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Friday, August 13, 2010

Royally Humiliated

On Wednesday, we arrived at our Orlando hotel and rushed out immediately to the Magic Kingdom. We had just one hour to make it to Cinderella's Castle for our luncheon date. Unfortunately, that tight time constraint didn't leave us many options when rain started pouring from the skies. Oh my lands, y'all, the clouds dumped buckets on us; they truly did.

We arrived at The Castle looking like bedraggled waifs... like drowned rats... like (well, you get the picture). Before you eat in Cinderella's Castle, the very first thing that occurs is a formal introduction and Proper Portrait Session with Princess Cinderella herself. Unfortunately, this stressed out the Tongginator to no end. She cried, "I can't believe I'm gonna meet Cinderella while I'm drenched. I look awful! And I definitely do NOT look like a princess!"

(I hate to say this, y'all, but she was right. Shh...)

The Tongginator managed to survive that so-called humiliating introduction before we headed up the winding steps to the banquet hall. During the three course meal, several princesses stopped by our table to say hello, including Aurora (that's Sleeping Beauty, y'all), Belle, Jasmine and Ariel (who - shockingly - sported legs rather than fins). I took video rather than photos, since the light was so dim in the banquet hall. Oh, and since I packed! the! cameras! in our checked luggage and the Disney Express delivered our bags to the room about three hours after we arrived.

My fault, not theirs.

And yes, I felt like an idiot. And definitely humiliated.

Except for that Tonggu Momma mistake, we've been having a ball, with things happening oh-so-smoothly. The Husband and I would not have known how to do all of this if not for The Amazing Carla. She's one of my few blogging phone buddies and A Disney Expert. Seriously, y'all, if you ever have questions about a Disney vacation, ask Carla. She gave us an prioritized itinerary, with tons of tips and suggestions. Ad she was right about so! very! many! things, including the fact that splurging on the Deluxe Meal Plan? Is a GREAT choice, especially if you have food allergies like I do. The chefs come out to talk to me each and every meal, y'all. I haven't had a reaction even once. Which is wonderful.

Except for the fact that I usually use vacations as My Diet Plan, and this time I'm actually GAINING weight!

Other than that, and the Tongginator's extreme need (and desire!) to be in bed by 7:30 every night, we are having a blast and managing to follow at least 70% of Carla's itinerary. Since I don't have my laptop, for obvious reasons, I'm borrowing the Husband's work laptop for all of these posts. Which means I can't upload photos or I will totally get in trouble. Except for maybe one or two... if I can sweet talk the Husband. I promise, though, to share a plethora of photos next week as well as Expert Carla's Disney Tips and Tricks that worked for us.

We still have two days left though. Do Y'ALL have any tips? We'd love to hear them!


Andrea said...

We really enjoyed Hollywood (MGM) studios. It wasn't as crowded and alot of the characters were there.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

TIP: Enjoy!


Aus said...

Sorry TM - we're not big fans of places like Disney or even someplace like Kings Island - so no tips for ya - but I do know one of the guys who wrote the original program code for the robots in a couple of the 'rides' in Epcot - and yeah....he's wicked smart and a geek too!

hugs - aus and co.

Laura L. said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation. So happy for you that you are taking this time at Disney.
You'll have a fabulous time, even if you get drenched or don't have the right camera along.
Disney is just a magical place to be!

Have fun!!

My tip is: Always go to the left, because most of the crowd will go to the right. Ha ha.

Carla said...

a drenching upon arrival at the Magic Kingdom headed to Cinderella's Castle?! OH NO!!!!!!!

I hope the rest of the trip makes that a dim memory for you all to laugh at later...

and yes, I can totally get packing the camera. I DID forget to warn you that baggage transfer via Magical Express was slow. oops...we always drive so it's not something in the forefront of my mind like oh...where super secret QUIET sensory decompressing areas are located. ;)

Debra said...

I want Carla's tips! We went to Disney for the first time almost two years ago. We survived and the girls had a great time, but it could have been so much more if we knew what we were doing. The girls want to go again, but I'm still clueless. BTW, Carla...we live in the same City and kind of know each other thru FCC.
Have a great time TM and family!

Mom2Four said...

OH!!! At least you didn't get caught up in the tornado north of WDW yesterday! If you decide to go east to the beach, look us up! We'll show you the quietest beaches around! Great for sensory-overload decompression...

Tonggu Grammy said...

Just remember the trip when you were a kid AND the rain that fell on us for most of one day. You lived through it and remember the trip fondly. What's a little downpour on the way to the castle???? Oh, yeah, yucky, that's what!

MEBSwick said...

take your time - enjoy yourself. i mean that one seriously - so many people act like it's a once in a lifetime thing (and for some it is) but life doesnt hinge on if you make all the rides --- one thing to check out many forget is the Swiss Family Robinson tree house - it's pretty cool! (it's at Magic Kingdom)

i like MGM - it's one of the forgotten parks - also my fav park lately has been Sea World (I know it's not technically DW - but it's awesome)

Patricia/NYC said...

Here's my tip: get a folding PONCHO for everyone!! The skies open up down there at a moment's notice!

You must do the Bippity Boppidy Boutique if you can...we did it for Kiara (& no, we are not the kind of parents who give into every princess whim) when she was almost 4 1/2 & it was an awesome experience!

Have FUN!!!

OneThankfulMom said...

What a treat to get to do Disney! I hope you have a wonderful time with lots of laughter and good memories made.


LucisMomma said...

Disney's the only place I have ever had FUN even when it's pouring.

Annie said...

Just love Disney!!! My tip - have a blast!!!!

Jennifer said...

I'll second the poncho tip. Try to get to a drugstore though because the in park prices are atrocious!

Here in Central FL (I live less than an hour from Disney) we get daily drenchers, but they are typically briefer and drier than the one you encountered.

Oh, and did I mention to you that we are hosting an exchange student from China, Nanjing specifically. She arrived Friday night... I am looking forward to taking her to Epcot to hear what she thinks about it.

Briana's Mom said...

I am so glad you all are having a great time! If you need any tips, you can visit the sidebar of my blog and all of my Disney posts are on there! :D I am a bit of a Disney expert myself you know. ;) I researched for months before my trip last year!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been a while since dropping by... nice to see you in my neck of the woods... sorry it is so hot here right now... my only tip that I know of is to start from the back of the park and make your way around the front... when everyone gets there they head for all the stuff at the front of the park... I am about an hour down the road so if you can hear me, I am shouting out a bit hello... lol

Cavatica said...

I hear that many of the rides drop you off into a gift shop. Is this true? Can you believe, I've never been to Disney? If this is true, I'm not sure I'll ever go.