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Monday, October 4, 2010

the big winner(s)

I'm sure the seven of you who participated sat around with bated breath all weekend, wondering the results of the Adoption Voyages giveaway. Umm... are there really THAT few of us in process now? Or does my writing completely scare away all prospective adoptive parents?

(Don't answer that.)

(Because I already know the answer.)

(...it's both, isn't it?...)

Anyways, the big winner of the free Adoption Voyages travel website is...


Julie, I can't access your profile, so be sure to email me sometime this week with your contact information, so that I can connect you with my fellow Tonggu Momma. And all y'all please say a prayer for Julie, who has been waiting for travel approval since March 18th. Julie, hon, that's a long, long time to be holding a photo in your hands. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I also need to tell y'all thank you so! very! much! for your kind words on Friday. I know I typically respond to everyone via email, but I'm still so overwhelmed and frustrated by the whole topic, I just can't. But all y'alls words definitely lifted my spirits in a huge way. I felt like a big winner, too. (Oh, and to answer the question that seemed to be on many of y'alls minds - I don't feel like a bad Christian because I asked for help. I feel like a bad Christian because sometimes I just want to stomp on that six-year-old bully. Who is SIX. Ahem.)

AND I need all y'all to send out a HUGE congratulations to one of my in-real-life friends who lurks here at Our Little Tongginator. Rita and her family received a referral this weekend. Oh, yes, they did. (And yeah, Rita is totally gonna kill me for mentioning her name on the blog.) They'll be seeing that all-important mug shot, plus two other precious photos - hopefully with a little something covering the split pants - sometime this morning.

I must have hugged her, like, three times on Saturday.

(And I am SO not a hugger, y'all.)

Don't let me down, y'all! Send some love to Julie, who has been waiting a long time in the special needs line for travel approval. Give yourselves some pats on the back for being such good friends to me over the weekend. And send some love to Rita, whose wait in the non-special needs line is finally almost over.


Aus said...

Morning TM - how on God's green earth could you find time to reply by e-mail? Ack - the thought....

Be happy to send out the love to Julie and Rita (personal to Rita - it's not nice to lurk....just sayin':) ) but you'll have to forward it unless they are blogging and want to share their sites!

hugs - have a great week -

aus and co.

autumnesf said...

Whhhhoooo Hoooooo for Rita!!!!!

sara said...

Sending good thoughts for Julie and a hooray for Rita!!

prechrswife said...

Congratulations, Julie! Please get TM your info so we can get everything set for you at AV. And for those who didn't win here, if you Like the Adoption Voyages FB page and leave a comment on the Give-Away thread, we're giving away another site this weekend!

LucisMomma said...

Congratulations, Julie!

Rita, AWESOME! So Happy For You!

happygeek said...

Congrats Julie!!!!!! Congrats Rita!!!

Sharie said...

Congratulations to Rita and Julie.

and to you for hugging - I'm not a hugger either, so when I accomplish it I always feel I deserve a pat on the back:)

Cavatica said...

Adding to my last comment... asking for help when you want to stomp on living creatures (great and small), so that you can avoid such stomping, is a good example of a good mom and Christian. I stand by my statement. So there.

Oh, and congrats to the contest winner! Great contest!!!

Julie said...

My computer died so I lost your blog address. I am not DTC yet so I am still waiting on immigration approval that has taken over 2 months. We have had PA since March though. I am really frustrated by this adoption process. My e-mail addy is borderalaska@yahoo.com