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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Linkage

As always, I don't necessarily agree or disagree with these links, but I believe they are important to consider. For those of you new around here, I'm an adoptive momma. Each Sunday I try to post links relevant to the China- adoptive community. I read some of these linkage posts while nodding my head in agreement... others stretch my mind as I seek to understand. Always, always, I consider them.

Where Do Our Children Fit In?
and Challenges Associated with Being Transracially Adopted as Evidenced by Research -- adoptive momma (China) Malinda at Adoption Talk... sharing information from the conference she recently attended, specifically speaking to Jungyun Gill's presentation "Where Do Our Children Fit In? White Mothering of Asian Children and the Construction of Racial and Ethnic Identities" and the presentation by Susan Smith of the Evan B. Donaldson Institute

Redbook Says: Women Don't Need to Know About Birthmothers... first mom Jenna at The Chronicles of Munchkinland... commenting on a recent article about adoption found in "Redbook" magazine

Filling the adoptive parent education gap -- adoptive momma (Korea) Margie at Angry Adoptive Mom... what she would talk abotu if she had 90 minutes to speak to a group of prospective adoptive parents

One of China's "lost children" found as US adoptee more than ten years after he went missing -- at the blog Ethica... a story about a local Maryland family (and I actually spoke to this momma yesterday - she is amazing)

Why so angry? -- adult adoptee (domestic) John Raible at John Raible Online... answering the question "what do angry adoptees want?"

Our Visit to Chenzhou -- adoptive momma (domestic and China) Lisa at The Long Road to China... their visit to the orphanage just days after adopting Regan

We Can Stop the Bleeding -- adult adoptee (Korea) Melissa at Yoon's Blur... on why family preservation is important, and organizations that support those efforts

St. Johns Adoption Conference Notes
-- first mother Suz at Writing My Wrongs... a recap of her experience at the adoption ethics conference in NYC this past weekend

A Happy Birthday for Adoptees? Sometimes
NOT -- adoptive momma (China and Guatemala) Judy at the group adoption blog Grown In My Heart... on the potential triggers of an adoptee birthday

The Floating Price Tag -- adoptive momma (China) Leigh at La Bicicleta... on conversations surrounding the cost of adoption


Melissa said...

Thanks for the link to John Raible's post, "Why so angry?" As a transracial adoptee (Korean adopted into White American family), I could relate to basically every statement he made...and although he did so honestly and candidly, he did so maturely and insightfully.