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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can't think funny today, probably because my eyes are going cross-eyed trying to read itty, bitty tags with numbers. I've been nesting, y'all, trying to organize the plethora of baby and toddler clothes from the Tongginator and her two younger cousins M&M and Baby Ruth.

It's a lot of clothes.

Mostly because, while the Tongginator's younger cousin M&M did have the intelligence to share a winter birthday with the Tongginator, she unfortunately did not have the good sense to grow at the same rate as the Tongginator. Which means their clothes didn't match seasons from sizes 3 months until about 3T.

Like I said, it's A LOT of clothes. And I am getting them organized, y'all. Because five or six months? Isn't all that far away.

Can I get an AMEN?

And possibly some suggestions as to how to stay busy these last few months of our wait.

I'm waiting...


Kim K. said...

How fun to start organizing/nesting!! Do you have a special bedroom that needs decorating too? That could take some time.

Kim said...

Get thee to the Renaissance Fair! We went over Labor Day weekend - beautiful weather, Madeline had a blast. Great people watching & shows

Aus said...

Hummm - Kim's idea is a good one - Marie is busy trying to figure out what to wear to ours....don't know when we'll go yet! As for other things to do to 'pass the time' - sorry, nothing seemed to help us!

hugs - aus and co.

HubeiMama said...

Oh, TM. This post just makes me happy for you. :)

And it makes me feel not so bad for saving all of Ava's clothes even though it will be eons before our LID rolls around for our kid #2 referral.

Denise said...

You are getting so close...how exciting!!!

Stefanie said...

Ooooh, FUN! I would LOVE to be there to help you, my friend! I SOOO love itty bitty baby clothes :)

Larissa said...


Football and Fried Rice said...

Don't you think those bins of clothes is enough to keep you busy for 5-6 months? What about organizing photos? That's a killer. Painting? Learning Photoshop? Reading a great book series?

Drinking pumpkin spice lattes (non fat, no whip) ought to get you through the next TWO months :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Amen! and, I must say you look pretty organized with all those marked containers!


Wendy said...

You mean this didn't keep you busy enough?? You need to work more slowly!

LucisMomma said...

Can't wait to hear about your newest little one! And praying the time goes fast for all of you.

L said...

Excited you are feeling the nesting urge!!!

I know mentally I need to start, but am still a bit on the hesitant side. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and to have to wait even more.

Carla said...

I know...take a road trip to see ME! :)

Oh, it's not on your list of top 10 places to visit? Okay...ummm...digital scrapbook your life while you waited. Or rather, digital scrapbook MY life for the past 4 years. I'll even send you my photos. Oh wait...you'd rather stick a needle in your eye?

I know...take those clothes, clean out the room, paint the room, furnish the room...put those clothes away...go shopping for a few special fun outfits...

I can't wait to hear all about your new little one...in hopefully LESS than 6 months!

Laura L. said...

This is so exciting, to see that you're going through bins of clothes. I must say that's a lot of bins! :)

I agree with Football and Fried Rice. Organizing photos is a good idea. Put them in albums, scrapbooks, files, whatever you prefer. I was totally caught up on mine when Jadyn came home. Now? I am about 3 years behind. Yep. Do all that you can before your wee one comes home.

Clean out drawers, closets, cupboards, and donate, donate! I love to do this.

By the way, I must tell you that Miss Jadyn's Kindergarten teacher's name is very similar to Mrs. Confetti. It really is. Starts with C and ends with etti. Bahahaha!

Suzy said...

Review your Chinese School language lessons, see if you can play words with friends in pin yin w/someone from class & have to tell the meanings (you might even play it with the Tongginator), read (or reread) the Happiest Baby and/or Toddler on the Block, review the info you have on SI (do you have a brush for brushing your new baby?), take a yoga class or tai chi (seriously this would be good for so many reasons not the least of which is stress reduction), make a big sister book for the Tongginator (use Shutterfly or something easy like it), get a Nifty Knitter (very easy to use AND another fantastic stress reliever - plus you may need warm stuff for your trip to China). That last one? I gave one to a bed bound patient of mine & it made her SO happy that she even taught friends and family to do it, and they all love it. Making something (even if it's simple) is very satisfying and soothing. Oh, and go out to eat with TD, maybe catch a movie, too.

sara said...

Hooray for nesting! I didn't really get to go through that process since the adoption happened so quickly. But anything that allows me to buy labels and bins and office supplies makes me happy.

As for things to do...hmmm...I got nothing. I'll have to think about that one.

Karrie said...

Congratulations on FINALLY getting close to your pending "due" date.
So exciting!!!!

Oh and the Renaissance Festival in OH is WONDERFUL. Can't get much better than The Mudd Show guys!


Keating Mom said...

