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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Temperature Woes

I don't know about y'all, but we are experiencing a bit of a cold snap around here. I know Maryland's winter weather is not nearly as impressive as, say, Wisconsin, but it's still pretty darn cold around here, especially for a gal who grew up primarily in South Carolina and Hawaii.

It snowed here yesterday morning.

And the wind. Oh, the wind.

My husband, unfortunately, grew up in central and eastern Washington. Which means he is not only used to the cold, he actually LIKES the cold. In order to avoid embarrassment - like the time he arrived in Beijing wearing shorts, IN FEBRUARY and with SNOW ON THE GROUND - we now have a rule around here that he is not allowed to wear shorts outdoors from November 15th until February 15th, unless other people are ALSO wearing shorts.

Now do you understand why he cried when the Minnesoootans moved away?

(They always wore shorts.)

(Even when shoveling snow.)

Anyways, where was I? Oh, yes... COLD. I am really cold right now, y'all. I am sitting in my house - INSIDE MY HOUSE - wearing a scarf. Fortunately for the Husband, he didn't laugh at me. Or at least he didn't let me see him laughing. And yes, I'm wearing slippers. And a sweater. And a blanket. I even have an electric blanket on my half of the bed that the Husband preheats for me before we head to bed.

I'm still cold.

It's not that the Husband is unreasonable. We actually keep our temperature at a decent level in the winter because I'm such a whiner it's what normal people do. But it's still chilly in the house, what with the wind blowing all around and our very old windows yelling "heat! escape through here!" In fact, it's so cold, y'all, that if Shania Twain were here, even she would cover her midriff.

The wind chill... it is a-chillin me.

Send me warm thoughts, y'all. Kinda like The Sound of Music song "My Favorite Things," but "My Warm Things." But they better not include the word slanket. Because if they do, I may just have to snuggie you to death.


Walking to China said...

Well, it's -19 here in Northeast China so I can't send you many many warm thoughts. I will say that the key to success here is warm long underwear (of a thickness not even available in America) and hunting socks. It's the only way to survive!

Mia_h_n said...

I don't mind the cold. In fact I'm one of those weirdos who hardly ever wears long sleeves and I only put on socks when I wear shoes. Yes, I take my socks (and shoes of course) off when I'm inside people's houses! Everybody's used to it.

I'm just a hot chick. Right now we also have around -19 and I'm in my underwear (TMI I know), NOT under the covers and we have only turned on a radiator ONCE in the 11 years we have lived here. Mind you, the hubby always wanders around in sweaters and extra fluffy socks. But it's easier for him to put more clothes on than it is for me to take more off. I'm down to my skivvies for Pete's sake! :)

But I don't mind the cold or the snow. It's the bone-chilling winds I mind! "..it is a-chillin me." Thank you. I needed a good laugh :D

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

sending you warm thoughts! But, not too much sympathy. I am from Toronto, what can I say!


Kim K. said...

It's chilly in West MI too. The key is layering. Lots of layering. However, I keep finding my four year old stripped down to her underwear as soon as she sets foot in the house after daycare/preschool.

Anonymous said...

Plastic over the windows! (You can buy kits at your local hardware store.) Draft blockers along the base of all the doors! Fingerless gloves! Wool socks! Long underwear! Hot tea!

Why yes, I *did* grow up a hop, skip, and jump away from Canada. Why do you ask?

Laurie said...

Can't help you here. I prefer cold to hot- BIG TIME! I have too much built in insulation, so I'm always hot. No electric blankets for me! And hubby is the same as yours- brought shorts to China in the winter. As if being six feet tall with red hair didn't make him stand out enough!! :)

The Source said...

I'm with you, TM. I woke up to a wind chill of 4 this morning. Yes. FOUR. Degrees. Just four. I double checked...just in case the weather man forgot to read the "Seventy..." part in front of the "four" but unfortunately, he was right. I don't like it. I didn't sign on for this. If I wanted to freeze my butt off I would have moved to Antarctica.

Shonda said...

I'll send you this poem from Kansas. I'm like you ... a total wimp about the cold. And, I fully realize that people live in much colder places than Kansas, but I might question their sanity??

It's winter in Kansas!
And the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
At thirty-five below.
Oh, how I love Kansas
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut.
Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Kansas
I'm frozen to the ground
(author unknown)

autumnesf said...

I'm not rockin the scarf...but I am wearing the fingerless gloves. Even to bed. And drinking lots of hot tea.

I hate cold. I want to go back to Texas.


lmgnyc said...

I am always cold (thank you whacky thyroid)but I prefer it to the heat. I just pile on the clothes. Wool is my friend. I L-O-V-E wool. Wool socks, wool shirts, wool scarves, why I would wear wool undies if they made 'em. I would. Yes, I would.

We keep our house pretty cool because why burn more fuel when all you have to do is wear another sweater?????

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Besides, it gives my kids something to whine---er---joke about once they put me in a nursing home. hahaha

Karrie said...

I hear ya!!! It's 4 degrees here in Louisville this morning. 4. And that is NOT even the wind chill. Actually 4 degrees!!! In Louisville. In December. It's nuts.
Hot Coffee, boots and socks, and yes... a scarf on inside at work. The scarf soooooo helps. Keeps my neck nice and toasty. Oh and the space heater on under my desk is nice, too. I'll turn it up a notch and channel it your way. ;)
Warm, warm wishes!!

Aus said...

Come on there TM - we've been in the freezer for a week - our high today will get into double digits and I'm thinking about doing some decorating out in the yard while it's that warm!!

OK - it usually doesn't get this cold in Ohio until Jan - Feb, but I'll take cold (and the snow we have with more forecast for Thursday - but you know these weather folks - they drink too much) all the way from now until 1/2/11!! It's supposed to be cold at Christmas!!

hugs - aus and co.

