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Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Christmas Gifts of 2010

I didn't mean to disappear yesterday, but unforeseen circumstances led me to put away the computer for a bit. Actually, it was kinda idiotic of me to not foresee things, but I never claimed to be smart. Snotty maybe, and definitely smart-mouthed, but not actually smart smart.

I talked to my dear friend SongOfSixpence yesterday and she said I sounded a tad high, so bear with me on this post. (Oh! look! pink and red striped zebras are floating through my kitchen!) The good news I did not have to have my sinuses drained. Not yet, anyways. But the Tongginator is currently praying that THIS medicine works so that - and I quote - Mommy doesn't have to get needles stuck up her nose to drain the yucky snot. Which leads me to the bad news, y'all... my previous doses of ammoxicilin, augmentin and Avelox didn't work over the course of these past seven weeks. I am now on Levaquin, MethtylPREDNISolone, Mucinex-D and of course my new best friend Probiotic.

Like I said, zebras.

And oh! look! Alvin and the Chipmunks are singing the Hanukkah song in my dining room.

(My lame posts from the past two months are totally making sense now, aren't they?)

I must say that this couldn't have come at a better time. I mean, sure, I've been on antibiotics for Thanksgiving... and Christmas... and now New Year's Eve, but at least I have a ton of new toys to keep me, the Tongginator and the Husband entertained while I hallucinate on the couch. And we received (and gave!) some completely AMAZING gifts this year.

I wanted to share with y'all my top ten. I mean, ALL of them were amazing, but these are the gifts that made us laugh the hardest, feel the most weepy or have gotten the most use in the past week. In no particular order...

1. The Tongginator's youngest cousin, Baby Ruth, will be three in March. But if y'all think the Tongginator is smart, then BabyRuth is WICKEDLY smart. Which means it is very! hard! to buy for this child. Somehow, this year, we got it right. I can't decide on my favorite moment with her. It may possibly have been when she totally stressed out because she couldn't empty her stocking without putting down her new Best Friend Polar Bear. Or it may be that our gift to her of zipper purse (a purse made entirely of zippers) and assorted "purse accessories" such as comb, toddler bluetooth and mirror kept her busy for HOURS on Christmas Day.

2. Santa is a naughty, naughty guy. Somehow he brought the Tongginator an American Girl doll closet with a few outfits hanging in it. (And this of course in no way has ANYTHING to do with the fact that the Husband recently went to New York on a business trip. Or that his hotel was less than two blocks from the American Girl Store. Even though he has a history of making big purchases when missing us.)

3. My Aunt P totally and completely left us speechless this year. Even knowing that she's always been a generous person. And that she has no children of her own, which means her nieces and nephews (and their families) hold an exceptionally special place in her heart. And knowing that she and my Uncle C... well... they live a nice lifestyle (don't know how else to say that, but I don't want you to think they went into debt for this, because we totally wouldn't let them do that). But still... speechless. Because she gave both Tonggu House and my sister's family each an I-Pad.

(Like I said... speechless.)

4. The Tongginator received some exceptional DVDs this year, from both Santa and Tonggu Grammy. She is LOVING them. Santa gave her Cooking With Kids: Exploring Chinese Food, Culture and Language: it can't get any better than that for my future Food Network Star. And Tonggu Grammy gifted her with the entire first season of Little House on the Prairie. I think she is no longer scarred for life. (She probably shouldn't have been reading The Courage of Sarah Noble at school last year. Because it was too hard for her. As a result, she's been terrified of calico ever since. Well, until now, anyways.) And yes, we are enjoying reading the book together at bedtime as well.

5. My sister totally made me cry. She and her family gave the Husband and I an assortment of international travel supplies. You know, things like a travel blanket and a document carrier, luggage tags and space saver bags. Which doesn't sound exactly tear-inspiring until you realize that it was their way of acknowledging that this is our last! Christmas! without mei mei.

(Now Alvin and the Chipmunks are singing "Merry Christmas" by Third Day. Which I'm *gasp* actually not a fan of, despite my Extreme Love for that CD. I know, I know - someone snatch away my China-adoptive parent card. But still... our LAST CHRISTMAS. Yeah!)

6. We gave my momma exactly what she asked for. It was The! Best! Gift! Ever! Y'all are gonna just melt into a puddle of weepy emotions when you hear. It takes a special person (me!) to give a person such a gift. Because - with said gifting - they are exposing themselves to ridicule... and criticism... and all manner of dirty looks from others. But it's what my momma asked us to get her, so we did. Because we are Brave and Kind. Y'all, we gave Tonggu Grammy a bunch of socks. And I'm thinking, "like daughter, like mother."

