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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of First Grade

There were tears. There were laughs. And that was from both of us.

The Tongginator did not seem thrilled to be starting first grade yesterday morning. In fact, she seemed down right nervous. She also greeted me before breakfast with a little poem she created all by herself:
First is Worst.
Second is Best.
Third is the one with the Treasure Chest.
Umm... yeah. Didn't know how to work with that one, seeing as how she started FIRST GRADE yesterday. Which, according to the Tongginator, is! the! worst! of the grades in her poem. And especially since I absolutely dread this day of the year. I love spending time with my gal in the summer and really struggle with sending her back to school every year.

But her smiles at the end of the day convinced me that we made the right choice.

Unfortunately, it didn't help this momma at the beginning of the day. I think it was just nerves on my her part. Add that to the fact that the school failed to pair her up with any close girlfriends from last year and... well... she wasn't exactly excited about her first day of first grade. Fortunately, her teacher managed to turn things around, especially since it was her teacher's twenty-ninth birthday yesterday.

And we ALL know the Tongginator loves a good party.

Plus, she learned that her first grade classroom breaks the poem mold... it sports a treasure chest, which is surely one way to the Tongginator's heart. We also discovered that Twizzler Boy will be sitting just one desk away from the Tongginator in class. Which thrilled Twizzler Boy so much, his momma actually emailed me last night to share how her son just chattered on... and on... and on about the Tongginator during dinner. Learning this, of course, stressed out Tonggu Daddy to NO end until I reminded him that they are both just six-years-old.

Oh, and when I asked the Tongginator about her Opinion on Twizzler Boy, she replied, "well, I like him and all, but he isn't Zee." My daughter, the heart-breaker.

And big girl first grader.


Buckeroomama said...

This summer, J learned from his cousin "First is the worst; second is the best; third is the one with the dirty old dress!" And J thought it was the coolest chant ever. He'd chant that whenever he comes in second to Z in the games that they play and it drives Z to tears. 8)

As long as they come home smiling from school , you know that things are fine. :)

Special K said...

Sounds like you both survived the first day completely intact. Yay! I'm sure I'll be a mess when my little starts school. Good luck to the T on her 2nd day of 1st grade. :)

Aus said...

Our first day is Thursday - we'll have one in 'the best' and one in pre (the school district provides some great 'catch-up' therapies - only reason!) and one at home.

From here - I'm thinking 1) both a big girl and a 1st grader, and 2) probably harder on you than her!

Hey T - welcome to the beginning of a wonderful life of learning!

hugs - aus and co.

Stefanie said...

Tough stuff on a mama's heart! But I think you've done a wonderful job to prepare her in EVERY way, TM. Truly.
She will thrive this year, I just know it!!

Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

well thank goodness first ended up being the one with the treasure chest.
My youngest goes to a preschool within our school system to receive services. It is AMAZING. They have a treasure chest too and he can use his good behavior "thumbs ups" to buy something from the treasure chest at the end of the week.


Rhonda said...

So glad that you BOTH survived day one of grade one!

Best of luck for day two...

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh God bless her sweet little heart....I will be praying that she finds the most special friend....a "girl" friend that is:)

윤선 said...

Like I said in another post, I can't believe she's already in grade one! Where has the last year gone?!!!

Still, I feel her pain. I was awful every year going back to school. That includes every year in HIGH school, too! You have much to look forward to! LOL.

heather said...

Glad she had a good first day! Next Wednesday is my oldest kiddo's first day of first grade. I'm probably more nervous than he is! And seriously...where does the time go???

LucisMomma said...

Hugs to you both, TM. And a pat on the back to Tonggu Daddy, lol!

Glad the teacher started the year off with a party.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

my bff is a teacher and her birthday is aug 19th, which is always the date arkansas schools start. (It's also bill clinton's bday--coincidence? me thinks not. . .) Anyway, I think it's neat the teacher had a party. I hope 1st grade goes well. that was our bad year, and I didn't even realize it till Kyler was WAY behind. However, my point in telling you that was that we have had amazing teachers every other year. Amazing has been more the rule than the exception actually, so I hope the same holds true for y'all.

prechrswife said...

Glad to hear she had a great first day!

Denise said...

Just watching her get on that bus reminds me of Maggie going to Kindergarten next year...sigh~ Glad her day went better than she expected!

Kristi said...

Poor Twizzler Boy...

Kristin said...

I hope she has a great year!

Have to say though that my 2nd grader may agree that first is the worst. She did not have a great year last year. But 2md grade is looking up!

Annie said...

Awww!! Tm, I feel for ya! I was so nervous about sending my 1st grader to school last year. He had changed schools and knew only 2 kids in his class. I was way more nervous than he was and he actually ended up having such a great year!!! I know the Tongginator will too:)

Andrea said...

If it makes her feel better, we had tears here on the first day of first grade... and she knew all her "classmates" and teacher very well. ;-) Now I know better than to change handwriting styles on the first day back to school.

Janet said...

Sigh. She's just getting too big. But it's good. At least, that's what I keep telling myself when I see my little ones growing up too fast....:-)

Sharon said...

ohhhhhh, my heart! First grade! Love those tevas!!! and I ADORE the clever way you get the shots with faces incognito!! Such style!!!and cuteness!

Sharie said...

I don't remember much about 1st Grade. I remember 2nd Grade being really hard - but I think kids learned what I learned in 2nd grade in Kindergarten now!

I picked Amelia up at daycare at 6:00 yesterday. She was asleep by 7:15. I had a 1/2 hour with her yesterday morning. Needless to say, she LOVES Kindergarten, but I HATE it. 1 -1/2 hours is NOT enough of my girl - I miss her.
I woke her up early today just so I could see her and she showed me how to play math monster! Oh happy momma I was this morning.

LOVE the diaper bag. I had 3 by the time Amelia came home...and I only waited 6 months. I guess I would have 24 if I were in your shoes;) I'm a bag girl though. I still have one of them... I LOVE it and hope some day she'll use it for a school bag - it does NOT look at all like a diaper bag.

Finally - love T's skirt, Amelia has the same one:)

The Gang's Momma! said...

I have no idea how I am going to contain myself next Wednesday morning. Li'l E starts pre-school. I can barely leave her at my sister's for a few hours of grocery shopping without tearing up down the driveway.

I have one starting 11th grade on Monday. One starting 9th grade and one starting pre-school on Wednesday. And two starting 6th and 3rd respectively the following week. And Every. SINGLE. year. I have the twinges and second-guessing. "Should I have planned to keep them all home this year?" This year, the twinges are louder and longer. I'm chalking it up to a harder than normal, shorter than normal summer break. I'm not refreshed yet. I'm hoping it gets better and that the "stutter start" we're doing helps ease the pangs.

Sigh. I'm hoping.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

First Grade....~sigh~ I can't believe she is in first grade..... Look at your big girl!

Sounds like you all survived and I am sure The Tongginator with have another fantastic school year.



CC said...

one week until we have our big second grader!