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Monday, October 25, 2010

Star of the Week

When we went to Williamsburg two weekends ago, we pulled the Tongginator out of school about 20 minutes early on a Thursday to get a jump start on the three-day weekend. And of course, with my luck, she not only missed a social studies test (who - WHO - schedules a test that late in the day, especially on the eve of a three-day weekend?), I also discovered the Pirate Queen had scheduled our Tongginator to be Star of the Week bright and early Monday morning.

We planned to arrive home from our Williamsburg trip late Sunday night.

We were leaving straight from school that day to head south.


But actually it was. Because my momma had some poster board handy, which we threw in the trunk of our car. And we managed to Get It Done, despite my extreme aversion of All Things Craft. And despite the Extreme Tiredness that was the Tongginator (and! me!) on Sunday evening.

The Tongginator pretty much created the entire poster on her own. She selected the photos she wanted to use. She arranged them. She wrote captions and filled out her stars. The only thing I did was type her name and the words "star of the week" into my handy dandy little Cricut. Yes, y'all, I own a Cricut. Canuck K, after YEARS of watching me decimate every craft project I ever touched, told the Husband I needed a Cricut for my birthday (or Christmas? I can't remember), so that I could survive the elementary school years.

It paid for itself last Sunday night.

If it had been MY poster, I would have arranged stars and photos in a mish mash of I'm Pretending To Be Artistic goodness. Only it wasn't my poster. So yes, y'all, I exercised Extreme Self-Control. And my little future math major arranged things to her liking.

I'd like y'all to pay particular attention to the Tongginator's Future Goal. I know y'all expect she wrote down jeweler or possibly Food Network Star or, goodness, even a princess. But no... despite the plethora of previous Stars of the Week in her class focusing on their career goals (billionaire, race car driver and teacher among them)... the Tongginator looked towards a more short-term goal.

Well, short-term NOW anyways.

You and me both, Tongginator. You and me both.


Buckeroomama said...

Oh, bless her heart!! She will make one fine big sister.

Aus said...

You can count us in on that thought - get's your total to 7 so far! And T - you will be a fine Jei jei (and ya make me want to just hug the stuffin out of ya!)

hugs to all -

aus and co.

Laurie said...

That poster is just the CUTEST!!! She did a great job. It's tough to sit back and let them do it their own way, isn't it? But they take so much more pride in their work when they do it without help!! :)

lmgnyc said...

That is so sweet. And wow, is that one of the neatest posters ever! High five for the Togginator!

Wendy said...

What a sweet wish! Your Star of the Week story sounds VERY familiar! I posted about Lily's Student of the Week poster (which I forgot about and saved until the last minute at about midnight the night before) on my blog last year. Funny how these things just creep up on you! Like you, I had to grab whatever stuff I had on hand to help Lily slap the thing together. Lily's wish? "That mommy wouldn't have to do so much lesson plans."

And now I don't!

Hope your daugther gets HER wish very, very soon!

Stefanie said...

Goodness. That sweet girl... hoping that short term goal is VERY short term :)
And great job on the poster, TM ;)

The Gang's Momma! said...

LOVE it. AND.... I'm so impressed that you could stay "out of it" so well. Not that I'm crafty or artsy or anything, but there's something about a piece of posterboard and an assignment from a teacher that just.sucks.me.in. LIKE nobody's business. My poor kids, I've likely scarred them for life. I think I need counseling - my sick need for the poster to be PERFECT! and PRETTY! scares them all.

Ugh. We have one coming up soon. Like, Friday soon. A timeline for the life of my 9 year old.

Must. Restrain. Self. Must. STEP. AWAY. From. The. POSTERBOARD.

LucisMomma said...

Best goal EVER. And it made me cry.

Praying for you becoming a big sister, Miss T!

Annie said...

Oh my!!! How sweet, TM!! I am with ya on the craft thing. Just ain't in my genes!! BTW, what in the world is a cricut??? Hehe!

Dita said...

OK...I need to come down there and buy that child a huge ice cream cone! I was NOT expecting that and I got all choked up as soon as I saw it!

I hope it IS sooner than soon, TM...I know how long its been for all of you and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the wait will come to an end VERY soon!

Now, what on EARTH is a cricut? I am going to have to investigate because we have WAY too many of these poster board projects that try my VERY LAST nerve!

Miss coming by, TM....work has been so hectic these last several months I have had little time to blog and be blogged!

Felt like home coming by today...


Special K said...

Awww... be still my heart. I want that, too. Soon. :)

PS. Love the Hot Pink color choice. LOL!

Chris said...

I love it!!!

I love her 'tidiness' and organization! I imagine that is how my Shea will orchestrate her Star of the Week poster! ;)

Future Goal....it rocks!

sara said...

Oh I could cry from the sweetness of that goal. What an awesome star of the week!

Suzy said...

Awesome poster. I may need to get one of those Cricuts, too. And a straight jacket so I can have a little restraint - whether I want it or not ; )

Kristi said...

I think that pictures of this new sister siblingship are some of the most awaited on the internet today...

and the worst part? We won't be able to see faces! But if I do ever manage to meet you in person, at least I'll be able to see them for myself! Or will you have them wear masks... ;)

pixiemama said...

Aww. What a sweetheart!

Debbie said...

Now that's about the cutest, sweetest thing ever. I hope so too!

prechrswife said...

Love the future goal, and good for you for letting her set it up her way. As a teacher, I always preferred the projects that kids did themselves vs. those the parents did for them.

Carla said...

Loving this Star of the Week poster...the orderliness of it, the cleaness of the lines...ah...makes THIS math major's heart sing.

But what I love most? Her goal. she is going to be a GREAT big sister!

Sharie said...

I love it. I read "These are my regular cousins" and thought what in the world does that mean...then I read "These are my China cousins" and I just SMILED. I love it. She is one smart cookie!

And yes - I read down and then over:)

Aunt LoLo said...

Hahahaha...Miss T. WILL be Miss T! I love that she sets such great goals. *Grin*

Debbie said...

Nothing else matters when you read that goal. So special.

LaLa said...

Sorry, forgot to add that I always have to laugh about the Tonggu girls in the dog basket with fake grapes covering the split pants (Annslee is a Hubei girl but the other group we traveled with was a Tonggu group) and the "regular cousins" made me laugh too.

a little leprechaun said...

She is so awesome!! Beautiful work on the board! And I love the goal! So sweet!

Hope you all are doing well! Have a wonderful week!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I love her heart!!!! I also love the picture of her "regular" cousins :) Ahhhhhhh, special!

Patty O. said...

Oh, so, so sweet! Let's hope this went from poster board to God's ears! And those of the Chinese government!

I love how organized and methodical she arranged her board. Danny would have done it the same way.