7. Santa slipped a little surprise into my stocking this year. A DVD. No, it was not *sob* ANTM related, but it! is! almost! as! good! Y'all, I got The Best of 21 Jump Street. Oh yes, I did. And yes, I've already watched it, thankyouverymuchforasking. For some strange reason, however, Alvin and the Chipmunks did not appear in it.

8. My nephews got ghillie suits. I do not understand why. But I do not need to understand why. They love 'em. Enough said.

9. Tonggu Grammy gave each family a scrapbook of "cousin photos." Which we love. It is right this very moment sitting on our coffee table. Where it will remain. Probably forever, unless someone happens to be looking at it.

10. Several months ago y'all really loved this bowl. Well, Tonggu Daddy took note - realizing how awesome they are - and gifted me with more of them, plus a matching serving dish. *swoon* The way to my heart is through my dishes. Hee-hee.

What were Y'ALLS favorite gifts?


Wendy said...

Lily emptied her piggy bank, wrapped $46.51 of her money in a napkin and left it under the tree for me. I cried my eyes out. Then I snuck the money back in her piggy bank.

The 18 year old got her heart's desire--a Macbook Pro, which has not left her fingertips in the past 130 hours.

Lily got entirely too much American Girl doll stuff (including a new doll, who is, of course, Asian) and an inflatable ball that you climb inside of and roll yourself around like a hamster. Either my husband or my teenager and her friends are likely to use it and break it before Lily ever has a chance to try it out.

Sharie said...

I have iPad envy! Amelia also has a very generous aunt, my sister who helped her shop. My favorite gift was the spice shaker she made at school with a snowman on it made out of her very own finger print...however the cozy new boots, jacket and scarf from Amelia and her aunt are pretty good too.
I told Amelia I'm gonna be a hot momma...to which she responded, "Maybe you'll find a husband!"
All Amelia wanted that I told her I would buy was Lalaloopsy dolls. She got 2 big ones and ALL the minis and mini sets. They haven't seen as much play as the Squinkies which Santa brought. She knows Santa is real because mom said there was NO WAY she would ever buy them. Little did mom know what a hit they would be! Those and the Toy Story trilogy from her Aunt are her favorite gifts:)

Claudia said...

I'm so sorry that you're not better yet. Neither am I. Stinks, huh?

(And best present? My new electric underblanket, by a country mile).

Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud about 21 Jump Street - wanted to mock you, realized I watched MTV "The Challenge" On Demand two nights ago... enough said.
I got an iPhone. Right now it is just causing me to feel old and foolish, but soon (I hope) it will make me young and hip.

autumnesf said...

21 Jump Street????

I'm coming over.

Kristi said...

21 Jumpstreet? They make "the best of" DVD for that? No way! I fell in love with Johnny Depp in that show... (wonder if any of the old episodes are on the old VHS tapes laying around my mom's house ~ must make a note to check next time we visit)

My very favorite gift this year was a donation made in my honor to the Hope for the Holidays campaign at An Orphan's Wish. That and a t-shirt from AdoptionBug to help virtual friends of ours.

Course the joy in my son's eyes when he saw his train table and the girls when they saw their doll house were pretty great moments too!

Andrea said...

My wonderful hubby had my mother's original wedding set re-made for me. I cried buckets!

Anonymous said...

My favorite gift came back in October, when my darling husband took me to see Riverdance on Ice. The best overall gift this Christmas, though, was the milk bottle my mother found in an antique store that was from my father's grandfather's dairy. Dad has been looking for one of those for over 30 years!

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, those ghillie suits are going to give me nightmares. They look like...really useless Snuggies! haha

Hrm...favorite gift? On principle, I have to say the Tiffany necklace that Lo Gung surprised me with. That man does love some bling!

But, surprisingly, my favorite gift came from my Dad. (Not that it's surprising that the favorite should COME from him!) He bought me new baking sheets...it wasn't on my list, but all of mine warp when I put them in the oven...and they go into the oven at least twice a week. I am now the proud owner of two large baking pans, and one small. Super thick, they won't warp. Woot!!

Mia_h_n said...

My best present was all the laughs with my husband's family. I'm not saying that to be sappy, but presents (for me) aren't really my thing.

Actual present-wise my parents gave me a gift certificate to a very extensive kitchenware shop that I can't wait to spend. I'm gonna go nuts in baking accessories! :D It wasn't a huge certificate, but I got six (6!) of the same DVD, so I have some extra refund money to bring.

The best gift I gave was an (by now) old (from March 2009) iPod Shuffle without control wheel. It was for my sister who has longed for the one the Husband got as a thank you from work last spring. It was great because she didn't expect it at all because it's so expensive. Not that we have a set budget on our gifts, but 35-40$ is the general idea seeing as how it's not the price, but the thought.
As luck would have it we found one for 53$ and decided to just get her a smaller birthday present in a month.

What on earth do you use a ghillie suit for???? Is it just a fancy word for camouflage?