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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie Chaos

subtitled You Have To Forgive Me If I Don't Make Sense Because I'm Writing This Post While On Avelox, And It Makes Me Even Dizzier Than I Typically Am

I'm on my fourth round of antibiotics, trying to get rid of a chronic sinus infection that has plagued me for two months now. Which sounds like the perfect excuse to cancel the ill-conceived Cookie Decorating Party. Unfortunately, the Tongginator blinked at me with puppy-dog eyes on Friday afternoon, so I gritted out some kind of smile (privately, I thought I looked like Rachel Ray smelling something rotten in her kitchen, but the Tongginator didn't seem to notice) and said, "sure, we'll still have the party, Tongginator. No sweat."

What a freaking lie.

Five first-graders descended upon our house at 2:30 Saturday afternoon. I knew I was in even more trouble than I initially thought when parent after parent asked me, "are you sure you don't want me to stay?" Umm... of course I wanted them to stay, y'all, but I declined anyway. Call me crazy, but I didn't think it would be fair to require parental attendance when: a) my kitchen/ family room is WAY too small to fit even one extra adult, not when six giggling girls also occupy said space; and b) to expect a parent to agree to Torture, either in the form of a disappointed six-year-old OR actual participation in said event, seems Seriously Unfair.

I was by myself.

With six giggling first-graders.

And a ton of raw cookie dough.

But oh, they had a blast, y'all. I took absolutely no pictures, which I am kicking myself for, but I don't know how I could have managed it. Because I was rolling dough, and passing out sprinkles, and handing out water, and policing the M&M consumption and wiping sugar glaze off the walls and yelling "don't chase the cat!" Oh, the shrill giggling! The sugar highs! The icing smeared mouths!

You know its a good party when three of the five little gals go home with icing in their hair.

And one little girl laughed so hard, she peed in her pants.

(Yes, she actually did.)

We made iced sugar cookies and gingerbread men. Each girl took a turn rolling out the dough. We listened to the Tongginator's Christmas music, including the ever-popular Hot Chocolate from the movie The Polar Express. Oh, we made memories, y'all. And can you guess what the Husband was doing the entire two hours?

(You'll never guess.)

Y'all, he slept through the entire thing. Not because it was quiet. Not. At. All. But because he was wearing sound isolating earphones. And guess what? They definitely worked.

Maybe I should have worn some, too.


Kim K. said...

Sounds like the Tongginator had a perfect Christmas cookie decorating party. Cheers to surviving! One more thing checked off that list!

Mia_h_n said...

Now this sounds like my kind of party! Good friends, food, laughter and music.
It sounds like the Tongginator had a blast which I'm guessing was your reason for going through with it to begin with, so it was a hit.

PS. If you let the Husband sleep through it all you are way more considered than I would have been! ;) You're a kind soul.

Aus said...

ATTABOY TM - really nice work - because our kids won't remember what they got for Christmas next week - but - they will remember something like that, and that memory will change and mature as they get older and really understand what it took!

Yeah - nice work on this one!

hugs - aus and co.

autumnesf said...

Next year you need an extra set of big girl hands. Do you know any teens? A teenager would be a great help.

Having these parties for T is fantastic....but don't teach her to do it all herself. Little eyes are watching. Get yourself a helper and YOU will also have so much more fun. (From a person who just helped 28 girls bake cookies....and had the good luck to be sent to another lodge with one other adult and a handful of kids and had a SMASHING time!)

Megan said...

I think there is nothing more fun than a house full of giggling little girls! We are doing our cookie decorating party with 6 little first graders on Wednesday. I can't wait! I think I am more excited than my kids are!

Football and Fried Rice said...

You are SUCH a good Mommy!! You TELL yourself it would have been better if you hadn't been sick, but really? It would always be KINDA painful :>) And beautiful in the same way! Aren't you glad you get to make these memories with your little girl?! Show us the cookies!!

lmgnyc said...

Are you kidding? You would never wear the sound isolating headphone, not in a million years. If I know you, and I'm not saying I do, but if I can guess, you live for the sound of that giggling. ;-)

And for the record, my DD would have laughed so hard she would have peed in her pants. uh huh. She's been known to do it. She laughs THAT hard. God love her.

Perfect party TM. Perfect.

Sunday said...

Oh, that sounds so fun, I know the girls had a blast! I hope you feel better soon TM, those marathon sinus infections are no fun at all.

sara said...

That sounds like one of those completley perfect Christmas memories that the Togginator will remember always. Well done you!

Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better, that medicine definately makes you feel dizzy.

Debby said...

Feel Better.....and Merry Christmas

Aunt LoLo said...

What a blast!!!

Claudia said...

Oh my goodnesss... I am SO sorry that you are so sick too! I've gotta say, if anybody had expected me to host any kind of a party this weekend... let alone one with cooking... there would have been SERIOUS injuries. You're a better woman than me.

Also, your kid is old enough to remember stuff.

Get better sooooon!

Jboo said...

What a fun cookie party!!! You are one special Mama!! :)


snekcip said...

Did you seriously peek through my windows this weekend?! I had 6 little girls ages 10,9, 8,6 and 2(2yr olds)!! We made gingerbread men and salt dough ornaments! I did accept the help of my great-niece! So glad I did! Between the spill RED punch on my light beige carpet, GREEN paint on my light khaki pants, smeared frosting and flecks of paint in their hair, eyelashes, palms of their hands, I would say the night was a success. While the cookies were in the oven, we setout in my vehicle and a really weird rendition of 12days of Christmas was brewing in the backseat! Who ever heard of 10 MILKING MAIDS?! HA! We went to view an awesome Nativity scene and then on to view Christmas lights! We countered back and finish painting the ornaments and I made sandwiches and snack for the girls and happily dropped them home to their well-rested parents! Guess where my dear sweet husband was? Yep, you guessed it, upstairs in bed, oblivious to the chaos beneath him!! Sighhhhh MEN!!!

Sharie said...

I'm helping in Amelia's classroom tomorrow. 26 kids and 2 moms - decorating sugar cookies. Just shoot me now!
So does Ms. T speak in true chef talk as they do on TV? I totally see her standing at the counter giving her friends a tutorial of what to do:)

Suzy said...

You must have the leadership skills of a general. I can barely "manage"/oversee a simple craft for my little Sunday school classes, and afterward I feel like they need to interview me for an episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive" when I am in perfect health much less with a marathon sinus infection coupled with some dizziness. Are you sure you're not a closet Girl Scout leader?

LucisMomma said...

That sounds like fun! And you should get a Daisy badge for "perseverance" or "survival" or "awesome mom" or something. Totally! Hope this round of antibiotics works, TM. Prayers for a fast healing.

LOL at Suzy's "I shouldn't be alive comment."

The Byrd's Nest said...

ha ha....Greg could have slept through that too:) So much fun..even though you are still not feeling well...what a good Mom you are my friend. She will always remember that day!!! Praying you are feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayce said...

I just love decorating cookies with kids and have done it many a time! This year it was with two adorable girls who had way too much fun! I hope you are feeling better SOON!!

Wendy said...

You're on Avelox and you're still able to function? God bless you. Last time I took that stuff I couldn't remember my own phone number as I tried to give it to the receptionist at my doctor's office where I was calling to tell them that the Avelox they gave me was making me completely mental and I was sure I was going to die...in the psychiatric ward of the local hospital. That is some heavy, heavy duty stuff. I will NEVER take it again!