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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank Goodness It's Not the Year of the Rat

Happy New Year, y'all! I'd like to tell y'all that I hosted this totally Lavish, Authentic Chinese New Year party last night, but... well... I'd be lying if I said that. We didn't even eat dumplings. (We're eating some tonight. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I realize we're a day late and eight dollars short.) Nope, the husband got caught on the other side of town, which means he didn't arrive home until after the Tongginator's bedtime. And I? I am in my annual February Funk.

It happens every year.

And no, I have no idea why. (Except I know it's not SAD. But I totally would have appreciated you mentioning that possibility if I and my doctor did not already know about that option.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah, a lavish, authentic, totally-didn't-happen Chinese New Year celebration. Because the Tongginator and I ate leftover baked ziti. And the husband, when he finally arrived home, ate reheated reheated leftover baked ziti. None of us wore red, although today the Tongginator decked herself out in head-to-tow crimson. And I didn't even decorate the house. Then again, I didn't decorate for Thanksgiving this year either. Nope, instead I spent yesterday clearing out some of my old teacher bins that have been languishing in our garage for almost seven years.

They are organized thematically.

You know, because I am ANAL.

Actually, I need to confess. I didn't technically spend all day clearing out and organizing said bins. I probably only spent about two hours doing so... and then I spent the next five hours recovering from the utter grossness of the project. Because I found a little surprise, y'all.

Remember our autumn mouse problem?


Thankfully, the mice were all gone. But I discovered yesterday that the mice were bi-coastal bi-wall little sneaks. They lived in the bottom drawer of the husband's tool chest. But they also lived in one of my Community Helpers bins. I wish I could have thrown away the bin and every bit of its contents, but... I'm cheap. I managed to carefully and hygienically remove two or three of the most expensive items, but the rest?

Will be sitting in a landfill later today.

Because even my innate sense of frugality would not allow me to deal with the aftermath of a Mouse Momma attempting to potty train her little mice babies. And I promise the three items I removed are completely sanitized. And no, if you stop by the house, I won't be identifying the three items. Although I wouldn't suggest touching THAT one. Kidding. I'm kidding, y'all. I'm also pretending to kick myself for undertaking such a project on a day we aren't supposed to sweep, clean or otherwise remove luck from our houses. I mean, if I believed in that kind of thing.

Happy Chinese New Year to me.

(And to you, too.)

(What did y'all do?)

(Cuz I'm sure it was much more... well, you know... than my day.)


Walking to China said...

We ate jiaozi! And tacos and fajitas. Chinese New Year is really a family event so we ate with our foreign friends who are like family here. We watched the many, many fireworks, heard many fire crackers and tried to sleep. We comforted the frightened baby when the noise woke him up.
We didn't do all the traditional things- no hair cuts and our house isn't um....clean. Chinese New year is fun to celebrate in China!
Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Love Letters To China said...

We didn't do anything either. :-( We will be celebrating this weekend with our FCC group. That will definitely make up for missing out on the first day.

I think if I lived up north right now, I would be feeling the exact same way you do. All that snow and cold must be difficult to handle after a while.

Happy CNY to you!


3cmum said...

We ate loads and even sent my 2 with food and chopsticks to school today.

But hey you were cleaning so that is very much a CNY thing. So you participated in your own way!!

Kim K. said...

Happy CNY to your family!

We spent yesterday digging out from the blizzard and tonight we'll travel to our favorite Chinese restaurant. We saved some fireworks from July and will set those off later tonight (hopefully it doesn't start an avalanche with all our snow). Josie will be bringing her Panda Express classroom activity sheets to preschool along with some special treats.

On Saturday we're going to a Chinese New Year Festival with our local adoptive group.

Aus said...

Well let's see - we started a while ago with Chase's Baptism, Gotcha Day and Birthday celebrations - broke out the traditional CNY decorations for that 'early'! The last Sunday was our CNY party with the local FCC, and this Saturday is the CNY party with KFC (Korean Family Connection). And of course - the decorations are still up! It's all been good!

