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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mouse in the House

I like to think of this last month as my attempt to prove my Absolute Contrary Nature to y'all. You know, because I always tease that the vast majority of adoption bloggers cease blogging about 5.2 months after they arrive home with their children. And I? I seem to be going through that same conundrum about 5.2 months before I receive referral.

I really don't know what has happened.

Okay, that's not true exactly.

I do know what has happened, but I can't exactly blog about it. Some stuff is going on in my life right now (some good, some not-so-good) that makes it difficult to blog. I really try to keep this blog as anonymous as possible in order to protect the Tongginator's privacy, but sometimes things happen that completely threaten to implode the thin veneer of anonymity I've convinced myself I created.

And so I don't know what to write. Or not write.

And so I don't.

Well, except for today. Because last night the Husband careened up the stairs, with his arms raised in victory, shouting, "I am INVINCIBLE!!!!" And oh, my lands, is he ever, y'all. Do you remember our little mouse problem? Well, Molly the Stupid Cat managed to reduce the Tonggu House Mouse Population from four to two, but that still left a sneaky duo that did everything they could to avoid capture. The Husband managed to send one little mouse to an early demise, but I just couldn't quite sanction a repeat performance.

It seemed too... inhumane... even for my sorry, pretending-to-hate animals self.

Which means the fourth and final mouse has been sneaking around our house (yes, he moved from the garage to the house) trying to find a new comfy nest. And no, the ever useless Rusty the Vortex of Vomit did not even notice the mouse. And of course Molly isn't allowed in the house because she'd... well, she'd pretty much tear our house to pieces if she ever came inside. She may look cute and cuddly, but feral is feral. And the Husband has the scars to prove it.

I, of course, do not.

Because I am smart.

Our little indoor Vortex of Vomit isn't too smart, however. Because Rusty didn't exactly know what to do when the Husband careened up the stairs shouting, "I am INVINCIBLE!" Even though the Husband practically gift-wrapped Mouse #4 for him.

meeting face to face

the trap

So no, I didn't allow the Husband to send Mouse #4 to the guillotine. Nor did I allow my former farm boy to sic the cat on him. Frankly, I feared for our cat. Plus, y'all, my pretending-to-hate-animals self succumbed to Mouse #4's Cute Little Face.

Mouse #4 looking pitiful... and terrified

I made the Husband drive him out to our closest Large Wooded Area. It's a local park. I'm hoping he finds a nice little home there. And I only feel slightly guilty that said home may involve one of the park's two closest buildings. I figure the smell of the gym will scare him away from the local middle school.

And the second building?

Well... they don't call them church mice for nothing. Right???


Mia_h_n said...

Uhm..seeing as you can't disclose about those events, good and bad, it's a little difficult to give advice (not that you asked! ;p), but I will say this. I totally respect your decision to uphold anonymity on the blog as far as names and the Tongginator's face is concerned and I see your reasons why.

I have always wondered though, with the popularity of your blog and the apparently close knit community of China adoption, if it would be able to last in the long run.

Possible or not, I for one hope you'll keep blogging also past the 5.2 mark. Anonymous or not I can't imagine not enjoying your insightful and thought provoking writing and especially your sense of humor! And your Sunday Linkage.

And good job on taking the mouse on a picnic :) That would have been my choice also.

LucisMomma said...

Hugs, TM. I do hope that things get all sorted out soon, that you feel good about all that is going on in your life. I do love your wit and wisdom, and that cute little mouse face today. I've come to think of you as one of my cyber-friends.

lmgnyc said...

I know it's hard to keep going with the blog in the face of "stuff" going on, but in my experience, the hugs and warmth you get from the blog will help you carry on and keep you going. I mean, hope it will. I hope we can help get you through whatever it may be. ;-)

And ps, we got a little mouse issue ourselves but no cat to help us out. Drats.

Hugs TM.

Jboo said...

Having a difficult time with blogging lately too. Hope all is going well and/or improving at your house. Definitely getting rid of the mouse is an improvement! Yikes -- they totally freak me out! Luckily, our little terrier puppy should be keeping any mice out of the house -- she's gotta earn her way somehow, right! Take care!

Janet said...

Okay, that little mousey is actually quite cute. Good on you. Even though I would have let my cat eat him. The circle of life, and all.....

Suzy said...

The mice. They wouldn't be so bad if they didn't dart about and scurry. And drag their tails through their urine & then drag their tails across your counter, pantry shelves, floors, etc. And carry disease. If, say, they'd announce their presence and speak with an accent like, you know, the Geico Gecko, I might be willing to have one sit next to me at church. But they don't, and so for today, I just have to be glad I know there is no gymnasium or park close to my church. LOVE you!

Aus said...

Morning TM - yeah - I get your desire for private - but you know that with todays resources on-line that privacy is really an illusion right? Regardless - I'll defend that right for you to the ends of the earth!

As for your 'stuff' - I'll extend a hand and tell you that ya'll are more than welcome to share 'off blog' if you'd like....not that we can help....but sometimes just the act of sharing makes your 'vision' clearer.....always around for friends!

And as for the mouse...TM is a closet animal lover - even of mice? ;) See - I knew you had it in you!!

hugs - aus and co.

Cedar said...

Umm, I do know who Eli Loker is, but I would so be living in a hotel until that mouse was found! Does that take me off the best friend list?

Definitely hoping every thing gets straightened out for you and glad some of the stuff is good stuff.

prechrswife said...

That first picture of the cat and mouse is hilarious!

Debbie said...

There are not many things worse than a mouse loose in the house. All the cleaning and work it creates. Yuck! I hope that was the last of yours.

Mahmee said...

I hear ya. To blog or not to blog...that is the question.
How did you end up with a mouse that was so damn cute? Sheesh.

Sharie said...

That is the cutest rouge mouse ever. Glad you were able to set him free:)

Hopefully some things will shake loose in the next few weeks making life a little easier all around.

Annie said...

Hehe! I made my hubby do the same thing!!!! You know I am an animal lover and I just could not do the mousey quillotine! So hubby had to drive the little mousey to greener pastures!! LOL! Love it TM!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I am not surprised at all to see you couldn't let your farm boy of a husband (even if he's a former farm boy) kill little #4 :)

I completely understand blogging and "stuff". For some reason with all that goes in real life, sometimes it feels so superficial and vain to write about our trip to the pumpkin patch :(

Sometimes, my life seems too lame to even document for myself for a scrapbook. Sometimes, there is confusion and pain so deep I wouldn't even know where to begin to type.

So, yeah, I get not blogging ;) But hang in there!! We need our dose of TM!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

mice are nasty creatures. there is nothing cute about them. (can you sense I have issues?)

As for the gravity of the anonymous situation, hang in there. It'll all work out. yada, yada. BUT, I keep trying to tell you, you'll never be able to run for president IF you keep hiding your face and insisting on pseudonyms. . .unless you're already an elected official. I think I just solved it folks. You've been absent this fall due to the impending election. A ha! You've been discovered!

(Seriously, hang in there. God is good--even when life hurts.)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Okay...you seriously cannot stop blogging! I don't know how I missed this post...I LIVE for your posts. I REALLY miss Southern accents!!!!! And I can just hear yours when I read it...I love your words...I love your heart and your mind!!!! PLEASE!!!! Don't leave me stranded in Mexico with nothing good to read!!!!!!

Now...for the mouse. I don't know if I have told you this but if you keep cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil in the places where you see mouse droppings...they will avoid it like the plague! And it is completely healthy for your sweet girl. I got this tip from Laura at Ladybugs and Dragonflies...it really works!!!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Love this!!