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Thursday, February 10, 2011

100 Unicorn Ponies

Thanks to all y'all for sharing your opinions on my 20 Things post. I found it extremely helpful as I continue to stumble my way through this thing called adoption parenting. I think the most difficult aspect of all of this is figuring out the various layers.

What is typical kid stuff?
What is adoption-related?
What is sensory-related?
What is only child baggage?
And what is just plain HER?

Anyways, I loved hearing your thoughts. And if you haven't weighed in, please consider doing so. I am all about learning more from others.

But on another note, this one from the Tongginator, and written on the 100th Day of School:

Just in case that last sentence didn't quite sink in: "I could ride them every day and skip scool!" What is she, SIXTEEN instead of six?!?!! As y'all have said many, many times before... the Husband and I are so in trouble. I don't know whether to chuckle or cringe.


Shonda said...

Ha ha. You should chuckle. You'll have plenty of time to cringe later :)

happygeek said...

I laughed. My 6 year old would be skipping right alongside her. (he cannot fathom why we make him go every day). But in a spaceship, no ponies for him.

Carla said...

You gotta laugh otherwise you might just cry!


Aus said...

Carla hit it on the head - you have to - absolutly MUST laugh - the alternative just doesn't do anyone any good! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Sherri said...

This makes me wonder if your mother put the "curse" on you, as my mother did with me. You know the curse:


I have been sufficiently paid back for everything I did to my mother. And then some. My sweet Mom died when my youngest bio daughter was 2. She used to say that she could tell that Hannah was "Little Sherri". I'm convinced that's why she was okay with dying. She knew I was getting what was coming to me.

Anyway, I think wishing for 100 unicorn "ponys" is an awesome wish. And who could even think of going to school with all those unicorn ponies around?

Sharie said...

Amelia drew a picture of a unicorn carrying about 8 kids on its back the night before last, perhaps she was channeling T:)

Sherri said...

By the way, how are you feeling these days? Did the antibiotics work?

autumnesf said...

Ugh! The picture didn't come thru on my computer. This is happening to me alot on my blogs and I can't figure out why.

Oh - and this might help a little -- later on, chances are little sister will be a fab tattle-tale and big sis won't get away with over much. Benefit of siblings.

lmgnyc said...

Bet her teacher loved that one.... giggle giggle.

prechrswife said...

Yep, I agree with the others. Laugh now, cringe later. :-)

sara said...

Who doesn't want unicorn ponies?! That would be rad!!

Wendy said...

So funny! I think Catherine is probably going to be saying some very similar things as this. Already she is asking if she could ride on a unicorn like she does horses. LOL

Holly said...

I'm with Shonda- chuckle now, cringe later :) ha ha ha
She's priceless! :)

Dawn said...

I remember when my daughter was just 2 or 3 years old. We were visiting my parents and I was trying to fix her hair and she wasn't liking any of the styles I was attempting. She finally turned around and looked me straight in the eyes and stated, "It's my body." My dad laughed aloud and said, "This should be fun in another 10-12 years!" She's 15 now. And it is fun. Most days. Haha!

*Overflowing* said...

Absolutely adorable!!!! She is very creative..aka smart :)