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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Linkage

As always, I don't necessarily agree or disagree with these links, but I believe they are important to consider. For those of you new around here, I'm an adoptive momma. Each Sunday I try to post links relevant to the China- adoptive community. I read some of these linkage posts while nodding my head in agreement... others stretch my mind as I seek to understand. Always, always, I consider them.

The Orphan AND the Widow -- adult adoptee (domestic) Amanda at The Declassified Adoptee... on God's call to care for both the orphan and the widow

It's National ADOPTION Month, Stupid -- adult adoptee (domestic) Melanie at According to Addie... on why this month cannot possibly be called "National Adoptee Month"

In Case You've Been Living in a Cave, Snowed In Without Newspapers, and Your Cable Was Knocked Out and Your Antenna Knocked Down, and You Just Had Your Internet Service Restored But You Can't Remember Your Facebook Password, Twitter is Over Capacity, Though You Can Finally Catch Up on Your Blog Reading, Here's the BIG News You Missed: November is Adoption Awareness Month -- adoptive momma (China) Malinda at Adoption Talk... on National Adoption Month, and ways one adoptive momma wants to acknowledge it

What Happens In Toddler Attachment Therapy? -- adoptive momma (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Megan at Millions of Miles... a description of her experience with toddler attachment therapy

On a Scale from 1 to 10
-- adult adoptee (domestic) Amanda at The Declassified Adoptee... on considering the individual issues and components within adoption, rather than rating adoption positively or negatively as a whole

crazy -- adoptive momma (China) Stefanie at Ni Hao, Y'all... thoughts on doubts during Orphan Sunday

Searching, Working -- adoptive momma (Russia and Guatemala) Marcie at the group adoption blog Grown in My Heart... on pinching pennies to start a birthparent search

The Critical Difference Between Foster and Infant Adoption -- adult adoptee (domestic) Triona at 73adoptee... listing the crucial difference between foster adoption and infant adoption

We Bleed, Too -- first mother Cassi at Adoption Truth... how she feels, as a Christian and a birthmother, when she hears adoptive parents talk about God's plan in adoption

Ending Gendercide -- adult adoptee (Korea) Melissa at Yoon's Blur... a shout-out for a brand-new charity focused on ending gendercide and revealing the injustice of China's population control policies

Collision of Two Cultures
-- adoptive momma (China) Connie at the group China-adoption special needs blog No Hands But Ours... on their first year with their son, adopted as an older child

Would You Have Rather Been Raised in an Orphanage?
-- former foster child Sunday Kofffron at To Tell The Truth... an adult raised in group homes answers this question so many pose

A Few Thoughts on Orphan Sunday -- adoptive momma (Ethiopia) Abby Hendricks at finally... thoughts from a Christian adoptive mom about Orphan Sunday


Amanda said...

Thank you for linking me :-)

Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

Thank you.

Megan said...

Thanks Tonguu Mama!

Megan said...

Yep - I totally spelled it wrong. Did it make you cringe? I tried to stop it, but it was too late!!! Sorry :-)

Lisa said...

Hi TM!

Its just me who keeps popping onto your blog site over & again....just in case you have one of those map counters!! LOL

Not a stalker, just keep getting interrupted while trying to check out these links!!!

Its good stuff!!! Thanks!