Desiree' said...

I am a midwestern born girl but after being here for three years, I am cold...And I am walking around with a scarf on and a Santa hat...(it's for present time, or at least that is what I am holding to LOL)
Can you believe they didn't cancel school??It was below freezing, still is!?!?

sara said...

Even Shania Twain would cover her midriff...oh that made me laugh!

Sadly I can't offer much help. It's 14 degrees here right now and I live in GA. You can imagine the bitching that's going on!

Mamatini said...

This I can do! Sending you unseasonably warm thoughts from sunny Arizona, where yesterday it was 82!

But since I grew up in upstate New York, I can also send you suggestions: warm wool socks to warm your toes (Smartwool is awesome and not scratchy), fine wool undershirt to warm your core(the European kind, also not scratchy), and no jeans (too cold)!

mama2roo said...

Greetings from southern Indiana, where we had the wind about a day before you did. As I type this in my office (which by other's standards is warm), I am in my sweather with undershirt, scarf, fleece jacket and snow boots. My nose hurts because its cold. Lets run off to somewhere warm, shall we? And as far as your hubby wearing shorts, my mom always had the rule that you shouldn't wear shorts in a month with an "r" in it--so only May, June, July, and august. :)

Gail said...

Well, if you were in Wisconsin (like I am), it would be -3 degrees presently. At 9:30am. That is bitter cold!

I do sympathize with ya TM, you've got the thin blood of a southerner. Or Pacific Islander?

I recommend lots of layers and something warm to drink, maybe.

Hoping things warm up at least a little bit for us all. brrrr

Jboo said...

Artic blast blew thru here on the weekend and yesterday, it was a balmy 4 degrees when it was time to head to work and school!! Relief in sight as it is supposed to get to 30 later in the week! Will send warm temps your way!!


Carla said...

The mattress pad warmer (dual version so I can have my side warmer than say Dh's), and my fake slanket are awesome. ;) Seriously, that slanket really does keep you warmer than a regular blanket...especially on days like today that are 10 degrees at 9am. Yes...10! We are so not used to that.

Carla said...

umm...10 is really cold for this way down deep southern gal okay....especially this Southern gal who lived for 2.5 years in Tucson, AZ and was cold THERE.

Wendy said...

I'm freezing all the time, and I've lived in New England all my life. Face it, TM, you need a Slanket. They are a God-send. You also need a nose sock, which is a handy invention I've come up with (see http://lilybelles.blogspot.com/2010/11/do-not-steal-this-genius-idea.html). All your problems will be solved.

Kay said...

Now you know why all of us Minnesotans are in shirt sleeves in January when the temps. reach double digits like 15...its a heat wave! :) It has been around -10 both of the last two mornings and it is only December. Fresh and crispy! Flannel is the way to go and apparently in style this year!! Flannel bed sheets are sooo comfy. :)

Andrea said...

I am always cold too! If it's below 70 degrees, I freeze.

Cedar said...

My step-mom would always give us those little portable hand warmers for Christmas http://www.walgreens.com/store/catalog/Outdoor-Living/HotHands-2-Hand-Warmers/ID=prod6008113-product?V=G&ec=frgl_&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=sku6007247

Personally I find a cup of hot coco or tea helps keep me warm. If that fails I turn up the heat--not very often because that would be expensive, but some days it is that or me on the couch with multiple layers of clothes, two blankets, socks, slippers, and gloves and no laundry, dishes, or diaper changes getting done.

Norah said...

I'm in my house in NJ with 3 sweaters on right now. 3. I'd wear more but then I'd really look like I gained weight. I splurged and put my heat on 69 today...hubby doesn't know yet. Yesterday I made a fire in the fireplace for the first time all by myself. Yeah, I'm proud. I wear thick socks with Ugg boots and my toes still get numb! I turned the oven on this afternoon and then opened it and stood in front of it. I'm not joking! But ya know what? DH wears his WINTER coat YEAR ROUND. He takes the train to work and says it is cold on the train in the summer. He has gotten stopped and checked for bombs NUMEROUS times on the train! I feel your pain.

Briana's Mom said...

It's COLD down in GA too! It was 15 degrees this morning. Not used to it being THIS cold!

The Drinkwaters said...

- I think you forgot that Shania is a fellow Canadian. It would take a lot more cold for her to cover her midriff! ;)

"In fact, it's so cold, y'all, that if Shania Twain were here, even she would cover her midriff."

Sharie said...

Sounds like you got our weather from Saturday and Sunday. We had a heat wave today. It got up to 12! The kids even went out for recess!

Suzy said...

Here's a hot flash for you: menopause or predinsone if you're not over 40. I had to take steroid therapy one February when we had a legitimate cold snap in Arkansas, and I felt like Frosty when the sun came out. I was MELTING, but you know what? It felt GREAT. I'd almost never been hot before in my life, and it was such a novelty at such an opportune time. It was also a bit like what I imagine being on amphetamines is like. I talked like an auctioneer. I could not shut up. And as this comment rambles on, you may think I'm still taking them...

The Byrd's Nest said...

The weather here is 30 degrees at night and in the 70's during the day and sunny. It is perfect...really. But the homes are made of cement so once the walls get cold, it stays cold in the house. We keep a heater in the girls room but the rest of the house we don't because electricity cost so much here. Lottie refuses to wear shoes that cover her entire feet....she lives in flip flops every day:) ha ha

So, the other night Greg downloaded a fireplace on his computer and hooked his computer to the TV so we could hear a crackling fire. Seriously, this is so weird but it made me feel so much warmer!!!

Mahmee said...

Down with the Slanket! Down with the Snuggie!
Airline tickets to Australia would be nice right about now.