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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Key to a Successful Thanksgiving

I figured it out, y'all. The key to a successful Thanksgiving at my house is to become so absolutely sick, no one expects you to cook or do the dishes. In fact, no one actually WANTS you to cook or do the dishes. Because then you will smear your invisible germs all over their food and cutlery. Thank goodness for my sister. And my momma. And my dad the Colonel, who is an Expert Turkey Carver.

The husband, Tongginator and I barely made it to my family's Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday. I slept on my sister's couch most of the day, waking only to eat and play one or two board games. The Tongginator ran wild with her cousins M&M and Baby Ruth. And the husband? Somehow he survived the chaos that is my family during a holiday meal.

We get loud, you see.

Really, really loud.

We don't mean to. But my sister starts a-chattering. And then my momma comments. And then Aunt P throws in her two cents. And then - within minutes - we are all talking over one another and the volume grows to Epic Proportions.

(My husband is a saint.)

He also doesn't put up much of a fuss when it comes to Thanksgiving meal traditions. I once heard that the Number One Reason For Couples Divorcing in the United States is not actually money... it's stuffing, y'all. It seems we Americans feel very passionately that our Momma's stuffing is The Best In The Entire World and no other stuffing can compare. Since there are two mommas (or more!) for every couple, Thanksgiving is a stressful, stressful time.

Which means that the second key to a successful Thanksgiving? It involves the stuffing, y'all.

Thankfully we've never known marital discourse in this area, since my husband immediately and graciously acquiesced on this point. He still won't cave on the thermostat, but he ceded his Stuffing Rights and embraced my momma's recipe. That's why I love this man. Oh, and the fact that he's put up with me all week while I shook and shivered, recovering from bronchitis and all manner of ill health. I'm currently on my eighteenth day of antibiotics during the month of November. Impressive, yes?

As is my momma's stuffing recipe.

Simple, yet oh, how it brings back the childhood memories.

What about y'all? Who won the stuffing battle at your house? And what type of stuffing do you make: bread, sausage and apple, Italian, cornbread, mushroom, what? My momma's is a simple bread stuffing recipe, but oh, how it tastes like home.

Hope y'all had a taste of home this past week, too.


Sherri said...

My husband says MY stuffing is better than either of our mothers' stuffing. We come from mothers who do not like to cook. I love to cook. I put chestnuts in my stuffing and it's yummy!

I'm sorry you've been so sick this month. Hopefully, you're getting it all out of the way before you go to China! It's just around the corner!

Aus said...

We had a decent week - and I'm hoping to get my hands (and fork) on some of Marie's stuffing this week - we were out for the Holiday this year with friends - but it's all good! (and a simple bread stuffing that tastes better than anything!)

hugs - aus and co.

Kim K. said...

I'm sorry that the germ fairy has blessed your house again. Your husband definitely sounds like he deserves knighthood. We didn't travel this year and it was fabulous. The whole house is decorated and we crafted up a storm. I could get used to staying home for the holidays.

Briana's Mom said...

Oh my gosh - you sister, mom and Aunt P sound just like me, my mom and my sister. We are a loud bunch. Ask Doug. :D

My mom's recipe for stuffing totally rocks and is hands down the winner in our house. :D

Hope you're feeling better!

Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

YIKES! Feel better soon! Your husband is like mine. He just settles in and let's all of us loud mouth women have fun.

LucisMomma said...

You poor thing! Weren't you sick last year, too? You are in my prayers for health, TM.

We have cornbread dressing (do not put it in the turkey, please!) that is a blend of bread and cornbread. DH's momma was a lousy cook, although she was good at everything else, especially making people feel loved--which is infinitely more important than dressing/stuffing. So DH is happy with whatever recipe I come up with (which is my momma's).


Laurie said...

First of all, so sorry you were sick during the holiday weekend- no fun! Second of all, I could do an entire post on stuffing alone-I really think people should just make stuffing during the year so it's not such a big deal during Thanksgiving! :) Just my 2 cents!

Wendy said...

My mom makes bread stuffing like your mom and it's out of this world (and this is spoken by someone who has issues with the general idea and consistency of stuffing in the first place). But she is far more famous for her homemade apple pie, which is to-die-for. I plan on being buried with it.

bbmomof2boys said...

Sorry you were sick - hope you are feeling better!

Stuffing - my DAD made the best stuffing!! And boy do I miss it. This time of year is still tough for me - so many emotions, so much thankfulness and yet, so much sorrow...


sara said...

We are a family of epic loudness too. My poor husband was scared to death for the first several years we were together. I kept telling hime it's like jump rope...you just gotta jump in when you see an opening. Sometimes you get smacked and other times people will think you're awesome. Either way you just have to keep jumping.

Sadly we rock Stove Top at our house, but we figure they have it all sorted out so why reinvent the wheel :)

prechrswife said...

We are a cornbread dressing family, all the way. I can share in your misery, in that I was sick and could barely even function on Thanksgiving day. Poor K slept all day long with the same miserable virus. Ours, however, was short-lived, thankfully.

Myrnie said...

I hope you're feeling loads better! Being sick is no fun :( Stuffing....ours was good, and Dad convinced Aunt LoLo to buy a box of Stovetop and doctor it up with apples and onions and cranberries, delish! Everything that girls touches is yummy :)

Neil, Carol & Liana (Elvis too!) said...

