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Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Which TM Thought Schmuckish Thoughts

Yesterday I took the Tongginator to her seven year well visit at the doctor's office. It's only our second trip to this particular office, since we recently switched practices. And I? I had a very humbling moment when the certified nurse practitioner walked into the exam room.

CNP: Hey there! It's been awhile since I've seen you two.

TONGGU MOMMA: (not recognizing her AT ALL) Umm... this is only our second visit here. We just switched to this practice in December.

And now I'm thinking SURE, because all Chinese-American adoptees with white moms look alike. She totally thinks I'm someone else. (In my defense, this has happened to me on several occasions. But still...)

CNP: Really? Well, I know I know you from somewhere. (turning to the Tongginator) Your name is Tongginator, isn't it?

Y'all, she used my daughter's unusual nickname, NOT her legal first name that appears on all of her medical paperwork.

TONGGINATOR: Yes! I'm the Tongginator.

And now I'm feeling like a schmuck because, even though I didn't SAY anything negative, I totally thought it, assuming the worst.

TONGGU MOMMA: (completely puzzled now) How do we know you?

CNP: What practice did you come from?

TONGGU MOMMA:We came from the (insert name of local pediatrician office).

CNP: I used to work there! I was a nurse there while I went through grad school. I left just before Christmas in 2005.

TONGGU MOMMA: The Tongginator was a toddler then. We adopted her in the winter of 2005. We were in the office a lot that first year.

CNP: I remember. The Tongginator used to be a really tiny one, right? We fought off a failure to thrive diagnosis?

TONGGU MOMMA: (feeling like even MORE of a schmuck) Yes, we did.

CNP: Well, she looks great now! Fiftieth percentile on the growth charts! Way to go, Tongginator!

And the visit went on. I gotta say I love this certified nurse practitioner. Even though I still feel like a totally arrogant moron. On the plus side, the Tongginator discovered she didn't need any vaccinations before traveling to China. She told the CNP, "my wish came true!!!!" As another plus, my new favorite CNP gave us a prescription for elimite, just in case mei mei needs it.

Oh, how I hope she doesn't need it.

And that I never make that assumption again.


Football and Fried Rice said...

This topic has come up a few times this week for me (forgetting someones name/ having no clue who they are)

On a rerun of my altime favorite show, The King of Queens - when Doug forgot who someone was (again!) he faked a heart attack to get out of admitting it ;)

Oh yeah, it could be so.much.worse!

The Byrd's Nest said...

This happens to me even when I was a pastor's wife which is REALLY bad so I would just say "Hey girl!" or "Hey mister!" with lots of enthusiasm !

Hoping you don't need that prescription either!!!

lmgnyc said...

Totally understandable why you made that assumption. Plus, uh, I think you have other things clouding your otherwise clear head...I'm just sayin....*grin*

Briana's Mom said...

I totally get the making assumptions thing. You have to keep your guard up because you never know who is going to say what to you. It is a defense mechanism. Luckily, you were able to keep your thoughts in your head. :D

LucisMomma said...

How on earth can you be expected to remember everyone, especially from years ago? So glad you liked the visit with this CNP. Prayers all along the way for the upcoming trip! :)

So glad Miss T's wish came true!

Patty O. said...

That nurse sounds awesome! She actually remembered you guys from almost 6 years ago? Crazy.

discombobulated said...

don't pay for anymore prescriptions. I have plenty from my trip and they're not expired.

Sharie said...

Oh I am that CNP - I remember people and their life stories all the time - never could I tell you their name though. It really freaks people out. Don't feel bad - you should see some of the looks I get.

Aus said...

Don't beat yourself too bad - we all do it - wait until some one 'makes you' because they read your blog!

And might I suggest you call that CNP and maybe get scripts for Cipro and a couple other pied strength broad spectrum anti-bio's incase you need them in China for your self or the newbie? Our doc even wrote the scripts specifically for the newbie's stuff to be left unmixed so we could mix it only when we needed it and didn't need the fridge until then!

Better safe than sorry - eh?

hugs - aus and co.