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Friday, December 31, 2010

Year In Review: 2010

In honor of the absolute last day ever of 2010, I present to you Tonggu Momma's year in review...

In January, I found myself - yet again - coping with an embarrassing clothes situation, although at least this time said embarrassment involved a Pajama Ultimatum rather than my 2008 episode of... er... nothing. I also created a list of early reader and chapter books featuring Asian and Asian-American characters. You know, because so few of them exist. *sigh* Y'all also shared with me the things you are doing right, when I talked about how I'm a Good Mom (and you are, too).

The following month... well, y'all, I think you remember THE SNOW. Only because I harped on it so! very! much! And, of course, the Molly saga, which exposed me as a Big Ole Softy even though I pretend to hate animals. But February was also the month I went out on a limb, sharing our family's Dance of Attachment and also the Chinese Food Email.

March was a month of ups and downs. We celebrated our daughter's birthday, Tongginator style, talked a ton about adoption, and shared her adoption and sensory-related food issues. I also succumbed to temptation, which made our adoption wait all the harder to bear for awhile. Oh, and yeah, I almost successfully blocked out my own personal What Not To Wear intervention.

In April nothing much interesting happened except that I proved I am a terrible mother again... and again. In fact, this month was so boring, I even talked about cleaning out the fridge. I woke everyone up when I shared my beliefs about God's view of adoption. Oh my lands, was THAT ever controversial.

I truly shared my heart (and our experiences) with y'all during May's Love and Adoption series. I told y'all about our humiliating starting point, and our journey through the years. I also absolutely! cracked! myself! up! (and hopefully y'all, too) with my Life Cycle of a China-Adoption Blog.

June brought a plethora of school posts, including the popular Kindergarten Time Capsule (and its content description) plus the Vocabulary Parade. The Tongginator also kept us laughing with her many antics. Despite my reduced posting about her (due to her veto power), rest assured that the Tongginator remains THE TONGGINATOR.

In July I was too busy dodging Stalker Mom to post all that much. I did manage to have time to share with y'all about the weekend I cried a lot. And to create a list of Anti-Princess Princess books.

August was a month of firsts for Tonggu House. The Tongginator lost her first tooth during her first visit to Disney World; I attended my first (maybe only?) BlogHer conference; and our log-in date FINALLY made it onto the Rumor Queen's chart! I also posted a video of the Tongginator dancing and worried about the diversity of the her first-grade class.

Oh my lands was September an interesting month, starting off with the Stranger Danger incident at the Tongginator's school and ending with the Tongginator actually daring to correct her FIRST GRADE TEACHER. In between, we dealt with adoption issues surrounding a simple Girl Scout Daisies badge. I also asked y'all how you deal with questions when people don't get it.

I made several confessions during October, including the oh-so-embarrassing admission about my daughter's Halloween costume and my trip to the guidance counselor asking for help with a bullying problem. And the Tongginator made a confession of her own about her future goal.

In November I wanted to beat my head against the wall when I talked about a lack of openness in adoption parenting, and also made myself vulnerable when I shared my feelings about my daughter's other mothers.

This past month was all about Christmas! Oh, and about what I've learned during our adoption wait, and about our twelfth wedding anniversary and our sixth Panda Day (adoption referral anniversary). But otherwise it was about Christmas! Gifts that give back, gifts I want (but probably won't get), Christmas carols, our Big Christmas Decision and even our annual Christmas carol murder.

(Can y'all tell I love Christmas?)

2010 was a year of waiting for all of us at Tonggu House. It was a time to grow and learn, to pray and laugh. I am SO excited about 2011 and hope y'all stick around as we finally - sometime this spring - travel to adopt our second child, the Tongginator's mei mei. Blessings to you and yours during the coming year. I so value my "imaginary" friends!

And if you want (or feel you need) to play catch-up:
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LucisMomma said...

I am so excited for you for what 2011 holds. Happy New Year, TM. (and Miss T and Tonggu Daddy)

prechrswife said...

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Happy New Year TM!


Kristi said...

Looking forward to going on the journey to China with you. (Maybe even in real life instead of just virtually).
Happy New Year!

CC said...

I love, love, love how you summarize the year! What a great thing to print out as a quick "diary" of the year to review for forever. :)

Eileen said...

Can I meet Dory? I need a Dory. I have long said I will happily go on WNTW, they can humiliate me all they like, I'll set them up for it if they want, if they'll just teach me how to shop/dress!


Mia_h_n said...

Seeing as I found you in April it was a VERY exiting month!! :)

And seeing as I have high blood pressure revisiting the post that brought us together turned out to be a dangerous choice..!

I hope we'll be included in every little boring detail of your journey to mei mei and beyond. I for one can't wait! :)

Cedar said...

Somehow I missed this post when you first posted it! So glad I found it today, even if it meant I spent my morning following links down the rabbit hole and laughing and crying and feeling just a tiny bit jealous of your writing ability and realizing I am a stalker playdate mom and hoping I can change that!