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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Tongginator Surprise

Early yesterday morning, the husband and I woke up our little Tongginator with a surprise... a HUGE surprise. I don't know how we managed to keep it a secret, but several weeks ago the husband discovered that his work planned to take a little trip. And that families could tag along if they so chose. After a bit of number crunching, we decided that we should grab this opportunity, especially since the vacation would be partially paid for AND because this time next year we will have a little one in tow.

We wanted the Tongginator to have a special trip all her own.

To Orlando.

Yes, y'all, we headed to Disney World. And yes, it is hot. And yes, my sensory-self, barely recovering from the busyness that was BlogHer, is dealing with all that is magical (and overwhelming) at Mickey's House. We told the Tongginator yesterday morning. Which means she found out about our trip just an hour before we left for the airport.

(And yes, I realize this proves how very Mean And Nasty we are.)

When the Tongginator came down the stairs yesterday morning, she stumbled upon us closing up our suitcases and gathering together the all-important snacks, games and books for the airplane. She wrinkled her brow in confusion before investigating.

TONGGINATOR: What in the world is going ON, Momma?

: Morning, Tongginator! Daddy and Momma have a surprise for you. We didn't tell you, but we are going on a special trip today. Do you want to guess where we are going?

TONGGINATOR: I don't know. (long pause as the Tongginator thinks Deep Thoughts) Daddy! *gasp* Are we going to China? Are we finally gonna get to meet my little sister?!?!!!

: Uh... no. But we are going somewhere special. We're going to DISNEY WORLD!

TONGGINATOR: We are? Oh, well, that's okay then. (another long pause as the Tongginator thinks even Deeper Thoughts) Is that in China?

: No... it's in Florida.

Which reminds me of a story one of our neighbors shared with me a couple of months ago just after their family's trip to Disney World. Their daughter, who was also in Ms. Confetti's kindergarten class, about fell over in shock when they visited the China Pavilion at Epcot. You know, because the Tongginator was born there. In the China Pavilion at Epcot. Because she was born in China.

Here's hoping the Tongginator doesn't start looking for her little sister when we hit Epcot on Friday.


Laurie said...

Love it! My parents also surprised me (and my big brother) with our first trip to Disney World- I still remember my excitement! I hope you guys have an awesome trip!! Looking forward to stories!! :)

Tonggu Grammy said...

OK, now Tonggu Grammy would like some applause because Miss T stayed with me all last week and I didn't spill the beans. I impressed myself so I hope you are impressed as well.

Aus said...

Way to go TG - nice work keeping the secret!! Hope you guys have a wonderful time - and there is a Disney in China - well OK - Hong Kong - but you get the idea - maybe a side trip....? Naw...

hugs - aus and co.

Kelley said...

LOL! What Mean and Nasty people you are!! Have a wonderful time!

For us, the "China" at Epcot is "Pretend China." Saying that it was "Pretend China" really helped our 4 year old differentiate. Which is important, 'cause we're headed to REAL China tomorrow!!! (Oh, and we also saw Mulan in Pretend China. Imagine my little one's dismay when Mulan could not speak one word of Chinese...)

Kim K. said...

Have a wonderfully magic-filled time. Be prepared to sweat...ALOT!! We enjoyed our time at the parks a few weeks ago, but I've never sweated so much in my entire life. Be sure to use the express pass as much as you can for those rides with the long waits. Hugs!!

LucisMomma said...

You have got to make sure T meets Mulan at the China pavilion. She made a special point of visiting with my DD, in the pavilion, TWICE--in 2008 and 2009--we did not see her do that with other little girls. But she really seemed to know that my little China girl needed Mulan more. I *love* Mulan because of that. Mulan was walking to her autograph place and stopped just for DD. Both years! BTW, my DD also thinks that the China pavilion IS China. :)

and if you can't go meet MeiMei, the Mouse is the next best thing!


Football and Fried Rice said...

You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!! That is hilarious - I think The Tongginator is going to have a BLAST - yes, even though it isn't China and even though it will be hot, hot, hot!

have a great trip!!

Dawn said...

