst. admin. had a tea party at her house for the upper elem./ middle school girls. They all came in dresses! And sat around the table with proper etiquette talking about everything and laughing. Every single one of them had a blast. So glad they don't think they are too cool for tea! Great party!

kitchu said...

so glad it was a hit. she IS sensational :)

Robyn said...

Perfect party, TM! I'm not a tea party girl, either, but it looks like I'll be making lots of concessions for the next few years.

Cedar said...

My SnapDragon had a tea party for his 5th birthday--his choice--but it wasn't nearly as fancy as yours! The kids didn't even try tea, they had chocolate milk poured from a tea pot.

I am glad it went to well.

The Gang's Momma! said...

I would have totally snuck coffee into my teacup. ESPECIALLY for dealing with that many girly girls :)

Looks and sounds like a good time was had by all - beautiful memories for the T of her big birthday. Oh, and... I LOVE the teapot :P

LucisMomma said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day. We had a tea party for my DD's 6th -day last October, even used my grandmother's Lenox. All of the other mothers gasped! when they saw I meant for their darlings to use the China, but I told all the girls that I loved them more than I loved the China. And they were spectacularly behaved...no chips, no clanking on the tea cups, even! And more than 2 lumps of sugar...that's the key to getting little girls to like tea. :)

Sharie said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm sure T was thrilled to be so girly:)

The Byrd's Nest said...

You are such an amazing Mom...I really mean this...you put so much thought into everything you do for her. I want to be you when I grow up:)

Suzy said...

How FUN!And FANCY! I'm not a fan of iced tea at all, and I didn't expect to like Chinese tea. And yet, because I was in China and a tea ceremony was attached to the acrobat show we were going to see, I got to sample many Chinese teas. I liked all of them, so I think it's great that you gave the girls a chance to try something new.

Wendy said...

How cute! And happy birthday to Miss Tongginator!!!
We are going to try and pull off a lion dancing themed birthday party for Catherine. We shall see!

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, oh, oh!! How fun. We had a tea party the year Myrn and I turned 8. SO fun. All of our little girl friends (and one heroic, and game, boy friend), piled into my mother's "formal dining room" (bless her heart!). We had an absolutely wonderful time. Good on you!! I'm sure she LOVED it!

Mahmee said...

Great party and a big Happy Birthday shout out to the TG!

Kristi said...

Looks like it was a delightful affair. Personally our tea party sayings come from the Tinkerbell movie though...
Love the tea pot, I may have to copy that if my big girl goes back to her tea party idea next year.