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Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Paper

Did y'all know that the Chinese invented paper? Specific credit goes to Cai Lun, who served in the imperial court as an inventor of instruments and weapons around AD 105. He first created paper from silk rags, but eventually the Chinese, and later the world, began using fibrous materials such a bamboo, hemp and mulberry bark.

Before the paper-making process began, the raw material was soaked in water for softening. After it became more malleable, it was boiled and pounded to form a pulp.

yes, that's the Tongginator pounding it to a
pulp... thankfully not a BLOODY pulp

The worker then placed all of the mashed pulp in a vat of water. To make a sheet of paper, the worker dipped a fine screen into the vat of pulpy water in order to gather a thin film of fiber.

oh, how my little sensory gal LOVED this part; she would
have played in that water all day if I allowed it

The worker then pressed the screen to remove the water.

okay, so she had a little help with this part

And gently placed it to dry on a heated wall. Or used a few paper towels. Whatever.

it's still drying today ... takes a while when you use the
quicker-picker-upper instead of a nifty heated wall

So now the million dollar question... what should the Tongginator write or draw on her handmade piece of paper? Inquiring minds seek creative ideas.


Kim K. said...

Looks like loads of fun. Have her write a note to her soon-to-be sister.

Annie said...

Oh man! Kim took mine:):) I think something for her new sister would be beautiful!!!

Aus said...

What ever else she choosed to write I hope it ends with Wo An Ni!!

Or - the guy in my says - sprinkle with a light coating of crushed coal, sulfer and salt, wrap REALLY tight - add a fuse and you'll have another Chinese invention - a firecracker!

Hugs - aus and co.

Tonggu Grammy said...

OK, so my first thought was a note for her soon to be sister but I do love Aus' idea. And in your neighborhood it would be a real hit.

Dawn said...

I think she should tell about her current favorites, sign and date it. Or, Aus' idea!

Be blessed!

Laura L. said...

I was thinking the same as everyone else - a message to her sister.

A cute little painting and frame it?

Wendy said...

Definitely a picture for her new sister's room. She can add the Chinese character(s) for family or love or sister in the corner! Then have it framed!

I love this project. We've always made paper in my classroom every year as we learn about Chinese New Year. My students love it.

Mamatini said...

I love all the ideas already! I was thinking maybe her handprints (since it was handmade - I'm so literal!) But definitely framed!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

a letter to sister. . .or a letter to herself for the future. . .

Wanda said...

Her name (her real name - not T.... haha) in Chinese characters.

Tricia said...

She could use it as backing for a scrapbook page of the day.

Suzy said...

I'd do the Chinese character for paper & frame it.

Sharie said...

I was thinking a Chinese character that is special to her - I know Amelia would pick cat right now:)

then you could frame it and date it. If she wants to do it for her sister let it be her idea - believe me, she'll get sick of that quickly...especially when said sister first comes home. 30 years later I still wish I was the youngest;)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Well...she has the MOST creative mind so whatever she decides to do with it will be very very special:)

LucisMomma said...

Her name plus new baby's name inside a heart.