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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daisy Kaper

If you haven't heard from me in a bit, just know that I'm not placing Christmas caroling over and above y'all, even though your additions to my list mightily tempt me. Nope. Instead, I've spent the past two days consumed with a project that is completely unfamiliar territory for me. So unfamiliar, in fact, I needed to drag out a seldom used item from my storage room. Said item was so incredibly covered in cobwebs and dust, I might possibly have nicknamed said item "Charlotte Cavatica."

Y'all, I pulled out my sewing machine.

And I made this.

I still can't believe I made it.

(I am so proud of myself.)

You see, I was in charge of the Tongginator's Daisy Troop meeting yesterday. The girls were completing their "responsible for my words and actions" orange petals. And the troop leader asked if I could make a Kaper Chart. I don't think she was expecting this. Because, goodness, y'all, *I* didn't even think I was capable of something like this, but I found this super-cute idea here after googling "kaper charts" and decided to give it a go.

As for the question burning on everyone's tongue... a kaper chart is the Girl Scout name for a helper's chart. Like, who holds the flag, who passes out the napkins, stuff like that. Although not in the photo, the flower on the left has three green "petals" made from clothespins that label the chores. When it's a girl's turn to do that job, her name clip moves from the daisy on the right to the daisy on the left, just next to her job petal.

During yesterday's meeting, I talked with the girls about responsibilities like chores and jobs. I introduced the troop's new Kaper Chart. And the girls made their own personal home chore charts. The girls each received a list of 20 possible chores before picking their four personal favorites. Notice the Tongginator included the oh-so-taxing chore of "answering the phone."

After the girls completed their chore charts, I read them two books that talk about personal responsibility. The first, These Hands by Hope Lynn Price, got us started on ways we can use our hands in positive ways. The second was just plain fun. I read How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss and talked with the girls about how the Grinch needed to right his wrongs by returning the Christmas things he stole. Because responsibility isn't just about doing your chores and schoolwork and jobs. It's also about apologizing when you've done something wrong and working to fix the problem your actions created.

And no, this doesn't mean I love being a Girl Scout momma.

It just means I'm a sucker an over-achiever.


Tonggu Grammy said...

Loving the Daisy Chart! Who knew? You definitely have another talent!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Kaper Chart TM! I've been a GS leader since DD was a Daisy in Kindergarten (so like 12 years) and no one ever made us such a beautiful Kaper Chart! We used cardboard and velcro back in the day! Seniors don't really use Kaper Charts!

The most beloved "chore" was picking out the closing song. We used to sing "Make New Friends", "Taps" and then they did a fun song (kaper song) to end the meeting. "Purple Stew" was their favorite!

Mrs. O

Aus said...

What's not to love about being a girl scout mom? I've been involved in Boy Scouting for over 40 years now - more so when the boys were young - but I'll be back with Chase (these things do tend to ebb and flow) - but yeah - maybe with guys it's easier!! ;)

hugs Miss overachiever -

aus and co.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

u talented thing u! Beautiful!


autumnesf said...

Hah! You are so in trouble now! Look forward to seeing you in the "I had no intention of ever being a GS leader" lunch line. We can sit together.

Kim K. said...

As someone who doesn't own a sewing machine and seldom enjoys a needle and thread, I'm SUPER IMPRESSED!

Anonymous said...

Interesting - at camp we always had a chore time called Cabin Capers. Hadn't thought of that word in a long time. We also had a Capers Chart in our cabin. Cleaning the bathroom was always my least favorite!

Tonggu Momma Husband said...

wait !!!
i thought capers were a delicious savory seasoning olive thingy the fancy restaurants put on my fish?

prechrswife said...

Very impressive! (I'm doing well to sew on a missing button.)

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Impressive. You might get your glue gun back. . . : )

sara said...

I am very impressed. I could not have made that if you gave me directions and a month head start!

LucisMomma said...

You did a good job! Love that choice of Miss T's, answering the phone. Cracked me up.

I'm glad that our Daisy group does not ask the mamas to lead a day, as yours does. :)

Suzy said...

I KNEW you were holding out on us. You have skilz ; )

Sharie said...

I spent 8 years in Girl Scouts, some of my best times in elementary and Junior high were because of my involvement and because parents like you took the time to lead - THANK YOU!
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a Daisy troop at Amelia's school. Hoping to hear something about Brownies next year or we may have to start it.

rashid1891 said...

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Patty O. said...

I am seriously impressed. And scared of girl scouts....If I ever have to help a troop, they won't be getting sewn crafts out of me, that's for sure.

LaLa said...

Love the chart..much nicer than ours : ) Annslee loves Scouts and I am sure your sweet girl does too.