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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Making of Anna

Y'all, I totally experienced a "be careful what you wish for" parenting moment on Friday. I'm sure I've mentioned - oh, at least fifty times - that my Tongginator pretty much loathes All Things Snow. The Husband and I encourage her every year to branch out and freeze her little tushie off experience the joys of the winter season. Alas, she's been too wise for us.

At least, too wise until NOW.

Friday afternoon the Tongginator clamored off the bus, shouting, "Momma, I wanna make a snowman today!" My sensory self, who spent junior high and half of my high school years in HAWAII, about passed out, but I disguised said reaction with a Super Fake Smile and a pseudo-cheerful retort. Because encouraging one's child to go outside to play amid a snow is only fun when one doesn't actually have to join in with said play. Thankfully, my sarcasm sailed right over the Tongginator's head even though it caused one of my neighbors to laugh like a hyena.

I can't believe I made a snowman on Friday.

I haven't done that since my junior year of college. And it basically scarred me for life. You see, my roommates helped me create a snowman one afternoon, but the next morning I woke up to find my decapitated Mr. Frosty right outside my apartment window. I might possibly have cried. I didn't cry when I found him. *cough, cough* But only because that would have been Absolutely Pathetic since I was twenty at the time. Instead I rushed out to administer first aid, only to discover that I was Too Late. Mr. Frosty had flat-lined sometime after midnight, probably in response to some drunken frat guy with a hatred of all things wintry.

I somehow managed to put that trauma out of my mind. Because I am an emotionally stable person. Which means the Tongginator and I made a snowman on Friday.

And he Rocked The Party.

The Tongginator named her creation Anna.
And no, I do not understand why. I fought
for Mr. Frosty 2, but my pint-sized dictator
declared my suggestion unoriginal. *sniff, sniff*

What??!?! You mean no one else uses broccoli for
eyes and two twined Wiki Stixs for a mouth?

Crouching Tongginator, Polar Anna

Umm... yeah... not exactly sure what was going on here,
but I proved yet again that I am a Bad Mother by snapping
photos rather than assisting my child, whom I adore. Really.

It must have been horrible, whatever it was.
Because obviously she soon died a slow death.

Actually, y'all, she didn't die. I KNOW! I totally thought she would, too! Because snow? Is EVIL. Nope, y'all, instead the Tongginator graduated from snowman to snow angel creation. And no, I didn't actually show her how to make a snow angel. Instead I made her figure it out on her own. Because I draw the line at actually laying down in frigid powder.

Now what was that saying again?

Oh yeah... be careful what you wish for.

One can only hope this February is nothing like last year's.


OziMum said...

:) Well... your post has cooled me down! Its was a scorching 43C (110F) here today!!! Anna is adorable, (even with booggly broccoli eyes!)

Kim K. said...

I'm very proud of your Anna creation. She's lovely....broccoli and all!! We have another MAJOR storm heading our way Tuesday into Wednesday (8-10 inches).

Aus said...

Well - if Polar Anna survived the weekend she may well get an 'ice cap' over the next couple days - it looks like we'll miss the snow on this one - but be right in the middle of the 'transition zone' - read 'ice storm'! Hope ya'll have better luck than that!

And way to 'come out of yourself' TM - really good work there!

And Anna is WAY COOL! (pun intended!)

hugs - aus and co.

Laurie said...

That is one cute snowman! Hope he..... oops, I mean, she, made it though the night! :)

lmgnyc said...

Oh my goodness, that is one adorable snowman. Our snowmen are all... ahem... female. Just so you know. My DD has a certain bias. Ours wear skirts and have eyelashes. If she could figure out how to put heels on them, she would.

Love the pics but wow am I ready to see some lawn.

It's well below freezing here and we are due for more snow on Tuesday. waaaaaaaaaah!

Dawn said...

Love Anna! Especially her gorgeous green eyes.

February? Well, given the winter the east coast has experienced so far I wouldn't be placing bets on a warmer than usual month.

It was 81 here yesterday... headed for highs in the 30's on Wednesday. If you don't like the weather in Texas, stick around cuz it will be different tomorrow! Ha!

Be blessed!

prechrswife said...

Love Anna the Snowgirl, especially her broccoli eyes! And good for both of you for getting out of your comfort zone. :-)

thewonderfulhappens said...

