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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Almost Halloween

My little Food Network addict was in heaven this weekend, y'all. HEAVEN. Because she attended not one, but TWO make-your-own pizza birthday parties. Twins Cinnamon and Spice celebrated their seventh birthday on Saturday morning, while our neighbor Nemo blew out the candles on her six-year-old cupcake Sunday afternoon. One party occurred at a home, while the grocery store Whole Foods hosted the other. And both parties? Made for some delicious pizza. And cupcakes. And pretzels. And candy.

Like I said, my little Tongginator floated in the clouds. Or possibly just a sugar-induced coma.

playing Pin the Candle on the Cake

making her own pizza during the party at Cinnamon and Spice's house

kid decorated cupcakes (the Tongginator's are the two in the upper right)

proving she actually LISTENS to Giada at Nemo's party

The Tongginator had a blast at BOTH parties, despite her massive mozzarella consumption. (And all that goes with that. Ahem.) Throw in a weekend block party (where the cops were called due to - and I quote - disorderly conduct) and Sunday night dinner at Grammy's house and you have the makings of a very tired, very over-sugared young lady.

Tonggu Daddy labeled it Almost Halloween.

Tonight I head to Back-to-School Night at the Tongginator's school. Here's hoping the teacher doesn't yell at me for sending the Tongginator to first grade ready to drool on her desk due to sheer exhaustion. But at least she was happy.

her smiling cupcake from Nemo's party at Whole Foods


Mia_h_n said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm bummed we don't have parties like this over here....:(

Aus said...

Looks like just all kinds of fun to me! As for what goes with that cheese thing....two of our three are lactose intolerant (as are a lot of our Asian kids) - but if you didn't know it - you can buy the lactase enzyme in pill form now - and they can even eat all kinds of ice cream and stuff without any 'issues'....for lack of a less pc word! ;)

hugs - glad it was lots of fun....and remember "Its all fun and games....until the cops show up!"

aus and co.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

how fun!


Becky said...

I'm taking my boy to the Fair this weekend and have already decided we will only be visiting ONE booth that sells sweets. Instead of three like last year...

Gotta love those sugar comas! :)

Dawn said...

Sounds like a near perfect weekend from a kid's point of view. The Whole Foods cupcake? That just made me chuckle out loud! LOL

sara said...

Adorable! My nephew had a build-your-own pizza party and I think it was the favorite of all the others he's had...it was so much fun!

April said...

What's a party without a little disorderly conduct? :)

Love Letters To China said...

Oh a little sugar never hurt anybody. ;-) My daughter's Daisy troop (the one and only year she was a member) went on a field trip to Whole Foods. They decorated cupcakes after they were given a tour of the store. Can I just tell you those were some of the best cupcakes I've had in a long time (yes I had to have one too). I kinda wish I had one now! :-)

Patty O. said...

Those cupcakes are great! What fun! I may have to have a similarly themed party for Charlotte sometime. Looks like a blast.

Beach Mama said...

Woohoo! Disorderly conduct! I'm impressed. Try staying high and dry..Earl looks like it's heading your way too(:. No hurricane block parties!

Wanda said...

Oo yeah.....can you say...partahhhh!?

Special K said...

I wanna party with you. I love a little disorderly conduct. LOL!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a fun filled weekend!! Sounds like you live in my kind of neighborhood.... they really called the cops for disorderly conduct? Haha!!