How exciting! We visited Disney World in July once, too - when my kids were just 4 and 2 AND it was also a business trip to the Orlando area that we "piggy-backed" upon as well. It will be hot - just water won't be enough and Gatorade (or something similar) will be your friend!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of T in "China."

PS - T Grammy, good job!!!

autumnesf said...

Laughing so hard!

And totally envying the parents that CAN tell their kids they are going to Disney before getting busted packing. I so get it.

Saint Louis Family Robinson said...

Woohoo! Try to enjoy TM... it really is a magic place.

I think you did the smart thing... waiting to the LAST minute to say anything. We only had about a 3 week lag time this spring - but OHMIGOSH... it was three weeks of none stop questions about WDW.

My brother and fam went in June and they choose not to tell the kids until they were driving into the gate at Magic Kingdom. LOL!

Can't wait to hear stories and see pictures! Tell Mulan we said HI!

MEBSwick said...

As a Florida girl - i love love love Disney - we go at least once a year. Travel tip that many out of towners do not adhere to - GO BACK TO THE HOTEL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY FOR REST! Even if you don't think you need it, especially if you are at a nice Disney Resort. The down time helps sooooo much with the overstimulation (and i have no sensory issues!) The judges tent at Magic Kingdom is a guaranteed way to get the obligatory Mickey & Minnie shot - but you have to be there when it opens or you may wait a super long time

Marla said...

Haha, that's too cute! Hope y'all have a wonderful trip, it is hot and a lot to take in, but I'm sure the Tongginator will have as much fun as the J's did. It's been a month and they are still talking about it.

And way to go, TG! That is impressive!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

TG has amazing abilities. I would have totally spilled the beans. As for you guys, well, I'm trying not to feel jealous that you're taking "my" trip to Mickey's House. I mean, I DID get to go to Mickey-ippi this summer. . . : p

(And if you didn't read my blog post that makes no sense, but Kady has Mississippi and Disney World confused. . .The child may never forgive Mickey for the let down.)

La-La-Liene said...

You are definitely not mean. We took the kids to Disney back in December and we didn't tell them until we were a few hours north of the FL/GA state line. I couldn't bear listening to Eriks ask over and over again if we were leaving tomorrow. So we surprised him instead. And trust me, we'll do it again!

Have fun in WDW and give the Mouse a great big hug from us. I'm so jealous because just today on my FB page I posted that I'm itching to go to Disney.

prechrswife said...

How fun! How long are you going to be there? Hubby and I are going to be out of pocket until Saturday, but we're only 1 1/2 hours from Orlando.

Patricia/NYC said...

Kudos to you all for pulling this off!! I could NEVER do this as Kiara HATES any kind of surprise!

Be on the lookout for MUlan in Epcot! We had a fabulous experience there with meeting her.

Have FUN!!!

Mamatini said...

LOL!! I guess I'm like the Tongginator. You tell me it's a "HUGE surprise" in the first sentence and my mind goes straight to the hugest, most awesome, most desired, super-fantastic surprise: REFERRAL!!!

(pouts) Oh well, I guess Disney World is good...

Have fun! :D

Suzy said...

Have fun, be safe, let us know if you find any baby sisters there, and thanks for the laughs. Too funny about the neighbor's child.

kitchu said...

HOLD UP. you are 2 hours from me and you didn't CALL? :) have fun!!

Annie said...

Wow!!! How very cool and I live the Tongginator's reaction!! Good job to TG for keeping the secret!!! Have a blast!

Sharie said...

Well it can't be as hot as Guangzhou in July/August. Have fun - enjoy!

The Hickels said...

A fireworks tip for your sensory selves....the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom can be enjoyed (with very little sound) from the beach at the Polynesian--they even pipe the music in! You can park for free at the Polynesian, even if you're not staying there.

Tari said...

I just found your blog from Three Channels - what an awesome surprise! My husband and I would never be able to keep that a secret. And on the China Pavilion confusion, friends of mine years and years ago kept telling their son that his sister was coming soon from Columbia. And then he saw the space shuttle Columbia land on the news one day, and came racing to find them, shouting "she's here! she's here!" It took hours to calm him down, and I'm sure even when they finally did fly down to pick up their daughter, he pictured his parents on the shuttle and not a regular plane. :)