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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Sound of Nouns

So I've been struggling a bit these past two weeks with some asthma issues. Our whole family brought home a flu-like virus from Williamsburg two weeks ago. We've been up and down since then, passing The Sickness back and forth between us. Now the crud has settled in my chest, which is not good news for my asthmatic self.

It means (shhh....) I didn't vote yesterday.

I didn't even leave the house. Or even the couch all that much.

The Tongginator and I spent the day participating in a movie marathon, watching The Parent Trap, several home movies the Husband created, and my all-time favorite The Sound of Music. The Tongginator felt none too thrilled with the first 15 minutes of The Sound of Music, which she'd never before seen, but I forced strongly convinced her to give the movie a chance until the children appeared on screen. Fortunately, the Tongginator fell in love with Maria and the von Trapp family. She loved the movie, even asking to call Tonggu Grammy as the credits rolled, to tell her Grammy all about her new movie love. And later she spent several minutes discussing the highs and lows of the story with me. She loved the whistle scene (of course that would appeal to my little dictator) as well as any and all scenes where the children dressed in Maria's old drapes.

TONGGINATOR: I loved that movie, Momma! Can we add it to my movie drawer now? Can I watch it whenever I want to? I mean, when I'm allowed to watch a movie, can I pick it?

: Yes, you can, Tongginator. I'm so glad you like the movie... I loved it, too, when I was a little girl.

TONGGINATOR: I did love it, Momma. I loved it a lot. I didn't like the scenes with the nouns though. Those were boring.

TONGGU MOMMA: With the nouns? What do you mean?

TONGGINATOR: I mean they were boring. The nouns were boring.

TONGGU MOMMA: What are the nouns?

TONGGINATOR: (with an exasperated sigh) You know, Momma... the NOUNS. They lived in the church.

TONGGU MOMMA: You mean the NUNS?

TONGGINATOR: Yeah. Them. I didn't like them so much.

I'm thinking it's because they made fun of Maria being late for everything... except for every meal. What about you?


Keating Mom said...

Yes, those nouns were impatient with Maria, but they came through in the end, right?!! Too funny!! Love that movie!

Aus said...

I dunno - I kinda loved the Nouns - in particular the one's that 'sinned' toward the end of the movie - but then again - is it a sin to do something 'wrong' for the greater good? And just how many Angels can sit on the head of a pin anyway? ;)

Sick is about the only acceptable excuse for not voting - except maybe dead - which (thankfully - extreme thankfully) won't apply in this case! I'll let you up easy on this one!

hugs - aus and co.

Anonymous said...

We once had the privilege of listening to a man with a beautifully rich Irish accent speaking on grammar (I think it was a sermon illustration, but of course I no longer remember the context), and it left half the (American) congregation scratching their heads wondering what "nines and adverbs" were. It took a while for everyone to realize he'd said "*nouns* and adverbs"!

Which is not really related to The Sound of Music, but any joke about nouns always makes me remember that!

sara said...

Those nouns were boring! Something my Catholic school educated parents would surely agree with!!

Wendy said...

I'm pretty sure your Medusa costume wearing daughter thought the nouns were a little too bland for her liking. Not enough wiggle in their hair...in fact, you can't see their hair at all.

Laurie said...

Great story! We love Parent Trap at our house too (the old version is my personal favorite movie of all time), and just last week we watched a reunion of the cast of Sound of Music- Allison saw it and we thought, hmmmm, maybe she's ready to watch the movie. Thankfully, it's the last movie we rented from Netflix, so maybe we'll get it out this weekend and see how she likes the nouns! :)

lmgnyc said...

Oh man TM, it would have KILLED me to not go out and vote! But console yourself, you might have gotten there and maybe the machine would have been broken anyway....or is that just here in NY?

Whatever, you need to get well so you did the right thing.

And yeah, those nouns are boring. Adjectives are way more fun. ;-)

Gayla said...

LOVE it!!!

I just recently watched TOSM w/ my daughter (who has only been home from ET for 7 months) for the first time as well. It was so great that I titled the blog post about it "best day ever." SO SWEET!!!

prechrswife said...

Nouns...love it! :-)

Robin said...

Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie. I guess I didn't like the "noun" scenes all that much when I was a kid either. The whole original cast was on Oprah last week. I never watch her anymore, but that one I had to see. It was great. Hope you feel better soon.

Lisa said...


Cuz that's just cute!!

Feel better!!!

Rhonda said...

Too cute!

LucisMomma said...

Hope you're feeling better today!

Sharie said...

I am not a huge fan of Sound of Music, however I do have favorite scenes. The cemetery at the end when he whistles STILL gives me the chills.

And not a holiday goes by that someone in my family doesn't say good-bye - "So long farewell, I need to say adieu" at least that's what I thought they said until this very moment when I Googled to see how to spell adieu and realized it is, "auf Wiedersehen, adieu" I'm red faced now!

So much for making fun of my siblings for thinking our aunt Norma Ann's name was actually "Norman"
Although, auf Wiedersehen, adieu is a little more challenging than Norma Ann - don't you think?

Kim said...

Once l'il T realizes just how MUCH it costs every time you take your car to the repair shop, she'll give those nouns the respect they're due at the end there...

OneThankfulMom said...

I've been sick too and it is killing me to be so inefficient. However, I had a few hours all alone to day and it was so lovely and quiet. I hope you get better soon.

Laural Out Loud said...

A family friend swears that when she saw the movie in the theater as a child, there was a whole section at the end showing the Von Trapp family having made it over the mountain. Wouldn't that be so cool to see? Your daughter's right- the nouns ARE boring, lol.

Patty O. said...

So cute!

I LOVE that movie. Anytime it was ever on TV when I was a kid, I HAD to watch it. My siblings would groan and roll their eyes.

Later, my sister even accused me of wanting a "Gazebo love," meaning romance like that in "The Sound of Music." And I said, "Of course, I want that kind of love. We deserve that!"

When my sister and I eventually married our husbands, my sister bought me a little gazebo figurine to represent how we had gotten our gazebos.

Of course, one of the kids broke the thing, but still. I don't think that means anything.
DO you?

The Ferrill's said...

So so sorry yall are sick!
Sound of Music is so great. One night I printed off ALL the lyrics to EVERY song and we ALL sat around and watched the movie with our printed lyrics and I made everybody sing the songs. Now I am called the "Sound of Music" nazi. Especially by my older sons who were not thrilled about singing all the songs. :)
It was fun, anyway! And whenever my kiddos want to bribe me, they just say, "I'll watch Sound of Music and sing with you, Mom."
Good times.

The Byrd's Nest said...

hee hee.....I love it when they get words wrong...it will be a sad day when our babies speak correctly:) (in my opinion..anyway:)

My girls aren't ready for that yet but I can't wait!! I love the Sound of Music. AND I have to agree with her...the nouns were pretty boring to me as a child and a grown up when the Mother was singing "Climb every mountain" :( Sorry..lol

Hope your asthma clears up...praying for you because I know how terrible it is since I am asthmatic too:)

Cavatica said...

I think she doesn't like the nouns because they only wear black and white. The Tongginator is a rainbowist, afterall. I don't think nouns spend much time with rainbowists. Except Maria, who keeps running off to mountains to sing with mountains and the sky and rainbows, I'm sure.