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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Last New Years Post - I Promise

subtitled only because I am busy creating another childrens picture book list for y'all (which takes forever to do)

I've seen a couple of bloggers share their 2010 stats with readers and it looked like an easy thing to put together fun. Enjoy! Or not. Probably not. Except I enjoyed seeing everyone else's, so maybe you'll enjoy this.

Most Popular Posts in 2010

Love and Adoption

God and Adoption

The Chinese Food Email

Our If-Then Chart (written in 2008, reposted in 2009)

Great Children’s Books About Princesses

Stalker Mom

Great Children’s Books for the Moon Festival

Big Give Revealed (written in 2008)

An Attitude of Openness

Swimming in Cluelessness

Oh, and 249 people read about My Most Humiliating Moment Ever in 2010. Two years after it occurred. Which means 249 MORE people know about my (shh...) laundry problem. This post, which my husband wrote, is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Top 5 referring sites were Ni Hao, Y’all; Adoption Talk; And Then There Were Seven; Do They Have Salsa in China? and Rage Against the Minivan.

Other than the trillion and one ways a body can misspell Tongginator and Tonggu Momma, some of the top search engine words or phrases used to find Our Little Tongginator include: funny code phrases; oh my lands (a huge source of pride for me); panda themed room/ panda themed d├ęcor (another huge source of pride for me) and dear teacher letter. Oh, and people also liked looking for princess books, if-then charts and kindergarten time capsules. And of course the ever present – since I started this blog in 2008 – “wendy calio naked.” Oy vey.

Most people reading here are from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, but there are also visitors from 116 other countries all around the world. Readers? Spammers? People looking for naked pictures of Wendy Calio? I don’t know, but it’s great to have y’all regardless, especially since I close my post comments after about three weeks to avoid spam and I don’t post naked pictures. (Ha-Hah! I'm a thwarter!)

Seriously though, thanks to all y'all for reading here. I don't do this to make money. I don't do this for fame notoriety, since most people don't even know who I am. I do this because I love learning from y'all and (hopefully) having y'all learn from me as well. Thanks for walking through life with me, and I hope y'all continue to follow along in 2011 as we finally - after more than four long years - finally meet the Tongginator's mei mei.

And no more New Years posts. I promise.

At least, not until next year.


Mia_h_n said...

American, Canadian, Aussie or Brit I'm not. Spammer? (Only sometimes ;) And I haven't got a clue as to who the naked woman is.

I come back for your infinite wisdom and honesty. I can't wait for your family to finally be of four. Thank you for letting me in on it :)

Elaine said...

ah well, anonymity gone. Somehow it gave you my whole name. I'd appreciate if you could erase that.

Elaine in Indonesia

Aus said...

TM - you are just a hoot!

Naked women - we'd settle for a face to go with a body!! (I couldn't let the new year start without at least one little tease!)

Thanks - you know we love visiting with you - and that's what it's all about - witty or wise - unimportant - living and loving - counts for everything!

hugs - aus and co.

Cedar said...

From our house there are usually two readers--my husband only reads four blogs (mine because forced, Forever Family--the Daddy blog, Calculated Risk, and yours). The Tongginator on the airplane got him hooked.

I am very glad we found your blog and cannot wait for you to travel.

prechrswife said...

That is an interesting post. I'm always interested in random statistics and odd trivia, so this one is right up my alley. :-)

LucisMomma said...

Just a thought...you are so nice to respond to me (and I assume everyone else on your comment list, I'm not usually vain enough to think it's just *me* you are writing to!) anyways, I hope you keep blogging and just drop the emailing folks since that takes up so much time once your newest DD gets home. Because I love seeing you all grow as a family.

Larissa said...

I`m from one of the other 116 other countries and I come here because it`s great to learn with you about the world of adoption.
Love the fun and honesty - you`re great!

Sharie said...

I have to laugh because I was looking at my own statistics last night to see if anyone (besides me) reads my blog and there are actually some who do...it seems to learn about "New Purple Glasses"
Or because they read something I write on your blog. You see I rarely get a comment and since my daughter wants her photos in an album I have no time to blog, so have been considering an end...but then where would people learn about purple glasses?

Oh and actually only 248 new people learned about your most humiliating moment as I read it at least once in 2010 - it makes me remember I'm not alone. Must go get the laundry out of the dryer now;)

Sharon said...

I remermber the naked woman! hahahahaa

We should vote you in as most valuable blogger, sooo grateful for you!

Kristen {RAGE against the MINIVAN} said...

I am sure you are one of my top referrers, too! That is, I would be sure, if I knew how to check these things. How do you do that?? I am tech challenged.

Continually grateful for your blog!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I always come for your wisdom and to hear your Southern accent....makes me feel at home:)

Praying this baby home for you and sending you big Mexican hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and they hug and kiss big here!)