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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tongginator PR

So we've moved beyond solely my momma reprimanding me when I don't blog; now my sweet neighbor Mrs. O chides me when I don't. (Hi, Mrs. O!) Unfortunately for y'all, I adore Mrs. O, so today I shall ramble on incessantly about nothing simply because she complained. To quote her vaguely (um... can one actually quote vaguely? I guess that only applies to *insert name of politician you loathe here*), Mrs. O has to get up at 5 AM every day, so I'd better have SOMETHING for her to read while she hoovers caffeine into her system. Because did y'all catch that time?


n the MORNING, y'all.

Even the Tongginator doesn't rise that early, y'all. Because I, in my infinite wisdom and with Machiavellian intent, convinced her that the early bird person has to catch worms. And she's heard the actual phrase often enough from others to believe me. Heh. So when I heard Mrs. O say that she begins her days at five, I felt sorry for her. Which is why I'm posting about nothing right now.


Because I seriously doubt y'all care about the three hours I spent in the school's copy room yesterday, sorting through math workbooks, making duplicates of enrichment, practice and remedial sheets while fighting off a horrific case of A Barrage Of Paper Cuts. Nor do I think y'all wish to hear me Moan And Complain about how the Husband deserted me for the wilds of Denver to attend some - dare I say it? - WORK meetings. And I'm fairly certain that neither do you care about my oh-so-exciting trek to Target. Although perhaps a detailed account of my purchase of toilet paper IS in order.

If only to prove how Incredibly Lame And Boring I am at the moment.


Or maybe you'd like to hear how the Tongginator is doing in school. Because I can share that. I'm a proud momma; I'm allowed to brag a little... right? I'll ignore all of the NOES echoing around me and listen to the Voice That Matters. (Hi, Tonggu Grammy!) And she says it's totally okay for me to tell you that the Tongginator's report card came back looking absolutely amazing. I mean, I AM a narcissistic blogger after all. Raving about my girl is part of my JOB.

(The Tongginator did wonderfully this past quarter.)

(Well... she did mostly wonderfully this past quarter.)

For those of y'all with littles still at home, or with older children who escaped the Self-Esteem Era Report Card, most students below third grade don't actually receive letter grades anymore. Well, they do, but not in the traditional A-B-C way we knew and loathed. No, y'all, they receive either a CD for continually demonstrating, a PR for progressing or an NI for needs improvement. And my Tongginator? My Tongginator received ALL continually demonstrating.

Well, except for one pesky little exception.

look down further... further... a little further
there - you found it, didn't you?

*grin* We don't call her the Tongginator for nothing. This just proves that the Tongginator's teacher, the Pirate Queen, knows her all too well. As do her comments.

I guess that redirection problem is universal. Heh.


Cedar said...

Our schools give out 1,2,3, and 4's. 4 being exceeds grade level expectations. Such clear grading systems.

Good job, Tongginator!

Keating Mom said...

Way to go Tonigginator!! I love the "gives other students more redirection than they would like!" I think I give my Z more redirection than he would like too;)

Tonggu Grammy said...

She just wants to make sure that they do it the way that they should (ie. the way SHE thinks they should). What's the problem?

Laurie said...

God bless your neighbor! You get people used to a post every day and then leave them hanging. Shame on you! :) Hey, that's a GREAT report card! You should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

Thanks TM. Kind of funny because I didn't get up until 6:30 a.m. today! Sorry! I love seeing the post though. Even better I loved the invitation from the Tongginator for a sleepover as soon as I walked in your house! She is so, so sweet!

She did awesome on her report card too! I would think the Pirate Queen would like the help to direct some of those feisty little pirates in her classroom! Tongg wouldn't have to redirect them if they were doing what they were supposed to right??? Ha, ha. I'm sure that is what she would say! and I would agree!

Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

My aunt and my best friend, the two people I talk to EVERY day, get all over me when don't blog!! Oh, the pressure.

I love that she feels the need to redirect her classmates more than they like. Hilarious!

Aus said...

See - I love those kind of posts - as I'm sure that Tdaddy does too (in particular when he's away!!)

And if you are in bed past 5 the day is half shot - I'm with Mrs. O - up at 0500 every day - work or not!