Gung Hey Fat Choy!!

and - of course - hugs!!

aus and co.

lmgnyc said...

Uh....I thought Chinese New Year was yesterday and someone looked it up and told me it was TODAY so we are celebrating today. We are making dumplings tonight and having Chinese food, noodles for a long life--of course and whatever we can get everyone to agree on.

So google it, I think you maybe didn't miss the day......unless my friend was misinformed and I did too.....

jennifer said...

I wish I could say we had a big party too!! We are going to a CNY FCC event Saturday so that will have to do this year.

Yuck about the mouse!! Stuff like that is always such a nice surprise!!

Happy New Year!!

Johnny said...

What did I do for CNY? I forgot it until I saw blog postings about it! Obviously, I'm "deep".

prechrswife said...

We haven't done anything yet. I spent yesterday waiting on the dryer repairman who finally came, and today I'm waiting for him again and cleaning house to get ready for my parents coming this weekend. We are going to celebrate with our local FCC group on Friday, though.

Myrnie said...

Oh gross! Living in the middle of the woods like we do, I can't believe we haven't had mice problems....knock on wood! For New Years we....had sushi bowls. Probably terrible luck, to serve canned tuna over short little rice grains (it's one of E's favorite things, tuna with mayo and chili sauce, over vinegared rice, with chopped up seaweed and sesame seeds.)

happygeek said...

You are a better woman than I. one time my husband and dad killed a mouse from our garage with rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. They were landfilled post-haste. .

Wendy said...

Happy Chinese New Year. It's okay to eat ziti on new year's eve. We did eat dumplings for lunch but we ate Italian for dinner. So we are in the same camp. It's all good!

Patricia/NYC said...

Xin Nian Kuai Le!
We are having our CNY dinner tonight...I'm making Cantonese BBQ pork, fried rice w/ veggies...HOWEVER...hubby is seriously sick with a stomach bug, so not sure how much celebrating we will really do...AND I cannot NOT make the dinner as it's been marinating since last night...one of those years, I guess...it happens...

autumnesf said...

I spent the day hiding in the office from my two girls that were trying to kill each other after being snowed in for 3 days. I'd rate that up there with mouse poo. The little harpies.

Mouse wanted to go to the FCC CNY this weekend so thats when we will celebrate this year. And I'm $100 poorer for it. Oh well. At least they host it right here at the Air Force Base so I don't even have to travel. Hah.

Janet said...

Yep, it's February, the ARMPIT OF THE YEAR. And I am feeling particularly arm-pitty today. Ugh.

Wendy said...

Happy New Year!

If it makes you feel any better we're on snow day #3 and I haven't left the house in 4 days.

Asianmommy said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Xin Nian Kuai le!

We were supposed to have a Chinese New Year parade at school, but we were snowed in. The Chinese New Year party at Chinese class has been postponed til next week. Instead, we'll be having dumplings for lunch and giving out red envelopes to friends.

Georgia Peach said...

We looked high and low for a parade. One might think that Atlanta (being kind of a BIG city) would have something going on.

Alas, we could not find a single parade or party suitable for children. bummer. double bummer...because, ya know...it's MY year!

We did find several "networking" events and banquets...yeah, not really our style. So we celebrated with youtube and painted dragons. It was muted, but way more fun than a networking event....eeyuck!

Love you guys...sorry you were not in a festive mood yesterday, but cleaning has it's own rewards.

Andrea said...

I made tortilla soup and apple crisp and then we watched Salt (where they spoke Russian). I think we covered every ethnicity BUT Chinese! I did spend a horrible amount of time in the grocery store trying to locate the dumpling wrappers and Napa cabbage. To make myself feel somewhat better, I cleaned my shower and read a few of our CNY books. I'm just glad there is no Chinese grandma checking up on me. I'd be an utter disappoint to her I'm sure.