If you do all those ideas above, and STILL have time, you are welcome to come here and help me organize this place!!! :)

prechrswife said...

How fun that you've started nesting! :-) You've gotten some great suggestions, and I can't think of anything to add right now.

happygeek said...

Being lazy, I am not reading all the other suggestions.So, I may overlap.
1. Attack all the hidey-holes you have. Organize em.
2. Get caught up on the laundry.
3. Catch-up on scrap-books.
4. Start sketching out Mei-Mei's life book.
5. Get caught up on your laundry
6. Fill your freezer with pre-made meals, or at least bags of chopped meat and veggies to make meal-planning easier with a baby.
7. Learn to knit.
8. Teach someone else to knit.
9 Get caught up on your laundry.
10. Come North (and west a lot)
11. Volunteer lots in Miss T's classroom
12. Go visit a farm with Miss T.
13. Take up canning.
14. Get caught up on your laundry.
15. Enjoy these last few months before things get CRAZY.

Sarah said...

Do all of the home repair/organizing projects now that you'd need to do in the next year. With a little one at home... they won't be happenin'.

Go ahead enjoy working on decorating the room. Fun stuff.

kitchu said...

amen INDEED.

Aunt LoLo said...

Hrm...talk to Myrnie. ;-) Sounds like you're "due" just after her! (1/31). Organize clothes....decorate the new room....

I fulfilled all my "nesting" obligations by going GONZO on my holiday decor. It was insanely important to me that EVERY holiday be decorated for. Well. Thoroughly.

We went through a lot of construction paper. ;-)

Kristi said...

Eek, how exciting!
And you wanna put photos into albums for me? I'd be happy to let you keep yourself busy by creating my China trip album for Darcy. Cause I'm nice like that... ;)

Myrnie said...

Oh MAN is that kid going to be well-dressed! LoLo and I did the same thing last night with all MW's old stuff, bringing home the big clothes for Mimi.

Might I suggest systematically painting everything within reach? At least, that's what WE'RE doing to pass the next 4 months :)

Patty O. said...

Amen! First off, I would get as much sleep as humanly possible, because you KNOW what's coming in a few months. Also, do all the home projects and decluttering you can now, because you likely won't have much time later.

But make sure you have some fun too. That will make the time go faster. Good luck on the waiting!

Special K said...

here's my list:

1. purge and organize. if i don't need it or use it, it goes.
2. paint stuff. a lot of stuff. the spare bedroom, some furniture, a set of baskets, etc.
3. get new carpet.
4. get a new kitchen countertop, sink and faucet. granite finally. :)
5. lose weight.
6. read lots of attachment books.
7. figure out all the packing lists and gift suggestion.

i'm sure there's more but i'm exhausted just reading that list so i need to go lay down. i'm even too lazy to capitalize today. lol

Wanda said...


You're on the right track - that's a dirty job and it's best to get that done. You've got the room ready (ish), right? Here's what you need to do. Remember all those things you couldn't do for the first couple of years that T was home? Get those done now.

Ummm....start lifting weights. Your a few years older than the first time and....ya know.....you might need the extra edge. Just sayin'. ('Cause you know I've BTDT.....puff,puff.)

And thanks for the smile you put on my face when I read your words - 5 or 6 months. Music.....pure music!!!


Gail said...

AMEN!!!! and it's about time some nesting started. I love the nesting part.

Let's see...purge, organize. Start or finish the room. The holidays will be here before you know it so the 5-6 months should zoom on by...


Colin and Jill Canada said...

AMEN sister! I cannot wait. I'm so SO excited for you!!

And I'm excited for the Tongginator too, because I know how anxious she is to be a big sister.


The Drinkwaters said...

I LOVE that you have all the clothes organized into clear bins and labeled.

We just completed this task this past weekend as well (using the clear plastic bins) - only we have just under a couple of months to go!

Did your husband help? Mine was a less than enthusiastic partner, arguing that we should just pile it all into one or two large cardboard boxes. He does not understand my need to organize, sort and categorize!
I'm busy meal planning and getting a list together of the meals I will make and freeze next month to fortify us in the first few weeks home.

I'm also sleeping and napping EVERY single chance I can get, I know it will also be in short supply with two kids at home. I am hoping to spend one on one time with my oldest when the youngest is napping.

Enjoy these last few months as a family, make some lasting memories. That is what we are trying to do...

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Yahooo!!! Let the nesting begin:) Better to do it now, than to wait til the last minute....like someone else I know....Ahem.

I just had 8 gigantic rubbermaid containers brought up for the basement to sort through them. I made three piles, keep, purge, and giveaway. It felt good to cross that off my list.

So excited for you.... you are getting VERY CLOSE!!!!

Happy Weekend~



Nicole said...

Nesting, hooray!!! So happy!!!