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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Oh-So-Humble Emperor

Last night the husband had to work late and none of us were feeling well, so I plopped the Tongginator down in front of the television while we ate her favorite dinner of cheesy pasta. It's a VERY special treat when we eat dinner in front of the TV, and we always watch one specific show. It's been a favorite of the Tongginator's since she was 16 months old and she danced along to the theme music. And no, it's not a show that airs on The Food Network.

It's Jeopardy!, y'all.

I know, I know. My child is quirky. Or perhaps I should just admit that *I* am quirky and have Completely Warped my poor, defenseless child. I don't feel alone, however, since the Husband's choice for dinner TV, on the rare occasion that it happens, is the show Cash Cab. Which is basically the working man's version of Jeopardy!.

When the Tongginator was much younger, she used to babble out nonsense words while watching the show. Slow on the uptake, I didn't get - for a long time - that the Tongginator was "answering" Alex Trebek with her aggle flaggle responses. When she was preschool-age, she often shouted out actual words that had Absolutely No Relevance to the topic at hand. The Husband and I praised her anyway, mastering the art of the straight face while responding with "that was a good guess, Tongginator," even though she shouted out the question "what is ice cream?" when the answer was "by weight, this element makes up more of the human body than all the others combined."

(Besides, with the amount of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey in this house, she might very well be right anyway.)

Once she hit kindergarten, she became uncharacteristically silent. You know, because she started to realize she didn't actually know the answers. That all changed last night. Because last night we watched a Jeopardy! program we DVRed sometime last week. And the final Jeopardy! question was...

Because of a policy adapted in 1979, this countries young
people are collectively referred to as "little Emperors."

TONGGINATOR: Momma, I think I actually know the answer to this question.

TONGGU MOMMA: You do? What do you think it is?

TONGGINATOR: I think it might be... do you think it's China?

Now, I knew the answer, y'all, but I didn't want to steal the Tongginator's joy, so I let it play out while the theme song jangled in the background.

TONGGU MOMMA: It might be, Tongginator. Because China has population control policies. Do you remember Momma told you that people in China have to ask permission before they have babies? And that most people can have only one child? (the Tongginator nodded her head) You might be right, Tongginator, it might BE China... let's watch and find out, okay?

When Alex Trebek announced the correct answer, I turned to the Tongginator with a huge smile on my face.

TONGGU MOMMA: Way to go, Tongginator! You got it right! Can you believe you got it right?!?!

TONGGINATOR: Yep. (a short pause, and then, in a matter-of-fact voice) It's because I'm a genius, Mom.

TONGGU MOMMA: (swallowing a giggle) You're a WHAT?

TONGGINATOR: A genius, Mom. You know, I'm, like, brilliant.

That you are, Tongginator. That you are.

And oh-so-humble, too.


Buckeroomama said...

She definitely is. As if there ever was any doubt. :)

Kim K. said...

She definitely is and I can't imagine it any other way!

Kristi said...

I knew I loved this girl! I think that during my four years in college I only missed about four episodes of Jeopardy. My roommates and I sat around and watched together and I dreamed of being on the show...
Way to go Toginnator!
And who needs to be humble when you are brilliant anyway?

autumnesf said...

She's not even in China anymore and she's still a little emperor!!! LOL!! Love it!

Briana's Mom said...

ROFL!! Yep, this girl oozes humility. Snort. Seriously though, she is one smart cookie. Love it!

Briana wouldn't sit in front of Jeopardy for five minutes. She announces often that she doesn't like "big kid" shows.

Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

Of course she is brilliant!! DuH!

prechrswife said...

LOL! So humble...just like my Tonggu girl. If we ever get to meet in real life, those two will be something to behold.

Andrea said...

Nothing like a healthy self-confidence! Hilarious!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Hehe! I love that you let it play out, that is awesome! She is all genius and I love that she thought that too! :)


Patty O. said...

So, so funny! For some reason, I was touched that she knew the answer. But her declaration of her brilliance just made me laugh!

Carla said...

sorry...but I'm giggling so much right now. Love that little one and her self confidence...it will lead her far in life. :)

Oh, how I love seeing one of my children understand that they KNOW something like she did with Jeopardy! It is truly fun to see the joy in their faces when they realize it. :)

Laurie said...

Darling story!! :) And yes, a brilliant mind! :)

Magi said...

Of course she is. Love it!

sara said...

LOL!! That little one is just AWESOME!

LucisMomma said...

Humble and Brilliant.

What is the Tongginator?

Aus said...

Well - once I got past the snorting part....and then thinking for a moment that T really is one of the most brilliant lights in the heavens or on earth....Hey Tongginator - I got your back on this one - it's ain't a brag if it's true!!

Alex's answer is...."Hugs to you guys - "

The correct question?

"What is the most proper and heartfelt way to close a comment to a friend's blog post?"

aus and co.

Wanda said...

Ahh.....thanks for that good ol hearty laugh. What a kid! Kudos to you for keeping a straight face.


Sarah said...

(and so much more now)

Myrnie said...

Well, self-awareness is half the battle! :) Too funny :)

Aunt LoLo said...

BWAHAHAHAHA. Oh dear. Too, too funny!

Sharie said...

I can picture the sparkle in her eyes when she realized that she knew the answer:)

3D said...

That is too cute!!

Keep smilin!

Alyson and Ford said...

Love reading your posts, so much fun and love in them. You are truly an amazing Mom to a wonderful daughter! She is a genius!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

It's truly a strength to be able to self-evaluate. Miss T is gonna be awesome on Jeopardy one day. My only concern? How are they going to blot out her face for the whole hour? : )

ps I've missed reading your blog. I just chuckle at everything I miss when I finally get around to catching up!