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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lions and Rabbits and Wedgies, Oh, My!

I am just now clawing my way out of the coma resulting from our local FCC Chinese New Year party, hence the lack of Sunday Linkage this week. To all y'all who love pouring over thought-provoking adoption posts while enjoying a cup of Sunday morning coffee - I'll be back next week. But yesterday? Yesterday I existed in recovery mode. You see, Saturday was FCC-Maryland's largest event of the year. Over four hundred people attended.

And I?

I drank three cups of coffee and five sodas in less than five hours.

It was a fun, FUN day. (And yes, y'all, I realize CNY officially ended Thursday. And our party was on Saturday. What can I say except that we are a B group when it comes to performers scheduling their performances? And we are totally okay with said fact.) The party consists of a bake sale and the ever-popular Silent Auction, plus loads of crafts for all ages. A local Chinese opera company always performs an excerpt from Monkey: Journey to the West and the Nicest Guys Ever from a local kung fu dojo demonstrate the ever important lion dance. Age-club groups also host break-out sessions for school-aged children.

check out the program FCC-Maryland handed out
(you can click on the photo to see a larger image)

For us, it's not so much about experiencing Chinese culture, since we live close to Washington, DC and can attend truly authentic celebrations fairly easily. For us, FCC is about having our family experience "adoption culture" and exposing the Tongginator to other children with similar life stories. I will say, however, that FCC-Maryland's former president did an excellent job during her tenure. She recently stepped down, but under her leadership, our Chinese New Year celebration went from a fairly simple pizza party the first year we arrived home with the Tongginator to the schedule you see above.

Amazing, yes?

And oh my lands, y'all, did the Tongginator have an absolute blast.

I took quite a few great shots, despite the difficult lighting situation. But this one? This one remains my All-Time Favorite Chinese New Year shot. I'm sure y'all can guess why.

the Tongginator won the battle over the dress (I
her to wear something different, but - hey -
it's her body and, Most Important, her rear-end)

At least the Tongginator has graduated to taking care of this task all on her own. As opposed to asking for help. Because Tonggu Momma may have done wedgies when she was three-ish, but not when she's nearly seven.

I draw the line at age four.



Cristina said...

Classic!!! One for the 18th birthday party, for sure xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...



lmgnyc said...

We are with you on the wedgies. Our girl has no butt so it is wedgies galore no matter what she wears.

Sounds like your party was spectacular! You must be exhausted!

The Byrd's Nest said...

LOL....Lottie's sensory problems with clothes always send her into a fit..she'll begin stomping her feet and moaning, "something is wrong with my panties!!!" (sigh)This is why she wears flip flops 365 days a year...ha ha

Glad you guys had a great time, it sounds awesome!

Aus said...

Hey - you have blackmail photos! Ain't you lucky!!

As for your local FCC - looks like a great celebration - all that I can add is Gung Hey Fat Choy!!

hugs - aus and co.

Aunt LoLo said...

Hahaha...oh, classic. Glad the party went well!!!!!!

Cedar said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I think our FCC had pizza and a pool party, but we don't attend their events yet.

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Online relationships are funny…when I noticed that there was no Sunday linkage, I started to worry “I hope everything is OK with TM!” I’m glad you had a good time, love the wedgie picking photo!

jen@odbt said...

hahaha - that is hilarious. Glad you can check that duty off your list.

Patricia/NYC said...

sounds like an awesome FCC event...if only NYC would do SOMETHING!!!! Our FCC takes in waaaay too large an area hence, nothing gets done...pretty sad.

Gail said...

LOVE the pic...and I agree it can be an awesome blackmail for like when she's in teenager-hood. ;)

Sounds like you had a fabulous time, I'd be recovering too!

Annie said...

LOVE it! Oh my gosh! Too funny!

Debbie said...

Too funny! I'm surprised you could hold the camera still after all that coffee and soft drinks!

Mahmee said...

Ha! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Wanda said...

Ish. Hmmm.....just how far can that go? Funny shot!

How were you able to sleep with all the caffeine pumping in your veins? Does sound like a great event.

delucchi family said...

Hee hee, Amy-Li does the same and she is 5!! Somtimes its cos the underware is old and has lost its elastic, or the tights are too small. My little girl hates things that creep where they should not creep!! Classic photo!!
Love Jules

OneThankfulMom said...

What a great celebration! Love the pic!

Sherri said...

No posts since Monday? Hope everything's okay!

Laurie said...

My thoughts exactly, Sherri. I worry after two days!!!

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

@ Sherri & Laurie, I thought it was just me and my overly attached / anxiety disordered self! Thanks for making me feel a little more normal!

Heather said...

Where in Maryland was it held? I guess that is the chapter I'd have to join. BTW, I just love the wedgie shot! Definitely priceless!

Carla said...

I've been worried too...checking everything she normally posts to. No Wednesday posts at No Hands. No blog comments. I'm hoping she didn't catch a plague at the CNY celebration.