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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Tooth and Tinkerbell

Life goes on even without blogging. SHOCKING, I know. Well, it shocked ME at least. We've had a busy couple of weeks, which I didn't blog about because Random Evil Person stole my laptop while I rode the train to New York City.

Now that's just mean, y'all.

And yeah, I looked like a total schmuck at a blogging conference with! no! laptop!, but thankfully my schmuck status dissolved on Friday when I received my beautiful, brand-spanking-new laptop, courtesy of home owner's insurance.

After the whirlwind that was BlogHer, I headed home for two days of laundry duty before we headed south to more sensory overload Disney World. Lots of fun stuff happened there (oh my lands, I am such an eloquent blogger ... if you are new, stick around ... cuz there is more brilliance ahead). The Tongginator and I arrived home late last Sunday, and the Husband followed on Wednesday night. Then we all caught the flu, which caused me to learn a Very Important Lesson...

Disney World = Germ Fest.

We spent last week alternately downing chicken soup and running around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to get ready for the first day of school. Which begs the question - does that make us cannibals?

The Tongginator starts first grade today. I know y'all are waiting for me to rave endlessly about her teacher, seeing as how I loved! and! adored! her kindergarten teacher Ms. Confetti. Well... keep holding your breath, y'all. The husband and I are, anyways. We try to avoid listening to gossip, so we're striving to make up our own minds about the Tongginator's first grade teacher. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

The Tongginator is, of course, both nervous and thrilled to be joining the ranks of first grade, most especially because she waited All Summer to hit a Very Important Milestone. It happened less than ten days before school hit. And it happened at Disney World, which actually caused all manner of stress.

Her wibbly, wobbly tooth hung on by a thread for more than two weeks. It grossed me out by Day One, but even the Tongginator felt less than thrilled by Day Twenty. On the morning of August 15th, during breakfast at the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort, she asked her daddy to yank out said wibbly, wobbly tooth.

So. He. Did.

(And yes, Momma secretly gagged.)

The waitress was sweet as can be and treated the Tongginator like royalty. The Tongginator preened and beamed until she realized something Quite Traumatic. Y'all, when one loses a tooth while on vacation, one frets and worries about whether or not the ever-important Tooth Fairy will be able to find one's pillow, no matter how often Momma and Daddy reassure said toothless wonder.

Thankfully, we met a certain special someone less than three hours after The Tooth Loss. A certain special someone who carries more weight than Momma and Daddy when it comes to teeth and pillows and such. She reassured the Tongginator that she and the Tooth Fairy are extra-special friends, and that she would inform the Tooth Fairy that we were staying at a local Disney Resort.

Terrence, the Tongginator and Tinkerbell

It seems that all fairies really are friends. Because the next morning? The Tongginator woke up to find two! whole! dollars! under her pillow. And no tooth.

Funny how it works like that.


Buckeroomama said...

Aww, Tinkerbell to the rescue! :)

J was told by his friend's sister that she got HK$50 (US$6+) for her tooth and J was so thrilled that he can't wait for his wobbly tooth to come out!

Mia_h_n said...

It hung on for twenty! days?! Impressive. Gross but impressive.

Thank god for the all-knowing Tooth Fairy!! ;)

Aus said...

Your and me think too much alike - while reading the chicken soup segment - I was going to comment about being a cannibal.....you beat me to it!

Congrats on the lost tooth - I kinda had a hunch that TF would find you guys!

And the folks at Disney - man don't they just understand how to deal with the littles!

hugs - have a great first day of school T (and TM!)

aus and co.

Kim K. said...

I'm right there on the gross factor with wobbly lose teeth. Our tooth fairy even got to visit us in China!! Amazing how far she can travel. Best wishes with the transition back to school.

Keating Mom said...

Congrats, T on losing that first tooth! :) And way to go TF! Hope you both have a fabulous first day.

The Source said...

I hope the Toothless Wonder has an amazing first day of first grade! She looks especially cute with her missing tooth! So happy that the tooth fairy was able to locate her all the way down there in Disney World...you know she once forgot to stop by our house for three whole weeks!! Of course, it was after child number four had lost tooth number 73...so she was forgiven.

Kristi said...

First grade? How can it be?
I'll be praying that this teacher surpasses your expectations.
And my computer has been acting strange lately, messing with my RSS feeds. I figured that you had just still been on summer hiatus ~ then suddenly all your July posts hit me along with August. At any rate, I'm glad to be catching up with you again...

Mary in Saint Louis said...

Awesome! THE first tooth at WDW! AND talking to Tinkerbell about it! Come on, it really can't get better than that!!!!

jen@odbt said...