My mom's stuffing is of course better than my mother-in-law's! :-) My mom is from Arkansas, and her salty cornbread & bacon stuffing is the highlight of the holiday - and it won over my Irish husband 20 years ago. He won't admit to his mom that it's better, but she puts raisins in hers, ick. :-)

hope you are feeling much better!
Carol at Flower of China

The Byrd's Nest said...

I hope you are feeling better T-Momma!!!!! Sounds like a nice quiet Thanksgiving to me....just what I like;)

Lottie and I were sick also. She had a cough and a cold, I had well...let's just say because we ate at a Mexican friends house and I drank their homemade juice that I had a free colon cleansing:) Yuck!!!!!!!!!!

M3 said...

Happy Thanksgiving (and so sorry you were sick!).

Ah, the stuffing... my husband comes from Texas, do I even need to state that he likes cornbread stuffing? Which, by the way, is an abomination if you ask me... although I saw that Carol above is getting salty cornbread and bacon stuffing and I just might switch to the other side for that!!! Yum.

Serving the King said...

18 days of antibiotic, bless your heart! We are a stuffing free house so I have no wise input on the matter but I sure hope you feel better! It's all fun and games until the mom gets sick. ;)

Norah said...

Sounds like you still managed to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Get well soon! I now have a craving for more stuffing. Must go look up new recipes. : )

lmgnyc said...

Oh my TM! I hope you feel better soon.

We are only a half American family so no stuffing battles here. Dh is European so we skirt the whole issue. My Mom's stuffing is the only stuffing DH has ever tasted. ;-)

Sarah said...

You know what else makes for a stress free thanksgiving? Mess up the rolls. Seriously who messed up rolls.....nevermind.....

We had a new verson of stuffing this year. It wasn't bad actually.

Sharie said...

Hopefully all the noise chased the germs away:)

I actually don't eat stuffing - and with only one mom it doesn't matter anyway;) Amelia loves her grandma's stuffing though, and that's all that matters to grandma anyway!

AwesomeCloud and family said...

My husband loves all stuffing. The less nutritional value, the better. What puzzles me is how he managed to bring home a tub full of leftover squash. Everyone in my family hates squash, especially him. So I've been teasing him about it ever since.

Suzy said...

We eat MY dressing. I like cornbread dressing with apple sauce added to the mix to make keep it from being to dry or too salty. I like the bread variety, too. The idea of oysters in it, though, horrifies me. Mainly because I don't eat ANYTHING that lived in the water.

Hope you're all better now! We've missed you so.

Laine said...

Bless you! I hope this will be the last round and you're getting it all over with before Christmas! And then you'll be a picture of health for that trip to China! :)

I especially love reading about your loud family when you all get to talking...HILARIOUS!

And about the stuffing, we don't ever have it! We have DRESSING! :) And oyster dressing is YUUUUUUMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
And...are stuffing and dressing the same thing? It's a mystery.

Anyway, Happy late Thanksgiving to you too! AND....I know next year you will have one more precious one at your table! Hallelujah!

Mia_h_n said...

Fighting over food?? No, no, no, that's all wrong! No discrimination should apply to everything including food, at least it does in my house. I love all food equally! :)
But belated happy Thanksgiving nonetheless.

And I hope you feel better soon. I'm on my sixteenth day of staying under the covers while trying not to cough up a lung. It sucks...

Anonymous said...

Mrs. O was wondering why you weren't posting but I just figured you were busy with the holiday!

Interesting information about the importance of stuffing. So, will you post your momma's recipe? We are a bread stuffing family too but there is a difference of consistencies between the families. Lucky for me DH isn't a picky eater and appreciates most foods in general!

Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

My mother's--now MY--stuffing is a simple sage and onion with the addition of tart apple and raisins, and it's the BEST. Hands down. We had a nice rye-bread stuffing at my husband's cousin's house this year, but it wasn't the same.
My MIL isn't known for her cooking, so our marriage was okay on that score!
Glad you're feeling better! Stay healthy now. It's a command. From a reader. How can you not?

La-La-Liene said...

Hey TM! I'm so guilty of being a bad blogger and blog reader. Finally have a few minutes to catch up and I really miss reading your blog.

I'm sorry you were sick Thursday but that IS a fantastic way to get out of cooking dinner for an army!

As for the stuffing, my recipe is my mom's. Simple white bread stuffing with onions, celery, sage, etc. It is so yummy! My MIL's stuffing leaves little bet desired. It's Stove Top out of the box. I think the stuff is just nasty and way too salty. I hate eating it when we're at the in-laws for the holidays. My MIL really isn't a cook unlike my mom who has taught me to make most things from scratch if I have time. I can't wait for Christmas and my mom's cooking!

La-La-Liene said...

I meant to type, "leaves little to be desired." Need to stop thinking faster than I can type.

Gail said...

Sorry you've been so sick, but at least you got to rest and didn't have to cook.

I don't have much of a recipe for stuffing, mostly because I don't like it. Never have. My husband isn't fond of it either. But we love the other Thanksgiving side dishes.

Hope you're on the mend. Grace has been sick too with a chronic cough thing. She's on round 3 of antibiotics (a different one this time).