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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Ten Photos of 2010

I love posting my top ten photos of the previous year, even though it poses something of a challenge for me. You know, because I don't do face shots of our family nor of others unless they grant permission. This kinda limits me, but I like a challenge. Because I'm feisty like that. I'd love for y'all to join me, so I've (tried?) to include a Mr. Linky.

#1 Don't Let The Photo Fool Y'all.
She Hates The Snow. REALLY .

The Tongginator only went sledding after she had cycled
(and recycled) through every! single! show! on the Food Network
during our February blizzards. She enjoyed herself... NOT.

#2 Yes, We Are All About Modesty

Yes, my daughter's Easter dress fell off several
times during the family egg hunt. And (ahem) during
our church's Easter service. But y'all don't need to
worry - it will definitely fit better next year. Unless she
gets a lot taller and ends up looking like a hoochie mama
in a too-short dress. But lets hope not.

#3 Crazy Hair Day

To quote Dory, "it looks like Chinese
New Year exploded on her head."

#4 In All My Years Living In Hawaii, I
Never Thought My Daughter Would
End Up As A Tacky Tourist

The Tongginator's kindergarten class had A BLAST when
Tonggu Grammy came to teach them about Hawaiian
I, on the other hand, did everything I could to
corrupt her teachings and went the "fake culture" route.
Hence the Tacky Tourist Relay.

#5 Come On, Baby, Light My Fire

On the Birthday Cake. You know, during a rousing
game of "Pin the Candle on the Birthday Cake." At
the twins' (Cinnamon and Spice) birthday party.
Oh my lands, y'all, what were
YOU thinking?

#6 Now You Know Why I Rarely Post Pictures Of Myself

It seems I need a team of people, including fellow adoption
blogger Claudia, to fix me up enough to be presentable. Yes,
y'all, my fellow Grown In My Heart buddies insisted on giving
me a BlogHer make-over before we partied together in New
York. And yes, this proves I am THAT much of a shlump.
(and the photo? was taken by Marcie AKA Pickel.)

#7 Meeting The Mouse

This was our first visit to Disney. Enough said.

#8 The Wibbly, Wobbly Tooth Comes Out

#9 Feeling Like Felicity

Tonggu Grammy made "Felicity dresses" for the Tongginator
and her cousins when we traveled to Williamsburg this fall. And
the Tongginator? Totally felt like hot stuff. Just so you know.

#10 Meeting The OTHER Mouse

Our cat Rusty got so! excited! just looking at this mouse,
he threw up soon after I took this shot. A hunter, he is not.

Please, join in! I'd love to see your Top 10 Photos from 2010.


Briana's Mom said...

Absolutely love them!!! Happy New Year to you!!!!

prechrswife said...

Love your pictures! I'll try to do a post later today. I'm having a hard time narrowing mine to 10. :-)

Polar Bear said...

Love your pictures!
Love this idea!!! :o)

Happy New Year!!!!

Sharie said...

I cheated, our New Year card had 11 photos;)

Mahmee said...

Those were great! Happy New Year to you all!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Beautiful Photos even if we can't see faces. :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! LOVE your verse to live by!!! I had to practice often in 2010 waiting for Jing...
Blessings and Joy in 2011!!!

Coley said...

Great photos! I don't know that I could pick just 10 - it took me all day to get the photos for our "year in review" post. Looking forward to following along in 2011!

Sandra said...

LOVE this post! Such great pictures. Happy New Year!

MKBookWorks said...

Have to agree those are some great shots!! What a sweetie!!

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

I don't listen or follow directions well, because my post has well over 10 pictures. It was fun to look back on the year though!

CC said...

Okay, I'm not joking here. Can Tonggu Grammy make dd a dress like Tongginator? Seriously.
And the crazy hair due... looks like my dd's hair almost every day!!! :) :)

Patricia/NYC said...

Great photos! Great idea! I just linked up!

Ellie said...

what a cute post! I'm giggling at how different our girls are in their love for sledding :)

Happy New Year!

Gwen said...

Great idea!
Great pictures!

Red Sand said...

Happy New Year! All the best for 2011.

Buckeroomama said...

If she ever goes and has her done up in corn rows, whoever does her hair would probably charge double; she has so much hair! I love her crazy hair day! =)

I loved looking through these photos. She has such oomph (for want of a better word). I smile every time I read about her and it's partly due to how you write about her and partly due to her big, big personality. =)

Logical Libby said...

My cat would have been wearing that mouse like a trophy. I think I prefer Rusty...

Pickel said...

You forgot to list your fabulous photographer!

kitchu said...

first, i'm trying to figure out how my life got SO busy that i have TWENTY-THREE. YES. 23. posts of yours to read.


i will get right on that! i've missed you! and i so am doing this photo thing. better late than never, eh?

i love your choices!