I don't know what impresses me more--that you played in the snow (this Alabama girl shudders to think!!) or that you had a real, whole carrot at your house. We only ever have those tiny little snacking carrots, cause I'm too lazy to cut and peel a real one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.

Cedar said...

Our last snowman had blue peanut M&M eyes and the carrot stuck in backwards for the nose. I am quite impressed with Anna. I do not envy your snow.

Wendy said...

Love the broccoli eyes! I want to show this post to my students. We were just reading All You Need for A Snowman, and I challenged them to come up with unique ideas for snowman accessories and facial features and write about what their snowman would look like. No one said broccoli!

Living in Connecticut, I have come to believe that snow is indeed evil. When you haven't been able to work in 3 weeks and water is leaking into your house and you can't see your neighbor's house across the street because the piles of snow are 15 feet hight...that's too much snow. When another foot plus a severe ice storm is going to dump more of the white stuff on top of the 6 feet you've already gotten in the past 3 weeks...then, yes, SNOW IS EVIL.

Yes, I am bitter.

Anna is a perfectly respectable name for a snowwoman. My daughter has a stuffed manatee she named Marsha. Go figure.

the meaklims said...

Anna is adorable. I would never have thought of brocolli eyes, very original I say!

I wish our snow was sticky enough for a snowman. :) Or maybe not, it's a great excuse! ...because I love snow almost as much as you and I only embrace it for the sake of my daughter, who indeed loves it. :) Which actually makes my heart swell, because I only wish I had a zeal for the elements like she does!


LucisMomma said...

Very cute (both Anna and Miss T)! Looks like you might have had some fun, too, TM.

Annie said...

Good for you TM!!!!! I have to admit, that I am right there with ya on the snow thing. I used to love the cold but as I have gotten, um, well, older, I do NOT like it anymore and we live in the south so I know how I would fare up north - NOT WELL!! Looks like the Tongginator had a blast!

autumnesf said...

I. Feel. Your. Pain.

Snow is a cruel cruel blast of nastiness.

And the broccoli eyes?? Downright brilliant.

I'm quite certain I was meant to live in desert climates all my life. The Air Force didn't get the memo.

Cavatica said...

When I was in college one of my favorite expressions was "my mind is brocolli." I think Anna has beautiful brocolli eyes and that you are very brave. I am not so brave. Still hiding inside and encouraging TV... yes, I am that kind of bad mom. Now it's out.

Lisa said...

O.K. repeat after me please.....snow IS fun! :) Really!

Our last snow gal was named Delores; I still have no idea why. LOL

Anna is frosty worthy inded!

delucchi family said...

ha ha, great story and lovely to see some pics of Tongginator. GREAT Snow man, even for an amature such as yourself. No snow in England, just cold and grey - yuch!
Love Jules

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Anna is stunning!


LaLa said...

I love Anna and her yummy broccoli eyes : )

Kim said...

This made me laugh because we, too, made a snowman on Friday. And the kids named him Frosty. Despite my suggestions to the contrary. Because that's just so unoriginal. But I, too, let their name stand.

Apparently we should have swapped for just that one day. ;)

Sharie said...

Amelia got an awesome snowman kit from her aunt this year, but we haven't had any good snowman making snow yet - that's about to change. We have a HUGE storm headed our way. I'm just praying we don't have mass power outages so I don't have to live at work taking calls from upset businesses...can't think of anything I'd rather do less...except maybe do one of those polar plunges. Now THAT would be horrible.

Kristi said...

I'm so proud of you for (almost) putting your snowman tragedy of college years to encourage the Togginator to experience the joys of snow.
And on the broccoli eyes, please see my post of February 13, 2010. We are more alike than one would realize at first my bloggy friend!

Mahmee said...

I'm all about a veggie face...why not? Welcome to the world Anna. Creating snowperson life is a grand experience! "It's ALIVE!"

ShackelMom said...

Now, was that a slow death, or a snow death? :-)

I'd never make it in a cold place... no. Snow makes lovely photos, and interesting places to see driving through in a warm car. I hate being cold!

Have fun!

Jean said...

I am not sure where you all are but if ya live in the good ole USA- it ain't lookin good! Snow, snow and more snow!

I am not a fan of this either- meet ya in Hawaii

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Just gotta love the health nut snowman!
My little one doesn’t like the snow either; I am beginning to wonder if it is a sensory thing…????