We to - under 3rd grade - have those 'self esteem' report cards....except that the stinkin things are so complicated that I can't figure out what all the numbers mean....I mean is 1 good or is 5 good - so since I don't know which is which should I root for 3's? And are the numbers class rooms or grades? I mean - at least you can UNDERSTAND yours.

Oh - and I asked - but they still haven't answered me....hummm.....myabe they don't know either? ;)

Sharing in a little parental pride with you over my coffee!

hugs - aus and co.

lmgnyc said...

I heart Mrs. O. Thank you for bullying TM into blogging even when it's supposedly about nothing. wink, wink.

sara said...

Nicely done Togginator!!

The redirection comment made me laugh. I love it!

LucisMomma said...

Good job, Miss T!

Thanks for the reminder that I need to go buy toilet paper. :)

The comment "gives other students more redirection than they would like..." really cracked me up! That is SO much our DD, too. Both our kids are going to be running corporations some day. And maybe the country, if they change that law about being born here.


Wendy said...

I don't mean to toot our own horns (teachers--you too TM, that is), but it's amazing how we can use a turn of phrase to explain a child's behavior in a more positive light, isn't it?! I mean, the Pirate Queen could have said, "Sometimes other kids are annoyed because she can be bit bossy." I have a whole arsenol of phrases and code words I use to get my point across and still put a positive spin on student behavior that might need improvement. :-)

BTW, we must have been having some weird mind connection, because did you read my blog yesterday? I was having the same "what the heck am I going to blog about" feelings, too!

At least you got to blog about something you were proud of!!!

Me? Not so much.


prechrswife said...

Yet another reminder of why I refer to my girl as the "Junior Tongginator." She can be a bit--ahem--bossy, too. Her daddy calls it "leadership potential." :-)

Mei Ling said...

"Because I seriously doubt y'all care about the three hours I spent in the school's copy room yesterday, sorting through math workbooks, making duplicates of enrichment, practice and remedial sheets while fighting off a horrific case of A Barrage Of Paper Cuts."

Pffft. Trying removing, reassembling and putting back huge stacks of paper over the course of three weeks into 12 different cabinets with a span of 2006-2010.

Now THAT is what I call "a barrage of paper cuts."

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

I agree with TG on this one. She has a very independent personality, which will be a great leadership quality one day. (Of course, figuring out when and how to use those skills will take a little time to develop. . .She's only 1st grade, ya know!) : )

Kristi said...

It is hard to cooperate with others when you are the leader you know...
THEY have to find ways to cooperate with you. :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This post made me smile!! She did a fabulous job this quarter and like Kristi said, she is a True Leader!

Have been thinking about you often. Things are still a little hectic around herre, but we are adjusting more and more with each day that passess.

Hope to catch up soon.



Suzy said...

Lydia was cut from the same cloth. Only it's usually ME who is receiving more redirection than I want. She went to visit a preschool yesterday, and imagine my shock when she begged to STAY! She even sat STILL on a chair outside one of the classrooms as she watched enthralled.

Sharie said...

Oh I wonder who would win the "redirecting friends" award if T and Amelia ever played together. I'm pretty sure her report card will look similar - with a comment about how much she likes to share all she knows during carpet time.

Colin and Jill Canada said...

I would say like mother like daughter, but it would seem you were actually redirected to blog - and it wasn;t even by your daughter! So maybe you're not the assertive one here. :)

She did fabulous, and you should be proud and blogging about it!


Sunday said...

LOL, My 12 year old is STILL trying to redirect folks, (including me). I always say they come to us with their core personalities, we can not change them. The qualities that make a child difficult to raise are the ones that make an excellent CEO.

Cavatica said...

BB has been giving our cats a little more redirection than they would like. Perhaps I should give her a "PR" and be done with it, as my method of responding with redirection, toward BB, is proving to be a bit more than she would like.

Briana's Mom said...

Great report card! :D

"Gives other students more redirection than they would like" sounds much better than "Being bossy". Snort.

I've noticed Briana has been giving a bit more redirection to her friends lately too. :D

Anonymous said...

Just checking in and noticing your LID. You are getting close! We're Aug 1 2006 with a waiting 6 year old as well. These girls are going to be the best big sisters! I don't know about you but we simply can't wait to be in the diaper stage again!! I will never complain about that all too short time..... Here's hoping your referral comes soon!

Lisa V