What a special place to lose your 1st tooth. My daughter lost hers at the beach and we weren't sure if the TF would show up but she did and left money & a tiny shell. Congrats to TG!!! PS: Good luck on the first day.

Lisa said...

My daughter has always said "It doesn't matter who your teacher is mom as long as you are a good student." Tongg will do awesome!

autumnesf said...

First - hooraaayyyy for homeowners insurance!!!

Second - kudos to your husband for letting the wobbly tooth go so long! My husband would have made it happen after 3 days! Hah! It's like a challenge to him or something!

Third - $2!!!!! Geeeesssshhhh! What happened to a quarter???

Kerrie said...

I'm glad to know our tooth fairy pays competitive wages: $2 for the first, $1 for subsequent, bonus when she gets caught in fog and doesn't show.

prechrswife said...

Our girls went to school this morning, too (pre-K and K3)--and I even got the blog updated. Hope the Tongginator has a great year! And I'm so glad to hear that Tinkerbelle used her fairy connection and made sure that the Tooth Fairy arrived for the big moment. :-)

Briana's Mom said...

I cannot believe T lost her tooth at a place with the absolute best connection to the tooth fairy. Destiny, I tell ya. ;)

I love the Kona Cafe, BTW.

I will never survive Bri losing teeth. I can't handle it. I am sweating just thinking about it.

Dawn said...

We're battling an upper respiratory/sinus-type crud here... and we didn't even have the pleasure of Disney to cause it. Who gets this stuff when it's 105 degrees outside??? (You'd think that would be hot enough to kill those germs, right?!)

Secretly gagged? Good for you! I am not squeamish in the least (usually) but actually got light-headed with my son's first loose tooth and had to sit down while hubby did the yanking. Ha! My son still remembers the incident at 17 and teases me about it.

Glad Tink came through for you. Must be a fine line for all the characters to know when to make "promises" and when not to, you know?

First grade will be fine especially since you are very involved. Perhaps you can have Ms. C share some "helpful hints" with the new teacher? Things that worked well or didn't work well with her.

Tomorrow morning, I'll have a high school senior and a freshman - and all the excitement and drama that goes with both. How'd I get here so fast???

Misty said...

well, august 15th was my bday and my sister and i celebrated by going to 6 flags. now, we are not quite as sensory-overloaded as you, and we *thought* roller coasters would be a fun way to ring in 30, but why? would we think that? never. again.
i'll be eager to hear how 1st grade goes and the new teacher!
and amazing that those fairies really do know each other!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Aww, now where better in the world to lose a tooth than Disney?!


And I think every single Disney fairy should have left her $2.

Ha! Sorry Mum & Dad!


LucisMomma said...

What a wonderful bit of Disney Magic T had with Tinkerbell! Love this story.

So glad your insurance covered the laptop and I hope it's a pretty color.

Praying also for that first grade teacher to be a great match for your DD.

Stefanie said...

Congrats to the Tongginator!! Wow, how WONDERFUL to lose her first tooth at the Magic Kingdom! None of you will ever forget :)

Pickel said...

Did you know we have a Russian and Guatemalan tooth fairy? ie: our tooth fairy brings Rubles and Quetzals?

Sharie said...

What a fabulous time to lose a tooth. Amelia has had 2 pulled, and she has one that was wiggling a tiny bit at the dentist in June. It barely wiggles now and I don't think it's coming out on its own...I may never get to pull a tooth for her...and I like to:)

Glad you're back to the real world of blogging.

Amelia started Kindergarten last Thursday and she LOVES it. I love that she is exhausted every night. She got the teacher my sister wanted her to, and before school even started a first grade teacher had claimed her for next year, she may regret that later;)

I hope Little T's teacher is MUCH better than advertised.

Annie said...

Wow! You have been busy - and sick! Haven't you ever been told that you are suppossed to get sick AFTER school starts - not before!! Maybe you didn't get the memo:):):) So glad that tooth finally came out and the toothfairey delivered and glad you are back! Missed ya!!

Patty O. said...

Wow, I'll have to tell Danny that next time he loses a tooth he needs to call up Tinkerbell. Because the Tooth Fairy has not done a very stellar job showing up to work at our house. Ahem.

Glad you had a good time, and I hope the teacher works out. We had a similar experience, where I heard bad things about one of D's preschool teachers. It turns out she worked quite well with Danny, even though I can see where the other mom's complaints came from. It taught me a good lesson about making up my own mind. Good for you for giving her the benefit of the doubt!

Kayce said...

That's a memory for the record books! Loosing her first tooth at Disney! Very cool! Glad you're all back and in the school saddle again!

Cavatica said...

Glad she found part of the fairy ring. What a relief!